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  1. I would figure that several inhabitants of the area would have left behind at least a little bit of alcohol. Maybe whiskey, rum, or something of that sort, and I would think that using this stuff would have some immediate positive effects while trying to survive. Of course, it would also have some pretty steep drawbacks in the near future after using of course. Maybe when consumed it adds a small amount of calories, some thirst, and maybe 25% less damage to condition if attacked by wolves or bears, and you cause 25% more damage when struggling, but after the effects wear off it makes your thirst meter deplete 50% faster for a couple hours and severe headaches? This may have been suggested in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there with the possible effects that kind of make sense within the context of the game.
  2. Hi, since this was seriously driving me crazy for several evenings, I thought I'd share it. Maybe it saves others some trouble. If you run Ubuntu with the newest NVidia drivers (430.14) and TLD starts up all black, use: ./tld.x86_64 -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0 Then click your way to settings and change the resolution to a windowed one which fits your screen. Fullscreen won't/can't work for some reason at all and if you ran fullscreen earlier, now you got just a black screen. Note: the above can be added in Steam too with Properties/Launch Options as: "%command% -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0" . With those parameters I was able to change the overall resolution and run as non-fullscreen. I don't know where the settings are stored, but hand-editing the Unity3D prefs files didn't change anything. Also, the -screen-width/-screen-height command line parameters seem to have no effect; -show-screen-selector also didn't work (I made sure it finds all libs with LD_LIBRARY_PATH). There are plenty of tips in the internet about SDL2 being the problem, or that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is required or the SDL_DYNAMIC_API is needed, or one has to run 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version, and so forth and so on, but none of those worked. I guess the problem is in fact the NVidia driver somehow, since I run Steam in an LXC container based off of Ubuntu 14.04 and with the exception of the new NVidia driver userspace that container was otherwise unchanged. The only thing changed on the host side was the 430.14 kernel driver. Also, my other games exhibit similar problems right now and running in a non-fullscreen/window helps. With only the -screen-fullscreen 0 the initial "wolves are not really psycho killers and this game won't make you Bear Grylls" screen was shown OK but then the "scrolling nightly mountains with sponsors and beautiful music" was all black. No graphics ever appeared after that. I hope this helps someone else as well, and you can play again this great game. Thank you folks of Hinterland for making this game, I really mean it, it is a masterpiece. (I'd like to see new areas though...) Cheers!
  3. The PS4 supports USB and Bluetooth keyboard/mice. However, they only work in games that implement native support. TLD on PS4 is already good, but would be great with mouse and keyboard support baked in.
  4. Revenant

    Cooking pots

    A simple wish. Cooking pots are sometimes hard to come by in this game and essential for making large quantities of water and cook things faster, like meat. A way to make cooking pots from scrap metal at a forge would make surviving the quiet apocalypse a little bit easier and add in more ways to use the forge and heavy hammer.
  5. Bergmann

    Own wish list

    Add the ability, when every time if you change clothes, you change a first-person view also! For example, changing the character of a glove or jacket, changing the type of holding a weapon, knife, etc. Add the ability to build something new, shelters (on the surface) or a small house. Add the ability to cut fresh trees. Add new threats. Varieties of bears, wolves, elks, in each location should be completely different from previous ones. Each location must have its own behavior for animals. Not like the rest. Add a new animal, such as birds. Let it be possible to eat their meat. Add the ability to carry things, let the bag hold more KG. Or you need to add a wooden sled. MANDATORY, add the ability to automatically get out of sleep, with the risk of frostbite or hypothermia. (all the time I died only for this reason)
  6. Bergmann

    Wish list

    Каждый раз при замене одежды, нужно чтобы вид от первого лица также менялся! Например меняет персонаж перчатки или куртку, меняется вид удерживания оружия, ножа и т.д. Добавьте возможность строить что-то новое, укрытия (на поверхности) или небольшой домик. Добавьте возможность рубить свежие деревья. Добавьте новые угрозы. Разновидности медведей, волков, лосей, в каждой локации должны абсолютно отличаться от прежних. На каждой локации должно быть свое собственное поведение для животных. Не похожее на остальных. Добавьте новую живность, например птицы. Пусть будет возможность питаться их мясом. Добавьте возможность переносить вещи, пусть сумка вмещает больше КГ. Либо нужно добавить деревянные сани. ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, добавьте возможность автоматического выхода из сна, при риске обморожения или переохлаждения. (все время я погибал только по этой причине)
  7. I would love to see thermal hot springs in the game. Somewhere you could warm up and maybe restore a little health. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  8. I just saw a spider scurry on my wardrobe, a big one too. Here in Oz, spiders are quite plentiful and certainly terrifying. This made me think... Imagine if spiders were added to the game? wouldn't that be fair dinkum horrifying? Perhaps unnecarry, but still an interesting detail. theey could cause an affliction, too! perhaps they could be rare - or imagine walking through a cave only to see a particular chamber crawling with them! black widows, perhaps. Maybe you'd find one under the stairs in the camp office or something.
  9. Ayo! I am an auzzie and Vegemite makes me happy. anyone who hates it cannot call themselves Australian. It might make A funny and random addition to the game perhaps, so YEE ₕₑₕₑₕₑₑ ᵢ𝒻 ᵤ 𝓌ₐₙₙₐ ₙₐₘₑ ᵢₜ ₐ𝒻ₜₑᵣ ₘₑ ₜₕₐₙ 𝓰ₒ ₐₕₑₐ𝒹 ᵦᵤₜ ₙₒ ₚᵣₑₛₛᵤᵣₑ
  10. i think it should be awesome if every time we die the game save the location and we have a chance to find it in other saves (we whould not be able to recover our items) and another thing that i think is a good idea is to perpetuate the game ( new difficulty option ) if we choose this new difficulty, every containers that we searched in the previous save will be empty (if we taked everything ) this idea match a little bit with the previous idea and i think it will add another fun part to the game.
  11. oplli

