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  1. I think a medical skill would be a great addition to the game, as treating wounds and illnesses is a key part of survival in the wild, yet its not a skill on the list, perks such as only needing 1 painkiller to treat injury's instead of 2. (useful especially on modes like Stalker and Interloper where your resources come down to every little thing.) Does Anyone else think this should be one of the listed skills?
  2. This may be an odd suggestion for the game but as a person who is fascinated by thunderstorms, I am interested in this. my suggestion is can there be lightning in the game during snowstorms, especially during blizzards. Lightning could also happen during light snowfall as well. I would love to be next to a nice warm fire listening to the fire crackle with the occasional flash of lightning then the rumble of the thunder produced by it. This could mostly be an ambiance thing more than anything but if you wanted to you could add a very low chance of getting struck by lightning this would have a 99% fatally rate but if you're lucky you could survive it with major burns but would have almost no condition so you would have to recover this would obviously be a extremely low chance to both survive a lightning strike as well as to even get hit by it just like in real life but it would motivate you to find shelter until it passes. The second bit isn't entirely necessary though I would be fine with just the lightning itself just for an ambient effect. Now my 2 questions are would a geostorm like the one in the game prevent lighting from occurring? If so make lightning only possible during the Aurora, secondly, can lightning even occur during a snowstorm? I live in an area where snow is not very common but the occasional times it does snow there has been no lighting involved. I feel like lightning could occur in a snowstorm but if can't occur in snowstorms could someone perhaps explain the science behind why it can't?
  3. Hello all, the name is Swope and I’ve got another idea for The Long Dark. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome game😊, now for the suggestion of my four ideas. - Insulated Cars 1. Cars as we know it act as a way to protect ourselves from animals and a way to sleep. The only problem is that cars offer little to no armor from the cold (which makes since). But what if we could cover the windows of the vehicle with, say cardboard, or even a blanket to better insulate and make a more adequate place to sleep. - Beds 2. Beds are my wing man, they offer me sleep when I’m starving, playing cards when I’m tired, and as well as some protection from the cold. Beds are great, but almost every bed is the same, as in insulation values of course. Maybe like the clothing system, their can be a variety of bed sheets and blankets, or even animal hides to better arm yourself against the cold. And maybe even be able to make a makeshift bed from bed sheets to be able to sleep on the floor. - Misc ideas 3. Light sources are great, but what about a primitive one? A stick on fire might be too primitive, so how about being able to make candles from the fat of animals, A more controlled way to illuminate the area, but the down fall is how weak the flame can be, meaning sprints or winds could knock the flame out. 4. What if we could be the hero and save someone’s life, maybe their could be encounters with people, like a person being attacked by wolves, or a person crying for help and holding onto a cliff edge and about to fall. Would it be possible to have encounters were we wouldn’t just be taking care of ourselves, but as well as another person? That’s all for me, until next time sincerely- - Swope25
  4. I have no clue if this has been suggested before but I personally would like to see a new craftable fire starter, if I remember correctly we only have 4 ways to light a fire those being matches, magnifying glass, lit flare, and the fire striker why don't we have a primitive method of fire starting for example why can't we craft a fire drill to start a fire or by finding 2 rocks and smashing them together to create a spark? Would be nice to see this addition.
  5. Hello, Since I could not find any "search function" in this forum. I had to start a new one. Apologies if this question was made some time before. Objective: To find the Buffer Memory at the "Mystery Lake - Lower Dam". Situation: The game mode is "Archivist". Currently at Carter Hydro Dam - Lower Level (past the dead guy with the broken arrow & lantern). I have spent 5 days, 4 nights in Carter Dam. Mostly at the lower levels. With depleting food (and patience). I have walked as far as the map would allow me to go. Without having to take the "Emergency Exit Only" door. I figured it would lock me out, once I do. The furthest room (the one with broken window, and snow that have drifted in). I've spent a night there to tick off this objective. But sadly, none of the computers there were it. I've back tracked from that room. Where there's a walkway bridge on far left. There is a desk with two monitors, very close to the live electrical wire that is exposed during the special time. That too was a no go. Now, I'm having to find food, boil water, and trying to time the irregular aurora events to find the pesky objective computer. Basically, I'd appreciate if someone could direct me towards the right direction. Have I missed something? The title of the mission, err objective is "Mystery lake - Lower Dam". I'd presume that the objective computer monitor is on the "lower level"? Thanks in advance.
