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  1. There have been many times where I have mistaken a rock for a wolf or I just wanted to admire this beautiful game from a high hill or watchtower. Binoculars would be a great addition to see far away objects a little better. Btw thank you for making this amazing game, I enjoy it so very much.
  2. Can you please make a box for just the forge area. Maybe just like items within 100 yards or so idk.. I spent 140 in game days collecting 2 full bears and a number of deer and wolves, 100+ scrap metal tools and BUNCH of sticks and logs and coal.. to one day log in and I have no meat no fuel and some random items left out... now I have to haul 240 some pounds back from the box to the forge.. and I really just didn’t wanna play anymore after all my stuff got moved... if a lost and found box isn’t possible for that location please make crafting storage containers a thing so people don’t RAGE quit for months on end..
  3. A little background first, my apologies. I've been playing LD from right when EP 2 came out. I love the game, so much so I bought it for PC and XBOX. I usually play interloper and I was having my best run yet. I was at day 100 , my previous longest run was 64 days. So I'm in BR and I want to leave and start making all the zones but I see my bearskin beadroll is at 26%. Damn I need the bear by the river dead. So I run down and kill and quarter him. I run the hide to the lodge and wait...and wait...and wait. While I'm waiting I finish mapping BR but then the next 5 days I start going stir crazy, I had killed everything in the zone and there was nothing left for days. So I thought that there should be a faster way to cure hides. I thought hey why not put salt in the game so you can cure hides faster. Then I thought of salting meat to preserve it and 'fix' cooking 5. Here is how I thought it could work. Salt would be lootable and you could get it from nature. I was thinking that since FM never really freezes it must have brackish water. So on a ice section you could get some water with a can or pot and cook off the water. It would be a semi rare loot item, like whetstones. For curing hides. Salt would cut in half the curing time of hides. You would use 0.5kg on rabbit hides, 1.0kg on deer and wolf hides, and 2.5kg on bear and moose. This is completely optional to do the hides cure regularly indoors without salt but this just makes it quicker. Now onto cooking. IMHO cooking 5 is insane. I like the fact that I can no longer get intestinal parasites. No really I love that, F$&# IP. But the more food poisoning, that's a bit much. When I first got cooking 5 I thought wow this is awesome I can eat anything. After the 100th ruined cooked bear steak it got ridiculous. Ruined meat is ruined, no fixing that. But if you salted it you could preserve it forever if you also keep it outside. Also you could make jerky out of small bits of meat, like 0.5kg. This way you could carry some meat with you and not have scent. I was just a thought from a fan. Keep up the good work and please stay healthy. Lupesco
  4. I'm sure this has probably been asked before but is there any chance keyboard and mouse support can be added on the console version of the long dark?
  5. Once you reach level 5 cooking, there's no longer a reason to quickly cook and consume lower condition food items. You can literally let everything from fish to energy drinks go to zero condition and use it to its full potential and I find this a wee bit OP if not ridiculous. Instead, once an item reaches 0% condition, it should slowly start to lose calories (though not weight) until it reaches 50% of its regular calorie count. This process would take some time, it wouldn't be something that happens overnight. Therefore, you can still consume it and gain something from ruined food, but not a full meal's worth. To counteract food items spoiling in the world, I think all food items would have to spawn at 80% or above to give the player a fighting chance to collect them before they go bad. Maybe you could halve the buffs that ruined energy drinks give, meaning they only last for half as long. This way, players are enticed to use up their lower condition items first for fear of losing precious calories, but ruined items at level 5 cooking can still be used to a degree.