    Airport map

    hi i think that Hinterland should add an airport map in the game. In wintermute we know our character go at great bear island by plane and we don't know where he is suposed to land... it whould be nice to create a little indistrial airport in a map with a railroad loading station for products to be delivered at milton ,coastal highway and elsewhere the map whould be conected by road to milton and to mystery lake by railroad. (the icon silent valley is a little map like the ravine or crumbling highway to connect bigger maps) i made that picture to show what it could looks like. This is not a big idea i suppose that other proposed it in the past but i hope hinterland will make it reality.
  12. The Long Dark was released years ago. The updates are months in between one another, I paid money for a game that promised me x, y, z but only gave me X, and half of Y. When can we start talking about refunds.........?
  13. Yes, yet another cooking suggestion! This has been suggested before, but the following outline is for a discussion of the mechanical benefits of sausage making. Each type of sausage would be crafted from an existing single type of meat. Creating one kilogram of raw sausage would be performed at a work bench and require one kilogram of raw meat, one fresh gut, and one cutting tool (hunting knife, improvised knife, hatchet, improvised hatchet). Crafting time for raw sausage would be a short duration, between 10 to 30 minutes depending on game balance decisions. After being crafted, the sausage could either be cooked or cured. Cooking raw sausages returns the same kcal of energy as the ingredients, but 0% dehydration due to the sausage skin sealing in the juices. Curing raw sausages takes 5 days as per raw gut, retains the same kcal of energy, reduces item weight by half, and causes dehydration on consumption by an extra -5% compared to the same cooked meat. This recipe adds an incentive for harvesting guts from animals, which personally I find I skip once I have more than half a dozen or so. Harvesting guts takes time and energy; this increases resource expenditure by remaining outside longer, increases risk of ambush by wolves whilst carried through higher scent footprint, and increases tool wear if used for harvesting. Requiring a workbench for crafting likewise increases travel time with raw meat and guts, adding risk against the benefit of higher quality food compared to cooking the meat fresh on site. In exchange, the two options offer two different benefits for their investment. The first option reduces hydration needs, effectively reducing 0.03-0.09kg of water required when consumed. A minor benefit overall, but useful for short distance travel to avoid extra water weight, and is especially attractive for black bear meat with its high hydration loss. The second option requires a higher time investment, but offers a hefty weight savings with a minor water weight penalty increase, ideal for long distance travel rations. This would put cured moose sausage or cured bear sausage into the same kcal/kg as peanut butter, but with slightly more hydration loss in trade. Could you see yourself spending the extra time and effort crafting sausages if these benefits existed?
  14. I'd like to see further refinement of the cooking mechanic. For instance, right now an item is either raw or cooked; if it has achieved the required cooking time it is cooked, anything else, even 1 minute less and its raw. More could be done with this - Items (particularly animal meats & fish) can go through stages of cooking such as raw , rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, well-done and burnt depending on how long it has been on the fire. In addition to this, the available calories from the item can vary with the cooking time along with the potential risk of disease; items could perhaps have their most calories at raw or a low cooked level like rare and then gradually lower throughout the cooking process inversely with disease risk. This becomes a survival choice for the player - do I cook the meat to a medium-rare to boost calorie intake but risk incurring a increased chance of disease (lower than raw but more than well-done) due to food shortages? Or is eliminating disease risk more important to the survivor? I'm sure more can be done than I'm not thinking of but this would be a pretty cool start!
  15. vta4ever

