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  1. Hot packs would be a 1-use item that gives modest heat bonus for many hours. Use more hot packs for a greater warmth bonus. Because they would be rare and would last such a long time, they would be best to use only in certain situations- such as sleeping in a fishing hut or cave during a blizzard. You would want to save them for particular times when you would maximize their multi-hour warmth perk.
  2. Dear All, First: I always play Pilgrim (tried the others too, but they didn't work for me). As mentioned in the Title, it's officially v.338 but mine calls itself Sandbox Alpha v.339. I will compare it to v.332, the former version. Now let's go on! As a celebration to the new version, I started a new sandbox game. (I was expecting it as a major update, like many of us - and so it was!) I have some 10+ hours of gameplay in it, so my experiences are: Positive: 1. Indoor lighting and look of houses became nice, you guys did a really great job! (Thumb up.) 2. I guess you tweaked the whether system a bit as well, at least I haven't seen -34C air and -24C windchill earlier. Fine, this is what one could call cold, I would expect (or fear...) this in real circumstances. Negative: 1. Tiredness system. Story for short: I spend approximately the same amount of time in bed, as in v.332, no matter if day or night. But in v.332 I simply ran out of daylight and couldn't walk in darkness, or spent the time in mines and by the time I reached another Region with houses I got tired despite the day has just begun. Whereas in v.338 I get weary very fast. I would say, the "truth" is somewhere halfway between the two. Now, neither systems work really well. (I always rush, when the "rush-o-meter" makes this possible.) +++ Long-term solution could be splitting this bar into two: Sleepy and Power (name them as you like). If I start the day at dawn, at the and of the day I get sleepy, no complaint. Coffee can help a bit. But if I loose strength, an 0.5-1 hour napping could bring back, say, 25% (sleepiness doesn't change during napping!!) This requires laying down of course (bed, etc.) From this point of view, "night shift" affects both double - I have worked in shifts, I know what I'm talking about. Additional suggestion to this: Coffee and HerbalTea could be a bit rare (and always considered to be 100%, they don't add that much to the calorie store, there's no point to sort them 43% or 59% or 13% like foods) so the players have to use them wisely. 2. Maybe it's accidental, but I have fully discovered MisteryLake and CoastalHighway by now, and haven't found a single Hacksaw. 3. I have tools and high quality tools, and I can't repair broken down cupboard doors. Hm... Finally, thanks for reading this really long post.
  3. Axtos