  6. I am from Russia and do not know much English, but I want to leave a review. Я давно знакома с The Long Dark и слежу за ее развитием. Ещё очень давно эта игра зацепила меня и подарила теплые чувства. Помню с нетерпением ждала сюжетной линии и проходила игру раз за разом. Наблюдала за изменениями геймплея, игрового мира и механики. Атмосфера всегда оставалась для меня самой главной частью всего. Сейчас я не имею возможности поиграть снова, но с удовольствием смотрю прохождение от своего любимого летсплейщика и мне пришли новые идеи. Я жду новые эпизоды и развитие самой игры. Я задумалась о том чего мне лично не хватает в игре, надеюсь мой отзыв не будет слишком амбициозным и пожелания не станут невыполнимыми. Я знаю как тяжело создавать многое для игры и сколько времени сил уходит на это, но я надеюсь что мои пожелания будут услышаны и может добавят игре новое прекрасное. Когда я проходила каждую локацию всегда удивлялась, почему так мало зданий находится на острове. Как по мне не хватает разнообразия мест в игровом мире... Я бы хотела видеть больше инфраструктуры, пусть даже разрушенной. Пусть это даже упростит выживание (из-за обилия мест), но оно само по себе не такое сложное.. Мне просто всегда нравилось исследовать мир и изучать быт который в этом мире показан. Я очень люблю собирательство, но мне не хватает большего разнообразия продуктов питания и каких-либо других предметов.. например хлебцы, другие консервы, конфеты орехи и чипсы. Я бы хотела чтобы в игре была кулинария, например приготовить мясо кролика с овощным рагу из консервов. Наличие специй например давало бонусы, которые помогут выжить в суровом холоде. Возможность сделать какао или лепешки из муки и воды . Звучит наверное слишком амбициозно, но это так увлекательно. Модификация оружия например была бы кстати. Возможность ставить ловушки, которые предупреждали бы о приближении хищника. Большее разнообразие одежды и обуви. Самой главной целью я считаю добавить историю мира независимо от сюжета, больше записок и каких-то целей, чтобы у игрока было больше энтузиазма в режиме выживания. Я люблю то что вы делаете и вместе с вами хочу делать наш мир лучше.. ведь ваши игры спасли меня в свое время, дав тепло и уют. Спасибо.
  7. I've been watching youtubers play The long dark, for awhile. I've always wanted to play it, but I don't have access to any of the consoles the game supports. PS4, Xbox one, Microsoft windows, ect. So I was wondering if The long dark will be available on nintendo switch? It would give switch players who don't know the game, get familiar with it and maybe purchase it, giving the game new publicity and players or it could give people like me, who don't have other consoles, still being able to play such a interesting and creative game. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, and I look forward for this game to expand and continue its success.
  8. The things I'd love to see in TLD. Particularly Survival Mode cause the possibilities are limitless 🙂 We should be able to craft a Sling and a Slingshot. For a Sling, you can use a cured gut and a piece of cloth. For a Slingshot, a couple sticks, a cured gut and a piece of cloth. There are plenty of stones for ammunition so no worries there. As for guns, perhaps a hunting shotgun and shotgun shells. To complete a trio of guns suitable for surviving the cold. We should also have binoculars. To look far and wide of our surroundings. There so be more wildlife as well. Foxes, beavers, racoons, mountain lions, bobcats and bisons. What we should have is some bird life. Especially to hunt for food, guts and feathers. The Canada Goose will be great. Along with the Harlequin Duck, Red-tailed Hawk, Whooping Crane and the Great Horned Owl.
  9. EndCrawler


    Add the opportunity to the game with a heavy hammer and wood or scap metal, to create Metal/wooden containers and racks, boxes, shelves for guns, chairs, tables, etc. My gameplay is to bring all things into one house (And most likely a lot of people have this gameplay), but if there are no containers in it or there are critically few of them, the whole floor is clogged with intestines, meat, bottles, and other junk. If you add the ability to build, this will make the game much more comfortable and give a lot of ideas for screenshots. Addition: I would like game mechanics to use a moose-hide satchel as a container when you lay it on the ground
  10. I use an Internet translator. Some words may be translated incorrectly, I'm from Russia. About modding: why are there no mods in the steam workshop? Only translators into other languages?? Previously, I downloaded mods over the Internet and installed them manually, but with the recent update, the game does not allow you to install mods. Why? Developers don't want players to add something of their own? If you don't want to, here are some suggestions : bait rabbits with plants or berries (bears also use berries), the ability to twist objects, update the lighting at night! It's too dark! Ability to place items on top of each other. Thanks.