    ankle braces

    an ankle brace that decreases the likelihood of a sprain that the ankle it is placed on. maybe also an improvised bandage wrap that has a lower chance of preventing a sprain.
  16. I know we already have cabin fever, but I think that it would be neat to have a mental health meter that is affected by: how much you eat and drink, pre-existing conditions such as one that makes you sad when you kill rabbits or causes mood swings (maybe there could be a badge that effects how many, if any conditions exist), reading a self-help books or adopting a pet rock. good mental health will make you perform actions quicker and burn slightly fewer calories. bad mental health will make you burn slightly more calories and your character can become grumpy, causing him to give up occasionally while performing actions like crafting or sowing and maybe even refuse to get out of bed. what to ya'all think?
  17. I'm a relatively new player but I'm enjoying the game immensely. I Don't know if this has been suggested or addressed previously however have you thought of stone Tools created by flint napping? You could create arrowhead, knives and hatchet's I would suggest those have a low % chance of breaking which would increase when the condition % is decreasing I would also suggest that these items lose condition faster than normal items due to being made out of stone. And lastly I believe that a new suitable type of stone can be added to the game that would need to be searched for. As I say I am unsure if this has been suggested or discussed but I do believe this would be a useful addition to the game.
  18. Will is a very strange man : he had a wolf which lacerates his arm but he doesn't suffer, he was hit by a moose, thrown to the ground and trampled but he doesn't suffer, he was mauled by an enraged bear but he doesn't suffer. And a little sprained ankle makes suffers for 4 hours ? A little bit weird...
  19. My mouse and keyboard won't work during the game. In the main menu everything is perfectly fine. But when the game starts, the environment is still running, my character is getting cold, the wind blows, but i cant move or look around. I cant even exit the game. I have to alt+tab everytime? It's been like this for 3 days. I tried rebooting steam and my pc but it didn't work. I uninstalled the game and installed it again. Still didn't work. Please help me.
  20. Estoy Jugando en modo Supervivencia, la verdad es mi juego favorito por mucho y me escapo todo el tiempo de la realidad... bueno por momentos se me complica con el tema de la claustrofobia en juego, a veces simplemente debes caminar mucho para bajar el estado de claustrofobia el cual generalmente se desata cuando pasas muchas horas crafteando alguna ropa con cueros entonces escuchas una brutal tormenta afuera y claustrofobia que te obliga a "salir a dar un paseo" no se si le pasa a ambos personajes (solo me paso con la mujer) se me ocurre que quizá en vez de mandarnos a morir bajo una ventisca mortal, podrían incluir algún tipo de trabajo como "talla de madera" para distraer la atención del pj. que debamos hacerlo quizá de la puerta para afuera pero sin tener que salir a morir. Tallar en madera quizá como artesanía los animales que se ven en el juego para bajar el estado de estrés y hasta incluso algún logro por hacerlos todos (lobos, osos, alces, ciervos, cuervos conejos y peces) "Conoce tu Paraíso" le pondría o algo así... bueno también incluir otros animales en juego como Ardillas ?? sigo viviendo dentro del juego les doy gracias por vuestro tiempo.
  21. Just some thoughts let let me know what you think. 1. When the player is holding a lit torch or road flare. If the player attempts to start a fire, the held lit item is the default “starter” this way the player doesn’t have to cycle to find the held lit (torch/flare). 2. Combining certain matching items for a averaged percentage of the combined items condition. Such items would be coffee tins, herbal tea, lantern fuel, jerrycans, and I’m sure I’m missing more items. So say you have one item say lantern fuel at 58% and a second at 87% rather than have the two in your inventory, there would be a combine option and the combined average condition would be around 72%. This would also add the combined weight together obviously. (Just a suggestion for the neatfreaks like myself I hate a messy inventory). I also understand that the size of the container dictates how much of the particular item can be combined into one container, so you can’t combine a 90% full canister and a 30% full canister but being able to combine them could maximize what the player can return with when headed back to their base. (provided they aren’t too encumbered) 3. Removing the condition % from matches altogether. Unless I’m misinformed a 10% condition match won’t function any differently than a 90% condition match. If that is the case why not have it so all wood/cardboard matches would only take up two squares in your fire starter tab.
  22. Been since 7/18 that game has been crashing at disclaimer screen on xbox one first generation. Play anywhere works on pc for the same game number, verified by Microsoft support that also had me do ALL the resets/defrags possible to no avail. Ive sent NUMEROUS tickets daily to hinterland support with no response but they close them as "fixed" and it is very much not fixed nor can microsoft fix it. It is on hinterlands end to resolve this issue. As it is completely unplayable and a $20 virtual paper weight.
  23. (I go on and on so just skip like 8 lines if you don’t feel like reading) When I was playing The Long Dark, I was doing the challenge where you have 30 days to prepare for a coming storm. I checked the list of things that I must stock pile and I saw that I needed a rifle, so I simple take note of needing a rifle and continue my session of playing in the coastal highway when I came across a body. This body was pressed up against a tree and frozen, the man had in front of him a rifle and a bullet. ALL I could think about was the scene in the movie Jeremiah Johnson when all he wants is a 50 rifle and finds a body of man with a rifle, a dead bear and a note. The note has the final will and testament of the man saying how the bear took his legs but he was able to kill it and that he hopes someone takes his rifle as long as it wasn’t a Native American. Hope you consider adding something like an Easter egg to pay tribute to such a good movie.
  24. LkP

    glowing arrows

    Since we often struggle to find arrows, and since we have access to some phosphorescent mushrooms, why not allow to scrub arrows on the mushrooms in order to make them glowing a little ? (could be used for many other things but, as a first step, flashy green arrows would be nice)