    drawing board

    no automapping and no tool that points your position. But a free drawing board and a hotkey for. So you can paint your hut, the big tree and the cove with your emergency supplies. And notices of course.
  4. I'd like to start by saying I'm enjoying the sandbox mode and have finally managed to stay alive for a month provided I don't make any new ill-planned forays into bear hunting... LOVE: 1) no ZOMBIES, 2) no rocket launchers 3) no BS. I have starved, gotten lost in the fog and frozen, fallen through ice and gone to the long dark in a fishing hut and yeah, the bear thing... I would like to submit some possible additions to the game I think would be logical and fit into this world. Sorry if I'm repeating previous posts on the subject Candles: Pretty much a staple in any home or cottage and it would be nice to not have to carry a lantern around the house to avoid walking into walls at night. Couches: I find it odd that the Survivor can only break chairs and couches into firewood. It would be nice to sit in the chairs by the fireplace and pass time instead of only going to bed to do so. Books to read and not just burn: Certain books could be found that provide valuable info and slightly bump up skills like gun cleaning or fishing There are also plenty of copy-right free books that could be put in the game to read on those long lonely blizzard nights. Practice makes perfect: I found an archery target in Pleasant Valley and practiced using a bow and got better at it but managed to break and lose things. It would be great if hunting/practicing improved accuracy over time. Spears: Easy to make - a straight stick and a fire - and better for fighting off wolves a la "The Grey". Our native peoples used them to take down large game for centuries before gunpowder. Spearheads could also be make out of scrap metal, and I have to wonder why we can make something as intricate as a fish hook, but not an arrow or spear head. Strength increase: I'm wandering around with 30 kilos - about 75 lbs on my back. It would be great if the carrying capacity improved slightly over time as the Survivor got stronger One last thing. So I'm wandering around lost in the fog trying to find my cabin and I come across a body. I'm starving. I have a knife. He's kinda meaty right? This could be a tough decision the player has to make- cannabalism or death. It could also have consequences if overused like spongiform encephalopathy. Guess it depends on how far you want to take the whole survival thing... Thanks for making what is so far an enjoyable and thoughtful game. I'm looking forward to what comes next.
  5. there has already been a poll related to this, but that thread has been quiet for a while so i thought i'd start up a new one. yall comment and let the (absolutely genius and amazing) developers know what kind of food items youd like to see implemented in the world of the long dark! me, i want corned beef hash. it's basically a canned mash up of small chunks of potatoes and corned beef, cured with salt for preservation. it's pretty tasty stuff in my opinion, and it goes GREAT with crackers. there's two servings per can, each serving is 380 calories each. so an entire can would equal to 760 calories, which would make it a more compact version of condensed milk. but theres one added bonus. in real life, this stuff makes me feel EXTREMELY full. must be all the carbs in it from the taters. this would be the perfect food for a survivalist
  6. More than once I've tried to navigate by the stars. I'd like to suggest better patterns of stars in the game. And while I'm at it, a chance of finding a 7x scoped rifle. I'm always right clicking my rifle to look at things.
  7. When standing right in front of a bed (or a locker or similar) and carrying a lantern (or a flare or similar) and want to switch it off or on one goes to bed (or opens the locker or similar). I suggest the following: Click and release the mouse button triggers the action like going to bed or open the locker. Click and hold the mouse button triggers the action of the item holding in the hand.
  8. Axtos

    Morale System

    Positive things raise the morale . like + Hunting success + make fire + crafting items + found things + shiny day + hot coffee + consume good food + consume chocolate and negative things lowers the morale - starvation - hunting miss - broken tool - blizzard - consume "old" meat - wounds - the same food any day - predator meat - and more positive morale result + faster walking + more fatigue + more package to burden + need less sleep negative - lowers all positive effects - and at the end... suicide! The player is forced to action. No more starvation/sleep camps. And it is more realistic. Our morale is our main engine. And i wish MUCH more feedback from my Avatar for this things. A cray of joy if you hunt down your first deer. Comments to the Weather or by break tools. and much more. Oops my Accu is near empty. More next :-)
  9. Dear Hinterland team, After some time playing since Tireless Menace update, there's only one thing I can say I don't like as much as before: the "hard looking" sunbeams coming the windows. I like the old, more realistic looking, "soft" sunbeams. These original sunbeams are beautiful! The below sunbeams I don't like as much, but it's the only thing visual that I didn't care for. Just my opinion but I wanted to share with the HL Dev Team. Love all the rest! Thanks
  10. After 50 days of survival I tried to find a way to get up the rocks at the end of the long curve in Pleasant Valley (don't ask me why) and got stuck in a small pit with no way to escape. It is located on the rocks at the very end of the long curve. I would suggest that you remove this small pit of doom, if there are other dumb people like me who accidently walk into it
  11. Axtos

    Chain Saw

    found in the wood cutter camp. ... and in the whole game no one drop Fuel for it.
  12. Axtos


    cooking salt water and become salt. Meat cooking with salt decay much slower and its more tasty. On the other side you need more to drink.
  13. Axtos