  11. The idea of a cougar or other big cat predator is not a new one, I've seen it (and even put in my two cents once before) many times on the wish list and I think it merits some real thought by the developers. Below, I'll cover my personal in depth take on a cougar in TLD and how it could fit in with the current threat creatures. To start off, cougars would be at least as rare as moose are, if not more rare, with only a handful spawning in any given game. There could only be one in any given region and similar to moose their passive behavior would be to patrol a small area around their den. This area could be marked similarly to how moose areas are, but with less obvious scratch markings on trees. Central to this area would be a den, a small and hard to notice mini-cave that would be its own enterable area. It would be small, smaller than any non-transition zone cave with the chance to spawn a frozen corpse, evidence of a cougar's previous meal. The cougar would operate in one of four different states: Patrolling, Stalking, Hunting, and Fleeing In its Patrolling mode, the cougar AI would have two 'sense' rings around it. Maybe 100 meters and 75 meters in diameter. If the player enters the first ring they might receive some sort of audio/visual cue (anything from the character mumbling something or a message similar to the thin ice warning) letting them know that there is a cougar nearby. There also might not be a cue for a more difficult cougar. In either case, if the player lingers in this first ring they will eventually be detected by the cougar and if they enter the second ring at any time they will automatically be detected by the cougar. At this point, the cougar goes into its stalking state. In Stalking mode, the cougar has detected the player and will actively pursue them from a distance. The AI will try to position the cougar behind and a certain distance away from the player, and if the cougar is within the player's viewing area it will not move. There, again, might or might not be some sort of cue that the player is being stalked. Perhaps the world sound volume would decrease with the player's footstep volume increasing, something subtle that might not be very noticeable. To end a cougar's stalking mode the player would need to either leave the region for a few days, aim at the cougar (in which case it would retreat beyond view distance and there would be a small random chance that it would revert back to patrolling mode), hit the cougar with a projectile weapon (in which it would go into fleeing mode), or drop a decoy which may revert the cougar back to patrolling mode. While in stalking mode, the player is still very much safe from the cougar. However, if they get a certain number of afflictions/debuffs (anything from being overburdened to a sprained limb, to parasites) then a stalking cougar will go into hunting mode. In Hunting mode the cougar will try to attack the player from behind, charging at them on quiet paws. Marine flares will keep the cougar from charging, but torches, fires, and road flares won't deter it. Distress Pistol rounds will cause it to flee and revert back to stalking mode, and a direct hit with a projectile weapon will cause it to flee or die (if a critical shot is made). If the cougar's charge is successful, a two-stage QTE struggle ensues. In the first stage, the cougar pins the player onto their chest and begins attacking from behind. The player needs to manipulate their movement keys to unpin themself and roll over. Once successful, the second stage is the same as any wolf struggle, with the player given a choice of tools to use to beat the cougar away. During the struggle, all clothing items take damage and debuffs such as bleeding, lacerations, sprains, and the like can be taken by the player. If the player manages to defeat the cougar, it will go into fleeing mode. Cougars will not bleed out, though they will leave blood trails for a player to follow. Instead, in Fleeing mode, a cougar will return to its den for a certain number of days and will wait there to heal back up before reverting back to patrolling mode. In order for a player to kill the cougar, they'll need to get an instant kill with their weapon of choice or pursue a fleeing cougar back to its den. After entering the den, the cougar will give a warning yowl before charging. If the player is fast enough, a successful hit will kill the cougar. Otherwise, they will have to engage in a final wolf-style struggle to kill the cougar. Cougars will yield a good portion of guts and wolf-like lower calorie meat. The true prize will be their pelt, which can be crafted into two very useful items. The two items I thought up for cougar-coat crafting are the Cougar Cloak and the Cougar Bedroll. Both would require a single cougar pelt with some other items to craft. Cougar Cloak: unlike the moose-hide cloak, which goes in the outer layer slots, the Cougar Cloak would go in the accessories slot with the wool ear wraps and moose-hide satchel. It would offer some warmth, wind resistance, armor, and water-proofness but be obviously heavier than the ear wraps and only work in the outer slot. Its main bonus would be a smell-resistance, where the first scent bar is blacked out and anything that would raise a player's scent bar by one would be effectively negated. Cougar Bedroll: the cougar bedroll would be a middle-grade bedroll, with warmth and weight stats putting it between the bearskin and basic bedrolls. It wouldn't increase wolf fear as much as the bearskin version, but it would protect against animal attacks.
