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  1. I apologize in advance for the error in this text - I am not a native speaker of English. I’ve been following this project since the winter of 2014. I abandoned the project with the release of the story company in the summer of 2017 - I hoped to return when all the episodes were released - the full story company didn’t come out, but I wanted to plunge into the process of survival. Of the locations I am not familiar only with those that came out after 2016. Opened STEAM - downloaded the game - look at the available locations. Mountain Town and Bleak Inlet dropped right away - typical survival - found a comfortable house - collected useful junk from all around - studied all places for food collection/production - crafted a full fur outfit - survival is over. I chose the Hushed River Valley for the start - a beautiful location - beautiful and absolutely wild - extensive - multi-level - interesting to study - interesting to get food - ... .. BUT unfortunately it is impossible to survive on it for a long time - I have skins / guts / materials for bow and arrows / knife / ax / tools / sewing kits - BUT I CAN'T CRAFT ANYTHING FROM CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT– which I absolutely need for survival - I need to go over in Mountain Town and look for a stupid stationary workbench - which completely breaks the gaming experience - to create rabbit mittens or bow I need to look for a table with a holder, seriously? I want to survive in absolutely wild conditions, but game conventions don’t give me such an opportunity - choose a simple location - find a comfortable house - ............... . Suggestions: 1) Add the opportunity, if not to abolish the workbench, then add the ability to craft and transfer it - a small table made of wood and guts - not necessarily even in a stationary form, it can be stored in inventory - like tool sets and sewing, but weighing a lot - I want to survive in the wild - and the need to constantly return to the stationary workbench for crafting, this breaks the gaming experience. 2) Crafting things from bones and horns - *having the necessary iron tools - weak knives, weak arrowheads, fishing hooks, ... .. 3) Crafting of portable containers - for the shelter environment - through the camp menu. 4) Add the ability to pick up / carry small containers - backpacks for example - for the shelter environment - the number of containers in the shelter is of great importance. 5) Add the possibility of fishing outside special buildings - add special places for fishing on the ice - this does not break the balance of the game - because of the cold / wind / predators - it’s impossible to fish like that for a long time - there are a lot of water spaces in the Hushed River Valley location - and to fish having tools is impossible - a game omission. Thank you for the attention.
  2. A lot of the options and functions, especially for items in our backpack, are convoluted and sometimes even redundant. For example, if I want to harvest a storm lantern, I open my backpack and select the lantern. There are three options on the bottom-right of my screen: "Use", "Action" and "Drop". I have to click on the "Action" button, then I have to go to the top-left of my screen to click "Harvest", and then I have to go back to the bottom-right of my screen to click "Harvest" again to confirm the command. And that's just for the lantern. The same applies to most tools in our inventory, as well as clothing. That adds up to a lot of unnecessary mouse movement. It would be a lot simpler, in the case of the lantern for example, to omit the "Action" button and simply have 5 buttons listing the options right off the bat (see below).
  3. It would really be appreciated if we could have more control over game sounds in the "Options" menu, more specifically the ability to adjust the volume of waterfalls (dang that's loud in the headphones relative to other sounds!) and wind. Please and thank you! 🙂
  4. Hand warmers should be added to the game and found in cars and gas stations they should last one or two hour and add a little bit of warmth needed to not be freezing.
  5. I've been playing this game for a little while now and my little brother has been watching me play and my brother and I have been wanting a online mode it does matter if it's split screen or not. It would still be cool if it wasn't split screen he could use my older brothers console. There should only be a maximum of two players, I think if there where anymore it would make it difficult to find the supplies necessary to survive.
  6. Tbone555

    Photo mode

    So this is literally the most photogenic game I've ever played and while taking screenshots during gameplay is already amazing, since hinterland has seemed to nail 3d modeling characters I have a suggestion. A true photo mode. Where we can zoom out and catch our character in the shot in 3rd person in a variety of poses and be able to alter the camera. Poses would include our survivor standing holding tools or weapons, and perhaps "combat" poses where he might be flinching or aiming the revolver, holding his hatchet up ready to attack, etc. for photos involving hostile wildlife. What y'all think?
  7. it would be cool if you could heat up rocks on a campfire and carry them around for a heat boost .
  8. I remember the days when that 3 kg rabbit carcass was too heavy to move so you had to stand in a blizzard to butcher it. Now we can scoop up the rabbit. I WISH we would get similar changes to the metal boxes and plastic boxes found around the game. They would make organizing my meat piles so much easier. Specifically I'd have it so you only get the prompt to pick it up if it has been both searched AND made empty. However, I think any method of allowing it to be moved would be great. IIRC people have done in game tests on meat decay rates outside on the ground vs outside in a container....and it stays longer inside a container. If that is the case, then how about allowing us to move ONE KIND of container but having it not keep meat fresher. I know this isn't the first time this request has been made. I'd really be intersted in hearing what kind of game balance is risked if it were to be implemented.