    Tallow Light I wish me a Tallow Light. :-) Crafted with 2kg raw Deer or Bear meat + Metal Scrap + thin cloth stripes (1x cloth = 10 cloth stripes. If its burn down you can "refill" it with new meat (tallow) and a new cloth stripe. Bright like a matches and burn for a few hours. On the other side any crafting need now light! No more tailoring Deerhide Boots in absolute darkness allowed. sorry for my denglish :-)
  14. So, I got to play some more over the Victoria Day weekend and encountered some things in the game that still bug me. The ones intrinsic to the new build (e.g. what to do with used brands) have already been mentioned but one that annoys me is how old fires remain persistent. If you're camping in an area for several days and don't want to keep your fire going you'll soon have multiple burnt out fires. It's worse if you're in an area with only one good shelter (e.g. the tail section) where your fires may overlap the old ones. For simplicity, the object for the burnt out fire should either disappear over time (perhaps with you helping?) or be something the player can interact with to relight. Rekindling a fire may even warrant a 5% fire starting bonus since the ground should already be fairly dry from having had a previous fire lit on it. Just something to reduce clutter on the various maps.
  15. I've very recently been informed that being in cars is considered being outside. I've also recently read that we can sleep in cars (which I did not know) and which makes sense even though there would be a high probability of freezing to death while doing so. Cars are cold but I guess if the daytime temperature was warm enough or if our clothes were thick enough we could manage to sleep in a car for a few hours. Some have suggested allowing a warmth bonus if a bedroll is in inventory and this makes sense. It'd be nice if this was added. However, the main suggestion I'd like to make and see added is that while sleeping in cars you burn substantially more calories than if you were sleeping comfortably in a warm bed. First of all the car is much colder than a warm bed in a building and while in a car you've got a lot less protection from the elements so you're more likely to be shivering while in the car and highly likely to wake briefly to adjust your position every now and then. Why? Because it is not a warm, comfortable bed. While sleeping in a car the calories burned ought to be the same amount of calories burned as when hitting the "pass time" button. That's what I'd like to see added in a future update.
  16. Current Version: 332, Steam OS: Ubuntu 14.04 So I had a lot of game crashes in the area of coastal highway. Most often they seem to happen upon transitioning to either inside outside of a building. I had one crash while managing a container inside a house but that might be unrelated. Wolfs can often run in place shortly at a specific range when they barrel towards you when you carry a flare. Writing any amount of text in the journal and pressing ESC will cancel all text written. I would love for there to be some quicker way to finish up writing a journal than clicking out to finish the entry. On that note I love the journal. I don't know of how many great games I have played and I thought to myself. Man I wish there was some in game journal system so I could write of my travels and thought during the game. And now I finally have one There could be some text on predator meat describing the risk for parasites. Firs time I ate some wolf meat i suddenly saw the notification of the increased risk and almost panicked. I had and still have no idea how to deal with a parasitic infection if it hits. Another thing i would like is that you don't have to re equip matches every time they burn out, it is a bit silly to cycle all other light sources to get anew match. I find myself doing this way to often since the lantern guzzles fuel like no tomorrow.
  17. Disclaimer: adding alarm clocks doesn't mean you won't wake up by yourself when fully rested. It means if you want to sleep for a short exact amount of time at will, you will need a thing to wake yourself up. That's it. I get the concept of internal clock, but the current in game system is far from internal clock, so it's not really an argument. Most people can't really control how long they are going to sleep, so I was thinking how about adding alarm clocks into the game and making it as a requirement to control the length of sleep? And when a player is not carrying an alarm clock, make "sleep until fully rested" the only option. It might make the game much more realistic and challenging. Also a morning struggle system (probably similar to the wolf struggle system, the more tired when waking up the harder the struggle will be or something along these lines) might add a lot of realism to the game as well. As in real life most people have a hard time waking up, especially when they are still very tired at the moment. Any thoughts?