  6. So as most everyone ought to know by now, during the Aurora you can activate a radio to play some classical music. It stands to reason that this music is coming from somewhere, it's not like the Aurora brought the music with it. Enter the Radio Shack, not a place where you can buy assorted electronics, but a literal shack (or building) in which all of Great Bear's radio broadcasts originate. At the minimum, it would be a small enterable area (though I wouldn't be opposed to something similar to the Mountaineer's Hut only a little bigger) in which you can find a bunch of radio equipment and some sort of automated system playing the classical music on repeat. A cool feature would be the ability to switch between different genres, finding some CDs or vinyl records with other genres of royalty-free music. Clicking on the music system would grant you the classical music CD, which could then be swapped out for something like rock/pop/metal/etc. Henceforth, whenever the Aurora comes and you activate a radio it plays that music instead. If it were in a specific region, I imagine something like Timberwolf Mountain but toned down with no requirement for rope climbing to reach the summit (where the radio shack would be). You would have three or four different levels, each of them accessed by either a long and arduous hike up steep terrain or a rope climb. Like TW, interior locations would be scarce, limited to caves, the Radio Shack, maybe a nearby tool shed, and a small house or two at the bottom. Maybe it belonged to a grouchy old mountain man. It might also be fun to have multiple notes scattered about the area, belonging to the grouch and whoever operated the radio system. They might tell a story, something similar to the notes left by the Survivalist Randall Clark in Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts. Each might have a clue as to where you can find the next one, culminating in the player finding two frozen corpses where the two characters finally perished. I almost want to try my hand at some TLD fanfiction concerning this last part.
  7. A sawn off double barrel shotgun used for close range defense. It's very powerful but the downside is that it ruins the pelt and meat of the animal killed making it unusable.
  8. I'd like to see further refinement of the cooking mechanic. For instance, right now an item is either raw or cooked; if it has achieved the required cooking time it is cooked, anything else, even 1 minute less and its raw. More could be done with this - Items (particularly animal meats & fish) can go through stages of cooking such as raw , rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, well-done and burnt depending on how long it has been on the fire. In addition to this, the available calories from the item can vary with the cooking time along with the potential risk of disease; items could perhaps have their most calories at raw or a low cooked level like rare and then gradually lower throughout the cooking process inversely with disease risk. This becomes a survival choice for the player - do I cook the meat to a medium-rare to boost calorie intake but risk incurring a increased chance of disease (lower than raw but more than well-done) due to food shortages? Or is eliminating disease risk more important to the survivor? I'm sure more can be done than I'm not thinking of but this would be a pretty cool start!
  9. Okay so I have already emailed some of this to HinterLandGames and they said I should post them up here so here goes. You have your normal skills that level up as you use them (for example your sharpening skill and sewing skills) but what if you also had key skills that you ernt points to update while playing the game? They would be as follows: Strength - Levelling this up improves your carry capacity and how long you can run. You can carry more weight maxing out at Xkg (I know it is currently maxed at 30kg) and you can run longer distances before your stamina runs out. Dexterity -Levelling this skill improves how fast you can craft and break things down into components. You get faster at crafting items and fixing items as well as you become better at breaking down things like logs for firewood and curtains for cloth. Charisma - Levelling this skill means that you become better at talking to people, people trust you faster. Intelligence - By Levelling this skill you learn faster, you learn more from reading books and from what people teach you in the world, your crafting skills level up quicker. Wisdom - Levelling this skill gives you more insight into the world around you, you can learn where things are and it marks on your map after a while. at higher levels you become resistant to infections. You could also have after the full story is complete add in wondering survivors into the survival mode, both good and bad, so all the groups you learn about and the people you meet in the story mode you can find in the survival mode and interact with, and depending on what you say/do towards them they will either help you or try to hinder you in some way. You could have it so that when you meet someone you can either try talking to them or straight out attack them which would start your relationship with them. If you attack them they would start hating you, but if you talked to them you might get a task to do and eventually might learn new skills that would help you in game. You could also have settlements of small groups of people that you could choose to help or leave for death, even possibly adding in children. Well that's all I've got for now, if I think of anything else I will add it later.