  12. Willy Pete

    Cold Cola

    How about a new soda item: Cold Cola. It's a caffeinated soda with only 100 calories that gives you half the fatigue reduced benefit that Coffee does.
  13. Yesterday I posted my idea on how to rework pain on the TheLongDark subreddit . People seem to mostly like the idea and someone suggested I should also post it on here. I really feel pain needs some reworking so here is the post bellow: I feel like in it's current implementation, pain is just a small annoyance rather than something you should treat. For those unaware, pain can be healed by either using Painkillers or Rose Hip Tea or by waiting 4 hours. I personally end up just waiting out the 4 hours and hoarding painkillers. This makes me feel like that painkillers are not as important anymore. A couple updates ago, before sprains were reworked, you had to use Painkillers/Rose Hip Tea to heal sprains. This however is no longer the case and all you need is a bandage. Now, I am not saying to add the use of painkillers for the treatment of sprains again, but I have a different idea. How about reworking pain and adding levels of pain (Maybe about 5 levels)? Smaller injuries don't hurt much (level 1) while severe injuries hurt a lot (Example: Burns or Mauled by a Bear = Level 5). The level should affect some interactions, crafting, harvesting and so on taking longer for example. Make sleep recover less fatigue since you are basically trying to rest with pain, which is hard to do irl. But to balance this out you can decrease the time it takes for the pain to heal while resting. Also should add a new red gradient border for the edge of the screen that gets more intense the higher the pain level (remove blur for it). You could either have one very painful injury on one body part, or smaller less painful injuries that would stack the overall pain level. Pain however should not exceed Level 5. Levels of Pain: 1: Barely hurts (Example: Smaller fall damage without sprains. Short duration: 30 min. Interaction time increase: 5%. Slight red border.) 2: Hurting (Example: Headache from Energy Drinks. Modest duration: 1 hour. Interaction time increase: 10%. A bit more noticeable red border) 3: Hurts quite a lot (Example: Sprains. Medium Duration: 4 hours. Interaction time increase: 20%. Very noticeable red border.) 4: Painful (Example: Wolf Bite. Longer Duration: 12 hours. Interaction time increase: 40%. Strong red border.) 5. Extreme Pain (Example: Mauled by Bear, Burns, Broken Ribs. Longest Duration: 24 - 48 hours. Interaction time increase: 50%. Very strong red border.) (All these are just examples, it of course would not be up to me to decide the values) Now when it comes to healing these with painkillers, being mauled and such would require Morphine possibly to instantly heal that pain (new rare item maybe?), so to heal a Level 5 Pain level you'd need at least 2 pills to drop down to Level 4 and another 2 after some time passed to drop to Level 3. From Level 3 you can immediately cure it after some more time passed. Example: Level 5 Pain = 2 Painkillers or 1 Rose Hip Tea -> Level 4 Pain -> Wait 1 hour -> Take 2 more pills or 1 Rose Hip Tea -> Level 3 Pain -> Wait 1 hour -> Take 2 more pills or 1 Rose Hip Tea -> Pain healed or at least Pain Level 1 (can be 50:50 chance). If Morphine would become a thing (Possible spawns would be high chance in medical lockers and very small chance in first aid cabinets) then the pain should instantly drop down to Pain Level 1 or completely heals it, however with the side effect of blurred vision and impact on your aim (note that blur would be exclusive to the morphine effect then and overrides the slight red border of Level 1 pain). So I wanna know what everyone else thinks. I personally really like my idea, but it's ultimately Hinterland's choice.