  18. It would be Nice to Be able to see u Wear You're Cloths That u get Random Generated Character Features When u View the Character And when your Hurt and u See just Your Body & Were its Hurt (This Would Be another Option in Settings) at there Should Be another Option in the Settings to Show You in Your Cloths & See Your Face & Be able to See the Bite from the Animal & What Condition Your Cloths are If their Ripped Etc Depends on What Condition there in (This Would be in the Settings It would be Another Option to Select Because Personally If u wasn't able to Handle this on a Certain Computer then All the Mac users would Hate it because it would Decrease there FPS and Make there Game Lag) (So Just a Extra Option to Select in Settings if not Selected it would be like Usual it would have when u View Your Self when ure Hurt its Like Usual Wouldn't Have Any Cloths Shown Or the Damage Done to u in Detail or Your Cloths Condition ) (Also 3rd Person Would also Be a Option) (Because Everyone Loves First Person)
  19. I recently encountered this at Timberwolf Mountain: I was opening one of the cargo containers, and I haven't noticed, that my hacksaw was in very poor condition. So, during the "opening action" my saw ruined - but the container's door ruined as well, it can't be opened anymore! My thoughts about this: 1. If I have to use a hacksaw to pry the container open, it must have some kind of a padlock. But if the hacksaw ruined, I take another one and finish the job. 2. If the cargo container have a locking mechanism, that can be ruined "forever", it must be one, that needs some kind of a lockpick. The game mixes up the two, which is not life-like, in my opinion. What do you think about it?
  20. Some may not like my suggestion but I think it would be nice to have "Quick Save" (suggest [F5]) and "Quick Load" (suggest [F9]) options. Hate having to repeat same steps after I die
  21. i think that emergency stims are a bit too common in this game. the chances of finding an emergency steroid injection in a random lone cabin in the middle of the woods, no doubt previously owned by someone living completely off the grid is a slim to none. i think emergency stims should only be found in a few certain locations. my suggestion is - the carter hydro dam, the ranger lookout towers, the prepper caches, and hibernia processing. this item should definitely be a lot less common than it is. putting them in a cargo container from the plane is DEFINITELY out of the question. too many people abuse the stims, using them to get from a to b quickly. making this item a lot less common would be a good way of reducing this. there should also be negative effects of abusing the emergency stim. I'm not exactly sure on the type of steroid we're talking about. i haven't done much research, but no human being should be able to inject any kind of emergency steroid into their body 6 times in a row with absolutely no negative effects.
  22. So, I don't know how practical it is but I would enjoy seeing a high tech location in the long dark. Examples could be a ferry terminal, coast guard station, research facility, or regional airport. I think it would fit well with the themes of the game as you have formally vibrant, super advanced areas being rendered obsolete and barren simply because the power turned off. Radar and satellite communications aren't much good without any way to turn them on. The amount of abandoned equipment would also be large although most wouldn't be useful. It would be interesting poking through offices full of cutting edge computers, instruments, machines, airplanes, etc. all rendered as scrap. I would envision the general feel of the high tech areas to be like the legend of the Mary Celeste: everything frozen in place as if their owners would be coming back any moment. A recently abandoned high tech area would also help round out the other sandbox maps where we have an agricultural, long abandoned industrial, small communities, remote and rural vacation areas. From a gameplay perspective high tech areas would offer little in the way of traditional loot. No rifles, food, axes or knives. Depending on how the crafting system and mechanics evolve though the reward for exploring these sites may be rare components, advanced tools, or unique items. Coast guard stations may have flare guns and inflatable boats for example while airports would have hangers full of specialized tools. A ferry terminal may have forgotten belongings and cargo and a research station may contain tents and advanced clothing for remote oceanic research. All interesting things to collect if you can survive in the otherwise barren location. Not much grows on concrete and pavement after all Note that there was already a post for a general location wish list. This is just my personal one
  23. So, just a suggestion for Voyager and Stalker difficulties is that you need to find/improvise a mess kit in order to boil water on most fires. Empty cans could be saved and turned into small tins if your regular pot gets damaged as well as basic utensils. If more complex cooking options are added at a later date (e.g. soups) then you would need a mess kit to prepare and eat them. Cooking rose hip tea in an old tomato soup can would fun. Of course interior locations that have a full kitchen obviously wouldn't have this restriction since there would be more than enough containers to boil water in. For pilgrim mode it would be another complication so, like cabin fever, it likely isn't necessary.
  24. why is there no pets huhu i miss pets. you can save a wolf from a bear trap and it will be your friend and then you can eat food with it it can hunt rabbits it can help you if other wolfs attack, and we can howl together in the long dark haha
  25. i found one in starvation mode, but not in the middle level mode, i looked on all locations i remember in mystery lake and i found none, maybe make bunkers come in middle level mode also?