  10. lem4ge

    Tipi (teepee)

    In survival mode, after 50 days, we can have a lot of animals skin, etc. It would be great to be able to make a rustic tipi in homeless areas. Compared to the bivouac tent, it would be more solid and allow to make fire inside. ( images for example from
  11. Okay so I was playing survival mode the other day, I shot a bear as you do but then lost it. I eventually found it again still alive to popped two bullets in it killing it. I harvested what I could and then went on my merry way back to my camp, only to find my dead bear, turns out I killed two of them. I then realised that I couldn't harvest both of them so spent several hours going back and forth to collect all the meat. Which got me thinking... What if the game had sled dogs? Which you could either find in the wild and befriend (I know a dog is mentioned at the farm in wintermute) or that you could barter for from other survives? (one bear pelt for one dog?) You could then get a dog team together that could pull a handcrafted or found sled, this would make collecting large amounts of food easier as well as collecting building materials. ~ Another thing that would be really cool would be in survival mode having the seasons change and having different resources available at different times of year. SO in spring you could collect bird eggs and in autumn you would have a boost in deer population as they migrate. You could also have it possible to after a set amount of time possibly, be able to own chickens or even ducks. ~ Something else I think would be really cool would be having set places on the maps where people could make their own frontier, they would have to go out in the right seasons (spring/summer) and collect the needed materials to build the players very own home. The player would be able to decide what shape, how many rooms and also be able to build furniture to go inside the house once it was complete. I would actually really love this as an update as I would love to build my own "home" in survival mode which would have everything I needed (workbench/forge ect) so I wouldn't have to constantly run around the maps. ~ My next suggestion would be adding in other animals like Ptarmigans, lynx, wolverine. Even changing the animals depending on what season it is. You could do a salmon run in autumn where people could potentially catch lots of fish to survive over winter. ~ My last suggestion is putting in drying or smoking racks as I've noticed meat goes bad pretty fast in the game but smoked meat lasts a very long time. You could have it so the player has to smoke the meat for a week or something for it to stay fresh almost indefinitely. I also thing adding things like generators would be cool to power electrical equipment.
  12. Would it be possible to get a tip on the current weather when you’re in a house with windows? Would save going out in foggy conditions etc to check
  13. Calico

    Blue Jays

    I don't think these little guys have been suggested before. Blue Jays - They are foragers who search for seeds, berries and insects around the trees. They spend the late summer and fall months caching food around their habitat, often covering it up with leaves or brush, for retrieval during the winter months when resources are scarce. They have an incredible memory for remembering the locations of their caches In addition to addicting a tiny flash of color on the landscape they could be another source of plan'-based food - but the player has to decide if the calories expended tracking the bird is more or less than the potential calories gained. Also, is the Jay heading towards a cache, or away from it?? Follow Jay to find cache containing 1-4 “seed clumps” each worth ~1 granola bar’s worth of calories. May collect fallen feathers like crows (maybe slightly better for arrows? that would be reasonable??)
  14. I've been playing since Episode 1 first came out and I really enjoy seeing how the game has developed. I think having a few more plant-based food items would add some more variety, especially since they expanded the cooking system. Mostly I'm thinking of more ways to really "live off the land" in more remote areas, instead of relying on scavenged food from towns. I tried to keep it simple - no full on recipes (though I hope we get to that point someday). Maple Seeds - Visual should be a dried bunch on a branch to indicate you have gathered a lot at once. Long processing time (shelling). Boil in 0.5L or more H20 (warmth bonus) OR roast on campfire rocks or stovetop (no H2O, faster cooking time, no warmth bonus). Those maple saplings have to be coming from somewhere! Eaten raw = Indigestion. Calories ~ Candy or Granola Bar Lingonberry (or other member of cranberry family) - Berries in this family stay on the shrub all year (shrub is evergreen, lower to ground than roses) and the flavor actually improves from being frozen. Can be eaten raw or cooked (warmth bonus) in container to increase quality. Calories ~ Can of Peaches. Golden Chantrelle Mushroom - Found on trunks of fallen trees. Must be cooked in container with 0.5L or more H2O (warmth bonus). Eaten raw = Indigestion. Calories ~ Candy or Granola Bar Dulse Seaweed - Only found on seashore. Must be cooked in container with 0.5L or more H2O (warmth bonus). Eaten raw = Indigestion. Calories ~ Cattail Stalk (may cook up to 4 in cooking pot with 0.5L per unit) Watercress - Only found by waterfalls. Deteriorates very rapidly. At 20% or more quality can be used as deer/rabbit bait. Eaten raw, no processing. ~50kcal. Parsnips and Leeks - found in root cellars of remote houses. Heavy for the amount of calories gained. Must be processed (peel and/or chop) with knife. Must be cooked: either roasted on rock/grill or in container with 0.5L or more H2O per veg (warmth bonus). Eaten raw = Indigestion. Calories ~200kcal. New Ailment: Indigestion Primarily caused by eating plant food raw that needs to be cooked, also low quality plant food or plant-based food. Low quality plant-based scavenged food such as crackers and granola bars also have chance to cause indigestion. Symptoms: pain and nausea, slows movement, affects aim. Cured by rest or Fir Needle tea. On par with pain from sprains, not deadly like food poisoning. Fir Needle Tea - Processed. Warming bonus (as other teas). Also cures Indigestion.