  14. Currently when food reaches ruined condition inside a container it disappears per the ruined item in a container rule. The exceptions would be items that have salvage value, like burned out torches can be harvested for a stick and ruined clothing for cloth or cured leather. Obviously, the game recognizes that those items have a residual value. Ruined sewing kits and whet stones don't. The effect as regards ruined food means that there is no way to really store food, be it meat, fish, or canned goods in lockers, containers, cabinets or drawers. In addition, with Lost and Found, when run, sweeping up whatever (generally) that is not in a container into the Lost and Found box which is a container, a lot of 'usable' ruined food get destroyed by Lost and Found. In the game, as currently configured, that ruined food still has value [to the player]. Therefore the rule about ruined items in containers should be modified to apply to ruined items that the player deliberately put into a container, showing that the player intended to dispose of the item, and not to apply that rule to items that get swept into a container such as the lost and found boxes or that reached ruined condition while in a container.
  15. So, a thing I realized that I really want to see in a future update is, well, what the title says. I want the wolves to calm down a little on the infinite chase behaviour. If they can see you, but not reach you, fine they may run around in circles or stand growling at you, as they already do - but if they can't physically see OR reach the player, I'd like them to eventually move on. I've had several encounters with wolves where I can avoid them by being above them (for example atop a pier), however since the AI doesn't know what to do in these situations the wolves infinitely "chase" me directly below my position until I'm reachable. And somehow they always know exactly where I am even if line of sight is broken. This get's really annoying coupled with the constant sound of their running and growling. I just spent maybe two-three ingame hours in the Cannery, cooking food and warming my self by a fire while a group of Timberwolves were directly below just constantly "running", barking and growling even though they hadn't seen me for hours or had any way to reach me. Eventually my immersion was so broken by this that I simply quit and decided to reload the game, hoping to avoid them. I know the situation is kinda specific, but it can happen pretty often and it looks, sounds and feels silly when it does.
  16. For those who don't know, Protein Poisoning is when the body has too much protein and not enough nutrients (fat, vitamins, minerals) to digest it. You basically starve to death despite eating. In the wild, you can't survive on a diet of only rabbits as they have far too much protein and not enough other nutrients. For more info, here's the wikipedia page. Now, as it currently stands, Protein Poisoning isn't implemented into TLD and you can live solely off of a diet of rabbits. I personally have no complaints about this as I always try to vary my diet in the game. However, I've seen enough posts about it over the years to put some thought into it and I think I have a TLD-esque idea to fit Protein Poisoning into the game. It would work similarly to how Intestinal Parasites currently works, where you get a growing percentage each time you eat predator meat. Each time you ate a rabbit steak you would increase "Risk of Protein Poisoning." The risk decreases over time, meaning if you vary your diet this will never affect you. If, however, you happen to have a craving for rabbit flesh and you increase your risk to 100% you get the effect: Protein Poisoning. At the minimum, Protein Poisoning gives you no calorie gain when eating rabbit. This means if you don't start eating other things you'll eventually starve and start losing condition. As an add-on, it could also increase your loss of fatigue and/or water and calories. However, it shouldn't cause condition loss on its own. To cure Protein Poisoning, all you have to do is consume X number (maybe 20,000 or so) of calories from non-rabbit sources. It could also require one Reishi and Rosehip tea. Overall, Protein Poisoning would be an easily-avoidable affliction that could be a serious threat if untreated. Treatment would be easy, provided you can find some other animals or food to eat. It shouldn't be in Pilgrim, but I wouldn't be against seeing it in Voyageur and above difficulties. What do you all think?
