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  1. It would be awesome if players could switch between all the different menus and music tracks I would sure love it!
  2. I find that newspapers, books and, recycled cans have zero use my thought is to be able to make paper logs out of the paper (3 pr log) or books (1 per log) and line (2 per log that also uses up excess gut) and as for the cans make them into scrap metal at the worktable
  3. i think there should be penalty when you wear too much clothes and become extremely over heated. "Feels like" can exceed 50 °C (122 °F) in TLD with no punisment. High temperatures should cause: 1. Discomfort (you cannot sleep). 2. Thirst and increased water consumption. 3. Make your inner layer wett by sweat. 4. It makes you stinky due sweating (scent attracting predators).
  4. Yavind

    Christmas event

    Will it be a christmas event for the game as we approach the season? I'm thinking if there is a "secret" file in the game that activates itself when the date on the computer shows closer to Christmas Eve. I imagine broken christmas lights around the rooftops. Curved Christmas tree inside some of the houses, with Christmas decorations on and Christmas presents under the tree you can pack up and find toys .. Also that it is possible to collect, for example, a Christmas hat to add to some collection. Maybe an *achievement where you have to find Santa's hat, and it can be anywhere in the game in a random place anywhere on all the maps. And there is only one of those hats. Imagine how awesome this would have been. Maybe make this as a christmas challenge in the game? "Find Santas Hat". And that is where all the christmas stuff is
  5. I would love to see thermal hot springs in the game. Somewhere you could warm up and maybe restore a little health. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  6. I had this idea as I was walking through Mountain Town looking for revolver cartridges and other overlooked loot: what if tools had different parts that degraded? For example: hatchets and knives have two parts: the handle and the blade. Each of these parts have their own condition, meaning you can have a handle with a lower condition than the axe head/knife blade. The tool would still have an overall condition that is an average of both, but upon further inspection you would see the individual parts of the tool. This would also change what tools break down into. Instead of just scrap metal and wood, they would break down first into their base components leading to the potential of being able to take a hatchet with a good handle and one with a good axe head and combining them to make a hatchet with higher condition than before. As for repairs, blade items would still be repaired with whetstones. Handles could be repaired either with tools or with wood to make things easier. This would also apply to the rifle and revolver. To keep it simple I'd say three major parts: lock (action), stock, barrel with maybe the magazine as well. The lock and barrel would be repaired with the cleaning kit with the stock being repaired with tools or wood just like knives/hatchets. The hacksaw would still probably be the same as is, requiring tools and scrap to repair the blade and handle. For the hammer, would the head even realistically degrade? It's more or less just a lump of metal so it'd probably be the odd tool out. All in all, I feel like this would make maintenance a little more challenging and time consuming but could be a way to revamp the maintenance skill to something more than just a number.
  7. I would figure that several inhabitants of the area would have left behind at least a little bit of alcohol. Maybe whiskey, rum, or something of that sort, and I would think that using this stuff would have some immediate positive effects while trying to survive. Of course, it would also have some pretty steep drawbacks in the near future after using of course. Maybe when consumed it adds a small amount of calories, some thirst, and maybe 25% less damage to condition if attacked by wolves or bears, and you cause 25% more damage when struggling, but after the effects wear off it makes your thirst meter deplete 50% faster for a couple hours and severe headaches? This may have been suggested in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there with the possible effects that kind of make sense within the context of the game.
  8. Yavind