  15. I’d like to request the ability to move my “head” in any direction I’d like in the vehicles, and possibly the ability to move from side to side of the vehicle(along same seating row). I know we can exit from either side, but the purpose here is vision range. It’s super aggravating that I can’t look out thru the back window to check on predators I want to avoid, and that the safest was to avoid them is to rest or wait, but still have no visual verification of their locations. I’d also like to recommend window fogging as an offset to this proposal, so that if you were running, or waiting for a while, the windows would fog and then frost. Hopefully we could wipe or scrape the inside of windows too. Finally, I think it’d be much more immersive if we could see out of location windows. Not sure if that’s possible, but with the location of buildings being static, it seems this should be possible, and I’d be sweet to see wildlife moving past outside, could really alter players behavior...
  16. So I created my second Moose Satchel after waiting almost 20 days for moose respawn, so happy until I realised in game that you cant use 2 x moose satchels...Please devs re-consider using 2 x satchels, it would be so advantageous and cool...45kg of weight in total and carrying 1 satchel on each shoulder not to un-realistic...Loving the game and cant wait to see what you d o next with survival and ofcourse ep3...
  17. Firing a gun while wearing gloves is a big no-no as far ad I know, and with some of the gloves in the game being thr type that don't have individual finger slots, it's basically impossible to pull the trigger if you think about it. Maybe they can add a mechanic that forces you to remove certain types of gloves before you're able to shoot, or hinders your ability to pull the trigger/land shots when you have gloves on.
  18. I thought the existing teas would be the only ones, but birch bark tea was added... and I thought, why not one more? more teas means more systems that we can use to our advantage and help us in unique situations; and I thought the birch bark would not change its usefulness. So I came up with an idea of a tea that could decrease 5%, 10% or 15% of calorie consumption for an hour or two, and I saw that something that is not very useful when you reach level 3 of fire ignition it is the cattail tip, so this tea could be made with 2 or 3 cattail tips, just like the birch bark. That was just a superficial idea, I think some modifications will be needed to be good with The Long Dark's survival systems.
  19. Good day :).I don't know if it was an idea or not.If Yes then I'm sorry. But here's the idea. Here in the game there is no bird so well, the ravens. And the owl's voice is heard. And what if you could put snares and catch them with the help of bait birds. And that and meat and feathers.And then it was possible to cook soup from poultry meat. It would be rich and delicious.
  20. I've recently thought a lot about a list of things that should be added/improved in the game before it's finished (abandoned) that would make the game "complete" for me. There's a lot of stuff I would like to be added, but this is not a list about them, it's just things I feel like really should be added. Here's the list (in no particular order): - Release of all 5 episodes of WINTERMUTE (obviously) - First person clothing (ability to see what you're currently wearing in first person rather than seeing the default jacket all the time, it really breaks the immersion imo) - Decreased animal bleed out times (I've seen it multiple times in @Hadrian's videos and I have a problem with it myself, chasing a deer 5 minutes around the whole map is a bit ridiculous) - Bear spear in survival mode (currently only available in WINTERMUTE) - Defueling storm lanterns (exactly the same way you put out ammunition from firearms) - Craftable animal-hide socks and underwear (the only two slots that don't have any clothing that can be crafted from animals) - Warning before eating raw meat (similar to throwing an unread book into a fire, it's really easy to accidentally select raw meat from the radial menu and get food poisoning) - More items changing appearance based on their condition (currently only clothing items have this feature, I feel like it would be pretty cool and useful, especially with food) - Better item placing (ability to rotate items and put them directly next to each other or on top of each other, it would be great placing books to bookshelves the correct way for example) - Ability to read books for 30 minutes only (useful while cooking meat or boiling water for example) I might've forgotten about some things, but I feel like I've mentioned everything important. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it. 🙂
  21. Can we get a jump button plz!!! I'm not talking lebron James jumping height but just a small jump height so I can jump on small boulders and over small rocks, Branch's, logs for when I'm running from a bear or wolf. It would make a world of difference what do u guys think?