  17. I thought about some things that could be added to the long dark: - recycle soda cans and aluminium cans: So we can break down stuff for metal and we collect a lot of aluminium cans. Also we can see soda cans thrown away as trash and we drink soda ourselves. It would be a good survival option and a positive massage to be able to melt them down for metal instead of litering with soda cans and becoming a crazy hobo who collects aluminium cans. Even if it would take a hell lot of cans it would feel better than litering and wasting metal. - the ability to unload oil lamps: If you foolishly put all of your oil into the lamp you might run out of alternative accelerant. I think it should be possible to gain back atleast some of that oil. - auto-walk button: Sometimes you have a goal far away in the distance that takes a straight path and you need to pess the forward button for 30 minutes. It is not fun to press the same button for prolonged periods especially if a blizzard slows you down. - Craftable containers OR more empty containers in- and outdoors: Maybe for organizing your home or storing your meat safely outdoors so smart players can utilize the cold for food preservation. - a weak firestarter item you can craft but only use once and takes a long time to use: I think the thing that discourages exploraton the most is the lack of firestarting options once you run out of matches. In blizzards even if you find a cave, you still don't have enough heat to survive unless wearing the very best gear and without a good gear you still run out of heat without blizzards in good weather. OR - Thermos bottle: Alternatively, a rare item that preserves heat for your travels in hot drinks or food for one day. - Extra animals: Instead of making us hate those poor fluffy wolves even more you could add other animals that can make our struggles harder. Such as cougars, wolverines, bisons or badgers and the most dagerous of all, the hissing blood goose (jk). - Use electric cooking plates during the aurora: So electric cooking plates exist, but they never animate during the aurora which would be a great oppurtunity for smart players to utilize the aurora and save resources - sky lifts working during the aurora: some places could be reached without rope climbing during the aurora - Interrupt firestarting with the loss of tinder and firestarter - Grow plants indoors next to windows: So plants are rare and non-renewable, but they pose as a main source of medical items. Producing it should be slow as heck, like one plant only bringing one harvest per 50 or 100 days, but a safer way than beach combing. - Sky sticks: makes you walk slower and burn more energy + calories, but helps to avoid sprains. - Rabbits dazed for longer time: Hitting rabbits with rocks isn't the hard part, pointing the small dot on it before it recovers is the hard part. I'm not thinking about minutes just extra seconds. - Toilets shouldn't give clean water: Melted unsafe water? Sure. Clean water? Nope. Even if you take the water from the tank in was standing there for weeks or months with dangerous algea and bacteria from the air spreading inside it.
  18. So let's talk about the wolf in the cannery behind the keypad door. I have questions, such as how and why is he even in there since there seems to be no other way in than the closed door and the dock is collapsed. But that's a discussion for another topic. I see nothing but potential in this wolf. Let's say he's taking shelter from the timber wolves. He was bitten and is bleeding all over the place, whimpering in the corner. Surely death is approaching... until you stumble across him. In this what if scenario you would have two options. You can put him out of his misery. Or, since he's too weak to fight you... you can wrap his wounds and sit with him for a while. Comfort him. Offer him some water or a bit of meat. Then when you return he might be up walking around. He would still growl at you and be skittish and wouldn't approach you. But he wouldn't charge you. You could continue feeding him and it would work like a trust meter of sorts. The more time you spend with him and feed him the more he would be comfortable around you until eventually you have your very own pet wolf. Now let's be realistic. This wouldn't be like dog meat from fallout. It would simply be a moral dilemma. Do you take on an extra mouth to feed to save this poor wolf's life against a mutual enemy, do you shoot him yourself and waste a bullet to ease his pain, or would you simply loot and walk away listening to his whines and leave him to his fate? Maybe he pulls through and next time you come to make some ammo he'd be waiting for you, more aggressive than other wolves due to starvation and isolation. You can nurse him to health, visit him every day and even pet him when he warms up to you. But this wolf is more of a friend than a pet or a companion. He won't go exploring with you. But when he is healthy, and you're ready to move on to the next map and can't take care of him anymore, you would let him out of the building and he will simply scurry off into the woods. This would be killing two birds with one stone as it would offer a new awesome experience and gameplay mechanic to focus on, but also set the ground work for possibly having a companion to follow you one day. Like a little test trial.
  19. I would like to see pelt and guts being dried over a campfire. Is there a reason against that?
  20. Hey I often experience that a small tree, fence ect, force one to walk around. Obstacles that one easily would vault over in real life. I would love to see the ability to jump/vault over for better mobility. Would be nice to get stronger over time too, run longer, tire slower ect. Sidenote: Why is meat bags from quatering so heavy compared to not? Makes zero sense to me.