    Add potatoes

    Raw meat is found in the refrigerators in abandoned houses. So when it comes to fresh products that can last a long time, I mean potatoes can last at least as long as raw meat. So what about adding potatoes? Potatoes can be found in potato bags in basements or refrigerators in-game. Why exactly potatoes? Potatoes are rustic, simple and hearty food item. You can do anything with potatoes. Make baked potato, cook potatoes, roast potatoes. To make homemade potato gold(crisp),.. just add a little salt. The potato has a long shelf life and it is rustic food. Adds some quality to the game.
  9. Вот вышел 3 эпизод, появилась парочка новых предметов, "яркий" (в двойном смысле) пример: "Морской фальшфейер" :D. Но его нельзя найти в выживании, хотя логично было бы увидеть в маяке в "Зоне опустения", или в рыболовных будках на "Прибрежном шоссе". От этого уж точно не станет хуже, будет лишь больше разнообразия, Кстати, я не говорю о прям "Сюжетных" предметах, по типу "Инсулин" и "Именная одежда".
  10. It is possible to set up Hypothermia level but not other diseases. I'm playing on the nearly hardest custom settings and would like to make diseases as much painful as on the Interloper.
  11. I propose to change the mechanics of the dressings in the game: 1) Make them impossible to create. (so that they can only be found). 2)add bandages to sterile (slow infection rate) Why do I find this change necessary? I believe that at the moment the bandages in the game are created very easily, and almost do not cost resources, which is why they lose their value, which in turn reduces the tension from the fear of a possible fight with predators. There is also an alternative proposal: to divide the dressings created by the character (rough dressings), and factory-made dressings that can only be found (for example, in pharmacy boxes), and which will give the sterile effect that I described earlier. Thank you for your attention and good luck ^^
  12. I suggest introducing a function that will automatically return to the character’s hands a weapon that was automatically removed before entering the story building (a club from the third episode as an example). This will slightly increase the mobility and convenience of the game (especially there are dangerous animals in front of such buildings). Thank you for your attention ^^
  13. I propose adding the mark “viewed” to those buildings that the player has already visited, as this will reduce the time for research and reduce the likelihood of errors in visiting a building. I hope my application will be considered, and thanks for your attention.
  14. I really enjoyed 4DON this year (my first one). It was a bit simplistic, but it was also an excuse for veteran players to just “trick or treat” the map. Given a good looting spree on Night 1, the rest of the nights could have been done AFK I also really appreciate the Devs’ commitment to Episode 3 rather than a one-off event. There’s no substitute for that. Next time, resources permitting of course, I think adding specific goals for each night to earn the badge would raise the stakes quite a bit. Keeping it the same general format: Night 1: Loot and survive Night 2: Kill x number of wolves or hunt down a specific wolf. Night 3: Visit 10 different interior locations Night 4: Spend 24 game hours in each open region. Since the game tracks most of these stats already, it seems like an easy way to force players to get out and mix it up a little.
  15. I wish snow shelters could be repaired even after reaching condition 0. I sometimes have a snow shelter outside my 'home cabin' in case I get cabin fever. However, when I spend some time in another region and come back the snow shelters are ruined. This requires me to build a new shelter right next to the old one(s) which would eventually spam the whole area with ruined shelters.
  16. Hello, episode 3 introduced a new save quest UI with main quests having custom backgrounds, episodes 1 & 2 however do not have this and show the same picture every time. Is this planned to be changed in the future? Thank you for your answer. 🙂
  17. Hi! First let me tell you that The Long Dark is in the top 5 list of the games I think are the best. I have some suggestions to improve this game. Maybe I am wrong about my suggestions, then I apologize - do not take this solemnly, but would like to hear what you others think. I make the list simple, so here it is: * Don't let wolves follow me over almost the entire map. * Wolves must be easier to scare away with light sources in challenge mode. (flares, bonfires, etc.) * Reduce wolves / general wildlife by 10% in challange mode. * There must be less things to find in challenge mode. 20% less items maybe? [Maybe I will edit this post for an update] What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Hinterland must do something about the wolves because I think they ruin some of the in-game experience, especially in challenge mode. Have a nice day. - Yavind.
  18. I've seen big cats mentioned before as a possible new enemy and I'd be down for some sort of enemy that tracks you down, perhaps pathing to break line of sight behind objects and only striking from behind...but this makes it a little OP, so perhaps it would need something like the crows calling warnings around bears, but more subtle. An idea I had would be once the cat is in tracking mode and within rendering distance ambient sounds start to get muted while character sounds (namely footsteps, moving, and breathing) get slowly louder. Not to a point where you'll instantly recognize it, mind you. It would be a slow change where if you're not paying attention you'll miss it entirely and it will be too late...
  19. So I created my second Moose Satchel after waiting almost 20 days for moose respawn, so happy until I realised in game that you cant use 2 x moose satchels...Please devs re-consider using 2 x satchels, it would be so advantageous and cool...45kg of weight in total and carrying 1 satchel on each shoulder not to un-realistic...Loving the game and cant wait to see what you d o next with survival and ofcourse ep3...
  20. Its pretty simple. Like in real life you can impregnate your stuff to minimalize wetness of your boots and outer layer of clothes. In game it works similar. Item is can of spray, (found with random condition), every use takes of 10 % of its condition and reduce wetness gain by 33 % (technically it would activate buff, something like well fed, but scripted for wetness). Duration: 24 hours, with no wetness, with increasing wetness its shorter, but minimum is 3 hours. Its not something important, but had to mention that
  21. Hey all,i feel sad and happy just after episode 3.I really loved the episode 3 with gameplay so far but old music's departure made me disappointed. Of course they should have added new features like soundtrack and so they did,but i think that old one was much better. What do you guys think? peace
  22. I think that more fish should be added to the game such as northern pike,crappie/panfish,or maybe even musky then also they should add a jigging rod that is used for ice fishing and is better than the fishing tackle
  23. somewhat clunky mechanic with Revolver and possibly Rifle. Currently, as far as I can tell, there's no direct way to go from reloading loop to Aim/Fire. The player have to reload, holster the weapon, then draw it again, or wait through the lengthy reload anim while being attacked by wildlife. Either way is a losing proposition. There needs to be a path to go directly from reloading loop to Aim mode without having to put the weapon awat, so in a bind the player can load a single cartridge then fire quickly and repeat until there's time to fully reload the weapon. Forcing the player to wait out the reload process or put away/rearm are unnecessarily heavy penalty for unplanned encounters in less than ideal conditions I think.
  24. UTC-10