  22. I'm sure we've all been in the sandbox situation where we have a stockpile of meat, stockpile of potable water, got hides curing, we've explored and gathered everything we need to get by for a while, and there's really nothing we need to do at that moment that's crucial to our survival...and then we sit and think to ourselves " what?". I've been in the situation a lot, and that's usually when I save game by using the "Pass Time" button for an hour and quit the game until I feel the compulsion to play again. I propose a little minigame. Something active for the players to do that passes time. Maybe you come across a deck of playing cards while you're out gathering and you play klondike solitaire when you get back to your camp/cabin. Maybe you draw a bullseye on the wall of a cabin and play a game of darts with an arrow, or throw your hatchet in the wall (obviously affecting the durability of both stated items). Something that happens using in-game time, not accelerated time. It could serve as both a means of keeping the player actively playing the game, but could also serve as a means of staving off cabin-fever. Keeping the character's mind sharp, you know? Too many times I've wandered out to go roaming around for no other purpose than to keep from being bored IRL and come face-to-paw with a bear that ended my sandbox run. Sometimes I think I do it subconsciously just to start over because then I've got a million things I need to go collect and start stockpiling all over again. I feel like a little minigame like this would be something that would improve the overall game, wouldn't be too difficult to implement, and would be something that a stranded person would find themselves doing if they were trapped on an island with no one around and hostile wildlife.
  23. I'm sure this has come up before, especially in a game where firestarting is tantamount to survival, but I think lighters would make an excellent addition to the game. As a baseline, they would be less effective than firestrikers at starting fires, but have the ability to remain lit for longer periods of time than a match when used for light. From here, things would vary depending on which instance of lighter was in the game (though both could feasibly work together as separate items). 1. Throwaway lighter: this would be something like those Bic brand lighters you can find almost everywhere. They would be non-harvestable and non-repairable. Lighting a fire would cost 3-4% (one or two more than the firestriker) or you could use it like a lit match, using 1% a minute (all this could be tweaked for game balance, obviously) while giving a small increase to feels like temperature. This would probably be about as common as wood matches. 2. Fillable lighter: this would be more like a higher quality Zippo lighter. The options for this one vary far more. I would probably lean towards it being non-harvestable, but be repairable with quality tools. It would burn lamp oil (in which case you would have an 'unfill' option) with the same starting bonus as the Throwaway version, and degrade only when attacked or when initially ignited (the degradation essentially being that of the sparking mechanism). If this was implemented, it would have to be far more rare.