  9. Just lost 200+ day save due crash while saving😓 Suggestion for devs: before save procedure kicks in, make a copy of current save save the game delete the backup save file. As a programmer myself I wonder why this is not implemented already if these kinds of problems exist.
  10. All that cloth in the form of car interiors (seats, floormats, etc.) is an untapped resource. If you have a knife, you should be able to harvest cloth from vehicle interiors. Maybe have rare vehicles with leather interior that you can harvest cured leather from.
  11. I recently came back to the game after not playing since January and started an old save. When it loaded I noticed how almost everything in my base had been put in a "Lost and Found" box, and all of my outside caches had been moved also. This is the third time this have happend, and it's really annoying to spend multiple hours after each update just to reorganize all my stuff. Would it be possible to implement an option to toggle the "Lost and Found" on and off? It would make each update even better kowing I don't have to run around Great Bear looking for some red boxes.
  12. As i play the long dark i start to realize the consrains of my arsenal concerning firearms. A cool update where you can find muzzle attachments for your rifle to make it more powerful or a scope or different varieties of bullets like hollow points or penetrating rounds or glow sights for the pistol at night etc.
  13. Hey all, Hopefully I'm posting this correctly, if not my bad. I've been streaming casual playthroughs of TLD on my Twitch channel, I play Stalker mode, and usually it's just talking to chat as we see what happens to our protagonist in the game and their eventual demise. Whether you'd like to talk strategy, or your own experiences, or just want to pass by and say hi while the game is on, please feel free to! Also looking forward to check out other streams if you happen to be streaming as well and dont mind the company, since we all know how lonely this game can make you feel, haha. Thanks for taking the time to check out the post! my channel is:
  14. Hey! So I just started playing The Long Dark on Xbox due to computer issues and I feel like I’m spraining my ankles way too much. I’ve sprained my ankles collectively 4 times, and my wrist 1 time, all within the first 24ish hours of ingame time. I don’t remember it being anywhere near this bad on computer, I basically can’t go anywhere without getting a sprain. I usually get them while walking on inclines. It just feels way too frequent, and I’m not sure if this is a bug, something unique to the Xbox Version or a new feature with Errant Pilgrim. Has anyone else encountered this? Or an I just very unlucky? Its quite debilitating. Sometimes moving into the hills is the only way to avoid a bear or wolf, and since my game just began & they often concentrate around choke points, I often don’t have much of a choice but to take the high around and try and go around them. And then of course, I sprain my ankle. Consistantly enough that I know this will happen whenever I climb a hill. It doesn’t even have to be climbing on a hill— I could just be walking on a slight incline. Maybe least add snowshoes or a hiking skill to decrease the liklihood?
  15. This game would be absolutely the best ever in VR. Just imagine travelling, fires, the story, and fighting wolves in VR. I think this would make a great addition to the game and it would be like you're in the winter apocalypse yourself. To be honest I'm just dying to see this feature.
  16. Hello! Not sure if anyone will read this, but over a few days I have come up with a system that I think would be amazing in The Long Dark; It may sound crazy, but I came up with an idea to add a whole different ‘condition’ (eg hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature). I call it ‘Mentality’ but I just pulled that out of who knows where... If we think about the game logically, of course your character would be going crazy being so isolated and alone: we see a tiny glimpse of this with the ‘Cabin Fever’ affliction. I think that after being secluded for too long would drive you crazy: now, the way to ‘cure’ craziness is through reading books, reading buffer memories, perhaps drinking some herbal tea, looking at posters etc. now for the repercussions of Mentality; perhaps as the bar filled up your character would get distracted by doing everyday tasks (eg repairing, fishing, cooking etc). As it deteriorated perhaps your player would, dare I say, begin inflicting self-harm. This would of course not be PG, so perhaps there could be an option at the beginning of a game to enable/disable it... anyway, this was just a random thought, and I doubt anyone will see it!
  17. There could be cougars. They could get in fights with wolves, or maybe even bears. You could make new clothing or an upgraded backpack out of the fur.
  18. Nearly all MREs/IMPs include flameless ration heaters (FRHs) -- a device included with the MRE/IMP that will heat up the food by using a little bit of water to start an exothermic chemical reaction. Due to the rarity of MREs, I don't think it would be too large a boon to have these act in a similar way in game, re: use up some water (potable or non-potable, doesn't matter which!) and have the MRE reach a heated state within a few in-game minutes, giving a 'Warmed Up!' affliction as other heated foods/drinks do.