  21. Now before you berate me, hear me out. I know that multiplayer/coop is not a main focus of the game. You are meant to feel alone and I like that feeling, but I think you could still capture that feeling of being alone with Coop/Multiplayer. Now, on to my idea. I believe that Coop could help add some more fun features to the game and make it a bit more enjoyable. I don't want 3-5 person COOP, I believe multiplayer should stay as a two person type of ordeal only. I believe that you would have a world set up for you and a friend, either of you could get on at any time and play and another could join at anytime. However, you each have to spawn in a completely different region. This could be pre selected or randomized. So one of you could spawn in Forlorn Muskeg while another is all the way in Hushed River Valley and so on so forth. If you are not using Discord or don't know the layout of the game, the first few hours/days could be spent playing alone trying to find each other. Whenever you do find each other, then it's just a neat little COOP experience from there. I believe Voice Chat would be useful, but only in a local area and not globally. If you don't have VC, then maybe a set amount of words you can say? Like a "Hello', "Follow Me", etc etc. Nothing to big but not small enough to where you would be handicapped without VC. Now, if one of you die, then that's it..that person is dead. You could either stay in that world as a singleplayer world or just restart. This is all coming from my mind as I speak, so I'm sorry if some of it is a jumbled mess. I hope it's a better idea than some server list or whatsoever!
  22. I would like to propose a crafted item. A thermo-cup. There´s a drinks dispenser at the Orca gas station, cups and lids are laying around. Maybe we could combine one of these cups with a can and add a lid... What do you think? Could it be a usefull item to have? Even if it´s just for early game, so you could warm yourself with a sip of hot tea?
  23. I thought I'd bring up a couple of minor points. As you near the Last Resort Cannery, there is a location that is identified as "washed out trailers" which has one trailer* that is habitable. That trailer is identified as "trailer". Continue on to the Cannery facility grounds and enter the bunk trailer there and it is identified as "Washed Out trailer". I think the two names should be switched to be more consistent. * this trailer, the only habitable one among the washed out trailers, seemed odd. The entry door is near the left end as you enter but, when you're inside, you end up offset from the door and it seems the layout of the trailer has been reversed. It does not really matter in game play but it seems inconsistent.
  24. This challenge entails dressing like a soldier ready for war. Pt 1 Clothing - Minimum requirements You must wear: 1 Military coat (50% condition or better) 1 pair of Combat pants (50% condition or better) Combat Boots (50% condition or better) at least one wool or cotton scarf (50% condition or better) at least one pair of wool socks (50% condition or better) Driving Gloves or Gauntlets (40% condition or better) at least one pair of Thermal Underwear (any condition) 2 thin/thick wool sweatshirts (50% condition or better) All other unoccupied clothing spots can be whatever you want. Military coat and the combat pants must be on the outer layer. Pt 2 Food and Water 1 MRE 2 Cans of Pork and Beans 2 Candy bars 3 cups of Coffee Over 3 L of water (over 0.79Gal of water 1000 calories worth of any other food Pt 3 Tools Hunting Rifle 15x Rifle bullets Hunting Knife (improvised is ok) 3 Recycled cans 1 Firearm cleaning kit 1 whetstone 2 fishing tackle 3 flares Pt 4 Locations Spawning region - Coastal Highways (Only for Normal/Hard) Forbidden regions - Mountain Town Complications - No use of the Bow, You cannot enter any type of vehicle (ie cars, trucks, train cars, plane crashes etc.) You cannot snare rabbits (but you can shoot/throw rocks at them) Pt 5 Difficulty Normal: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items Hard: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items, but you also need to get a moose hide satchel. You also cannot enter Hushed River Valley. Impossible: Play on Interloper, acquire the above listed items, expect no rifle and bullets. You must now acquire the bow (you still can't use it) and 5 arrows. You also don't need to get a MRE. You must end in the Pleasant Valley endpoint. (see Pt 6) Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these modes, so they may end up being impossible to complete. Pt 6 Ending Once you have acquired all of the above listed materials you must bring them to either the Trapper's Homestead in Mystery lake, or Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley. Good Luck, I would rate the normal difficulty version (using Hinterland's difficult rating system) a 3, so have fun. -SpanishMoss