  24. Hey guys! New to the forums here and my first post (but not my first time playing The Long Dark) I decided for my first that I want to share some of my thoughts about a few features that can be included in the game to further enhance immersion, experience and bring a little challenge to players. And some mentioned because it just makes a little but of sense. STONES AS FIRE STARTERS When I was new to TLD I thought " ok, survival game, gotta start a fire, need some stones..." because matches were not the first thing in my mind when thinking about starting a fire in a survival game. A work-around the abundance and accessibility to stones would be giving it an average % of starting a fire that can increase by a small increment the higher your fire starting skill. To make things fair as well, the condition % of stones would greatly be reduced with each attempted use (like say, 20% each time) If I think about it stones are most handy to when hunting rabbits and hardly an option for wolf deterrents. Other than that, stones don't have much use. A feature like this could be a useful crutch for early Loper games especially when you're in the situation of not obtaining any matches much later if not all. EVEN MORE CAMPFIRE COOKING FEATURES The cooking system to me right now is playable and I have not much to comment on but it is the limit of how much food a campfire allows a player to cook I think can be further enchanced. How about an option to build a variety of spits? It gives you more to cook and an even more useful reason to hoard sticks/wood and of course, is optional. The spit could be reusable at least a few more times before salvaging it to put in newly made ones. Each cooking level produces a different quality of spit, made with an increasing amount of materials required with the highest having the best quality spit of course. So instead of making 3 campfires to cook six pieces of meat after a hunt for example, a campfire and an added spit could cook maybe around the same amount with less wood needed to maintain 3 campfires. BETTER WILDLIFE A.I. This is one of those topics that borderline into "it's just a game, it doesn't have to be realistic" and "the way these animals's not realistic" but I want to be open about what could make it more challenging or interesting. I'm specifically talking about how we can utilizing crouching and sneaking more in a hunting situation. The deer for example, could be updated with reaction animations that alert the player that it is hearing something approaching (similar to the hare). This would be useful since currently there are no visual cues that aid me to tell me that my prey is aware of me, the deer just makes a run for it and I have to go give chase. If we have visual cues and the appropriate reactions from wildlife then this could be a useful tool for the player on how to approach quarry. Wolves should have dens as the bears do and perhaps this is a place wolves can retreat to when they aren't prowling. There can be a rotation of wolves staying in the den and prowling giving the option for player to actively hunt for wolves for the more timid (but still aware) ones staying by dens. Of course to make it fair, a handful of wolves would be hanging by the den and still presents a risk of being overwhelmed to the player should they choose to go with it. Attacking a wolf by their dens could startle them and force them to run away especially in a successful atatck by the player for example and give them a window to harvest remains before the scrambled wolves come back -- this one is a stretch though (and a little unrealistic), but just an idea for more options to be in the position of having the pre-emptive advantage in actively hunting wolves instead of being constantly put in the risk of being the one attacked with every attempt to hunt one. Bears can their biggy, same selves for all I care, no comment here XD. CLOTHING CHANGE IN FIRST-PERSON VIEW I read somewhere else in this forum that the character model in-game should have their clothes updated in real-time (just the hands and sleeves will do) so that immersion isn't broken. So there, these are just some of the ideas I have on top of my head, let me know what you guys think!
  25. I pretty much play interloper only and I gotta say that though I love the early challenge of it, I absolutely lose interest when it comes to the inconsistencies of hunting. I had a wolf near Carter Dam that was limping very slowly after I hit it with an arrow and tracked it to the dam. I turned away for 2 seconds to grab some twigs, turned back, and he was just gone. I combed the whole area and double checked for tracks and nothing. He had seemingly just disappeared! Waited a night in a nearby trailer to see if I could just look for crows and that maybe I had just barely missed him the day before. Nope. No crows around. There were crows nearby on a corpse across the bridge, but nothing around me whatsoever on my kill. Kind of tilting when you spend an hour and a half making the arrow, go through the whole bait and shoot process, track the wolf, and then just as it's about to die it literally disappears or bugs out; couldn't tell which. That was the final moment that made me just walk away from my game, despite how well it was going. Two previous times in the same game I had tried the bait and kill tactic, which worked flawlessly, only to be screwed over by the ridiculous animal pathing while they are fleeing. Holy what. Both times I shot a wolf with an arrow only to result in that wolf just running for the mountain sides, which are steep as hell and a guaranteed sprain. They will just run around these highly steep slopes to the point where following them isn't an option and you are better waiting them out. Problem is, they often die on a very hard to reach part of the mountain so again, guaranteed sprain to get to them. I don't mind the reworked sprain system, and I really like the change to make it more apparent when you will get a strain, but with that system you cannot have such crazy animal pathing AI. Can't you folks make it so that they prefer to flee on more level or downhill terrain? I just don't get why they flee up mountains. It's not realistic and it's very immersion breaking with the sprain system. Nearly all or most of my limbs are actually sprained by the time I get to the corpse of my hunt. That's just silly. Also I don't know if it was a bug or not, but I was tracking a wolf that was at the point where it was barely moving it was so near death. I got a little too close and the wolf attacked me, which is expected. What wasn't expected was that after I fought it off, he ran away at full speed for quite some time. Just weird. Like his healthbar reset or something. Everytime I come back to this interloper game I get really excited just up to the point that I start hunting wolves; then I just encounter some game design that is just so frustrating that I usually exit the game. I really cannot stress enough that the rest of the game is just soooo well designed but that this particular aspect of the game is just super frustrating. Idk maybe I am the only one that gets frustrated by this but it's such a game ruiner for me that I just wanted to say something about it.