  19. While stumbling as a pre-death mechanic is immersive (when it isn't flinging you 20 yds at 30mph), the way it is currently implemented feels bad. Stumbling as it currently exists takes control away from the player when their condition is below a certain threshold. This is almost always fatal -- but when it is not immediately fatal, it is a frustrating whirlwind that replaces the tension of being near-death with anger. Have you ever tried to navigate a buildings internal structure while sitting just below the stumble threshold? It is a Sisyphean task. I've just experienced this -- while it did not turn out to be fatal, it increasingly frustrated me to the point that when I finally reached safety to regain my condition, I ensured my game saved and then immediately exited the game. What should have been exhilaration and relief from recovering from a near-death experience was tainted by the stumbling mechanic. That being said, I do think it has a place -- just not before death. As your condition gets lower, keep the thumping heartbeat, maybe lose some peripheral vision, etc. Once your condition hits zero? Game over -- hide the UI and lose control of the character, stumbling around as it fades to black (10, 15 seconds). Also -- there needs to be a dampener on the distance the stumble can take you -- in a blizzard you can easily 'stumble' 10-15 yards at faster than a sprint. It's ridiculous.
  20. Hello my name is Kush here me out and please give feed back suggestions or at least let me know wat u think but I was thinking of a balanced way u could add transportation to the game u could do a dog sled maybe at a key place on the map maybe like mountain town farm u can find two dogs and have an accept or not accept button when u accept the now need to be fed and watered in order to not die...... in the barn there's a broken dog sled u must fix and not easy to do either lots of wood and gut to repair........ the dogs serve no purpose but the sled itself so add no other bonuses and yes makes travel easier but will not be easy to sustain and wonse the dogs are gone they are gone so someone who tries to get it to early will most likely loss the ability for their late game make specific tansittion trails l....long trails not be confused with foot paths so u will probably not make the transition on these trails on foot unless equipped for it u can make it so it doesn't work well on rough terrain and ur not climbing hills with a two dog. Sled just to make nomadding and transporting meat and items late game to different spots and making a trip for broken railroad to desolation point not a trip that takes half ur food supply wat do u guys think would appreciate feed back
  21. Starvation should actually be a meaningful disadvantage to stop the strategy of starving during the day, and eating just for the night. In a real survival situation starving would really mess with your energy, morale, strength etc. Some ideas: 1). Fix the current system that lowers your max energy if starving for too long. This is a fine debuff, but it takes way too long to activate so you can completely avoid it by eating right before sleeping every night. More on debuffs later. 2). Easiest way to fix would be to just increase how much damage you take from starving. 3). Possibly a better way would be to add a debuff if you're starving and possibly additional debuffs if you're starving for long. Example debuffs: Slower interaction time (crafting, harvesting etc), slower walking speed, weakness (wolves do more dmg if you're caught). Debuff(s) would activate either as soon as you begin starving, or very soon after (1-2 hours) and could stack if starving for too long. Please feel free to tell me your opinion about this matter and possible better ways to solve this issue.
  22. Tired of looking around for WOOD? And sticks? Well, here's the deal. If you have ABSOLUTELY NO idea where the wood is, but you do have a hatchet, then maybe, JUST maybe. you can have the ability to go chop trees. But one exception, it makes a very very bad downfall, but it's worth it. the log makes it so that the fire lasts for a day or a few, or just 12 hours. The downfall though, is that you lose all of your fatigue, so you have to make sure to get to bed fast. Otherwise, a moose or a bear, or even wolves might just make you fade into... The Long Dark. Oh, also. some trees have specific types, so you can split the tree into logs. maybe that's a better idea. just chop the tree into individual pieces, and get fir firewood! or any other type. What im trying to say, is that you are scraping wood (fir,etc) off of the trees, or cutting off a branch.