    Better Campfire

    As a possible substitute for the "no tinder needed" maybe there is a case for an enhanced campfire that has better wind resistance. Starting at Level 3 where the "no tinder needed" benefit kicks in, the player may then have the option to "build" a better campfire. So this "enhanced campfire" replaces the "no tinder needed" benefit. For starters, at Level 3, you can build a campfire that has a 90 degree arc (45 degrees left and right of where you're facing when you construct it, plan carefully) where wind by anything short of a howling blizzard would not affect the campfire as far as blowing it out. The player spends 30 game-minutes constructing it and, obviously, it has a different graphic (so not a trivial thing by devs requirements). It appears out of nowhere when the time is spent. At Level 4, the campfire has a 180 degree arc (90 left and 90 right) and requires one hour to construct. Again, anything short of a full blizzard would not put out the fire. At level 5, the campfire takes 1-1/2 or two hours to construct and either has a 270 degree arc or maybe still a 180 degree arc and is now proof against blizzard winds from the protected side. Naturally the campfire appears in the middle as usual, the footprint of the enhanced campfire is also restrictive like how a snow shelter can be placed in only certain places, and it does block you from walking over/through it conversely it does not hinder animals. This might actually beg for an option to deconstruct the enhanced campfire with nothing but charcoal to be salvaged, perhaps. Of course this is not a trivial issue thing for the devs to implement so I highly doubt it would show up anytime soon.
  25. I tried the game theHunter: call of the wild, today via steam. I wanted a hunting game where you can collect trophies and see killed rare animals you have collected. I couldn't make myself like theHunter because it was too arcade-like. For example, you have endless stamina when you run. You lose 0 HP when you jump from high heights. You do not need sleep, food or drink. All you are is a killing machine. You run around with your weapon and pew pew, money or trophy, rinse and repeat. The game seems very superficial. At least the game has good graphics and sound. But everything else is devastating to the game, so much so that I had to get a refound. This got me thinking, The long dark has all the elements you need to have a challenging hunting experience. You need sleep, food, shelter, warmth and good clothes. Animals can be very dangerous if you are not good with your weapons and strategy. And this made me think even more. *We need the Trophy Room in The Long Dark for those who want to preserve the memories of the hunt, and brag to the rest of the TDL community. I hope they can make something for both animals and fish. + Add online hunt scoreboard, if possible.