  23. SECTION 1: FOOD Cereal I would love to be able to find Cold Scraps (frosted flakes) or something along those lines. It could be like the crackers but less dehydration, with a trade-off of less calories. Alcohol I would also like to be able to find alcohol, which would be very interesting. Perhaps it has very high calories and low hydration but has a large negative of having a super high chance of giving you a negative status effect of being drunk, and maybe a chance of after waking up getting the effect Hangover. It could even be more rare in regions like Mountain Town, which are OK to live in, and more common in hard regions or vise versa because if you life somewhere crap you feel crap. Maybe there could even be different alcohols, all with different stats. It is kind of a silly idea but it might work. Teas Black Tea could be like a worse Coffee, or maybe has less immediate energy but has the boost last longer. I'm not quite sure what Green Tea could be. Soups Ramen I think would be an OK addition, and maybe other vegetable soups could be added. I would ADORE if Borscht were to be added, but I don't know if normal Canucks have borscht. Of course cup-a-soups (Like the one in Story Mode) would be nice to add. SECTION 2: CLOTHES Pajamas This suggestion is very silly, but I think Pajamas would be cool. A pajama shirt could just be like the thin wool sweater but with bad stats outside of the temperature, and the pants could be +1 Degrees, but with bad stats outside of temp. I also would like a Bathrobe as a jacket. Shorts I think Shorts would be an interesting underwear. It could be like the t-shirt, in that it doesn't spawn when you spawn, so it can just be a "I have nothing else to put in that slot" sort of thing. Jeep caps Perhaps, similarly to the Toques, there could be 2 Jeep Caps (Inner slot only, maybe). One which is more poor quality "Made of Acrylic. Probably bought at a superstore, has relatively poor warmth.", and one which is army grade "Came straight from the Army, made with Wool. Goes well with a military jacket." Knee Socks Just knee socks. Pretty simple. SUIT A crappy jacket. Reduces mobility, poor warmth, poor everything. Maybe winter suits/trenchcoats could be a good jacket, like a longer and worse pea-coat. USHANKA While the Rabbitskin hat is basically a Ushanka, I think a fish fur ushanka would be good. SECTION 3: STUFF RELATED TO FIRE MEDIUM BRANCHES A medium between branches and limbs. Maybe it could produce fire logs that are natural, like Fir firelogs and Cedar firelogs; Perhaps it could be broken with a knife, but very slowly and with much damage to the knife. CUPS It would be interesting to be able to use cups and glasses like metal cans. BRANCH DRAGGING It would be great if you could drag branches to make fires, or add to fires. I do this often in real life. LIGHTERS Lighters would be so very good. They should run out fast but be very common, and there should be a rare reusable one refilled with butane or the light fluid. SECTION 4: MISC PAIN CREAM I think pain cream should be an alternative to the painkillers. Hand drying I think that if you have your hands exposed it should get dry and need hand cream. Maybe on Interloper and Stalker even with gloves it will get dry, just slower. I have eczema and in the winter I constantly need handcream. Running Stuff Running should be a skill! Or perhaps just fitness. I think it would be interesting if you had to spend time excercising/running to stay fit. Maybe it could be a skill, or something always high unless you hibernate for too long. Nerfing Hunger Unless you are a loser like me who needs the +5KG, going hungry for a couple hours really doesn't do much. It should do more damage, make your head cloudy, make you slower, something like that. Perhaps make it harder to sleep. Spear Add the spear to survival, Hinterland. Make it able to do knife stuff but very slowly and poorly but incredible in battles. Chaynik Make the water boilers work in Auroras! Make them rare maybe, but working! At the moment, this is all I want added that I can remember. Thanks for reading,
  24. Ht here. The way painkillers work is not very realistic. I got two accidents, sprained ankle and sprained wrist. Now i have 2 sources of pain. How can i drink a painkiller on top of one source while not affecting other? and even worst i have option to "drink" rose hip tea on top of sprain ankle or on top of actual pain source. how does it make sense? if painkiller wold be a cream that i apply then ok. it wold make sence where i use it, but tea? Rely applying tea or painkillers on sprain ankle does not affect my two pain sources. I just drink a tea. it should apply to whole body. how does it make sense? Ok that's enough, you get the picture. Its not game braking, but could be better. do you agree?
  25. haydenthebrave


    lots of us drop uncooked meat outside of where we reside to prevent it from rotting, if it is dropped from the inventory nothing will eat it. but, what if, foxes. they would follow a player with high scent around, waiting for them to drop their meat or rose-hips, and when they do the fox could sweep in and yank the meat, sprinting off with it, maybe even from the characters inventory if they don't keep the foxes at bay. alongside that they would skulk around until a player enters his/her cabin and it would thieve the meat, fish, or rose-hips sitting outside. running away to designated burrows (much like bear caves) to feast upon the stolen food. they could also be the primary hunters of rabbits. and prey to wolves. they wouldn't attack the player, unless they have a full scent indicator and the fox was hungry, at which they would do minimal lacerations. (i feel bad saying this) but they could also be hunted for their hide, an instakill much like rabbits with maybe the exception of rocks stunning them. their hides could be made into scarves. or maybe better ear wraps to go into the accessories category. one day if crows gain the ability to land foxes could hunt them. and bring them back to their burrows. where the player could collect dropped feathers. or when the fox isn't home scour its den for little snig bits of loot, of course angering the fox if it is to come back and see this. i recon the addition of the fox, or a similar creature is much needed, wolves are currently our smallest carnivorous creatures and i could see the fox being just this little neuscence for players to have to deal with, or even (am i the only one who does this with wolves) leave spare meat out for them, it would spice up long haul trips with a lil furry friend (more like ratbag) following you around and giving you something to keep on your toes about. feel free to tell me what you think, im open to criticism