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  1. Having a simple hand powered cart on some stretches of rail, it could allow for slightly faster travel or transporting a larger amount of materials. However it would require maintenance on the track to use in the first place for continued use. Maintenance such as clearing snow/fallen rocks of the track after heavy snowfall/storm et cetera, also using a large amount of scrap metal to forge replacement bits of track or using wood to replace the wooden slats
  2. It would be cool if you could get through the snow faster with snow shoes. I always see people crafting these on survivor shows. It’s just sticks and line! In game, they can be fragile and break easy when you’re on a slope. And they only work well in the snow, it would make you very slow on the ice or road etc. -Tan Man
  3. I think it would be cool if you could either find or build/carve out of let's say tree bark or something to make a sled that you could put an animal carcass on or other items that are heavy in which you would drag behind you. Not only would you have to find or build the sled but you would also need to have a rope to attach to it so you could wrap it around you to be able to pull it. Also it would be cool if they could add some more animals like let's say a fox or cougar. Even a beaver that builds little dams in the rivers that are not completely frozen or where the ice cracks.
  4. We currently only have one throwable weapon in the game, and it’s primary use is to stun rabbits and be a distraction. I had an idea to expand the throwable weapons category. Throwing hatchets could be found in tool chests, trunks, cabinets, etc. Each hatchet would be 1.5 pounds or 24 ounces. They could come together in packs of 1 or 2 with 1 being the most common. When throwing a hatchet, you first have to wind up to get more power. The longer you wind up, the more power you have, therefore more distance the hatchet covers. I have made a list of what happens when the hatchet hits different animals, these are... Rabbits-immediately dies Wolves-if a wolf is hit, it will flee, but it does not cause them to die. It can not be used in a struggle, as that’s what a regular hatchet is for. If hit 4 times, it will die. Timberwolves-same effect as regular wolves, but it depletes the morale meter. Deer-will cause a bleed-out time for 100 minutes when hit. Hitting them 6 times will kill them, Bears-if hit, it will cause them to chase after the player, but do little to nothing. If they are charging and are hit in the face, they will flee, but only the face, or else they will continue charging. Moose-does not affect them at all. After an animal is hit with a throwing hatchet, their is a small chance that it could fall out of the animal’s body and be harvested off the ground. If the animal is killed by the hatchet or another source, it can be harvested off the body like arrows. The hatchet loses 3% durability after hitting an animal, but could lose up to 4% if it hits the ground before the animal dies. Their spawn would be fairly uncommon however as if the player had to many, their could go around being like a Viking raiding a village, throwing a hatchet at everything their see. Throwing hatchets could have durability replenished using a whetstone. The throwing hatchets could only be used for throwing, and not for anything else like cutting wood, struggles, harvesting, etc. They would have their own skill set that when leveled up would increase the distance a hatchet could be thrown and make aiming easier. Thoughts?
  5. I would really love an update with co op online mode...i know others do too since I've been only playing for a few days n am gonna buy so i can own it...its an awesome game and hope all are staying safe at this time
  6. I Have been kinda bothered about The fact that if your'e wearing two hats, you can't use a scarf, wich is quite unlogical. So I toutght that maybe there could be one or two slots for only face- and neckwear, seperately from The hat slots.
  7. A Swiss Army knife is something that i was wandering from a long time to be added, maybe (if not it will be too op) making it easly breakable or disable it for upper difficulties
  8. I think a portable cooking stove would be a nice way to warm up drinks and small foods, If you dont want to waste your time and wood just to warm up a drink or a can of food on The go. It could be powered with lamp oil.
  9. While cooking, we currently have option to Wait Until Ready. Could you also add a Read Until Ready if we have a book? Thanks!
  10. I would like to see binoculars added as an tool so you can tell from a long distance if a moving object is a wolf, deer, bear, moose, whatever.
  11. To add some realism and additional difficulty, my suggestion is to treat toilet water as being unsafe. To make it safe, water purification tablets would need to be used. Otherwise, if a player chose to drink toilet water that had not been purified, they would run the same risk as drinking melted snow that had not been boiled. It seems like this would involve a fairly simple change (changing toilet water from safe to unsafe) that might be well received by most players.
  12. I believe that the long dark would be a great game to have multiplayer. Problems that come with multiplayer are how would waiting work or entering buildings or Researching. My ideas for solutions is make like if someone wants to wait for something the other player can accept to wait with them or also do something that passes time. Also when you are breaking down something or harvesting a carcass the other player can chose to come and help to speed up the process. Or if they chose to not Help out time passes as normal and to speed up the time the other player must do something else to pass time. Also for entering buildings Either make it force every one in that building or have people entering places be separate. Being separate as in people can leave as they please is the better option and the nicer option but maybe because of how the long dark loads into every building the everyone being forced into the same area. If multiplayer gets added something that I think would be cool is a form of communication like radio or how we saw in chapter three via land line Please comment any more ideas and your thoughts
  13. I think a thermos bottle would be a perfect way to keep your hot drinks warm for atleast a little while, when going out to explore.
  14. Dr.Dankalot


    I’ve been playing the story mode a bit and have really found myself wanting tents .... not sure why but there is something cool about the idea of pitching a tent in a storm , placing your sleeping bag inside and sitting by the fire . I’ve been playing since early access when it launched , and it’s amazing to see how far the game has come ! But this would be cool to have one day .
  15. Dougydoug37


    I think it would be nice if bonfires were added to the game. It could take more firewood and tinder to start the fire, but it could last longer, give off more heat, and you could cook more at one time around it.
  16. similar to the how you receive lamp oil from cooking a fish, you would receive tallow from harvesting meat. you could melt the tallow down inside a pot and craft candles with the melted tallow, cloth or cured gut for a wick, and a can to hold it. The candles would last certain amount of times depending on how much tallow you used on the candle. It would be placeable around the insides of buildings, as sort of a replacement of the lantern for mid to late game.
  17. Hi everyone, I have a problem that i couldn't see any answers in any forum . It is about the Icon - Abandoned Mine . When i zoomed out i see no icon, but when i zoomed in i see the mine symbol. Does anyone knows why and what to do about it ? or its not important at all ?
  18. Just got into the long dark. In my opinion it's a good attempt at survival game. It really is a step in the right direction. I play on the xbox the guns seem extremely broken I got the 303 rifle its taking to many bullets to kill anything. The revolver is a nightmare if your hunting it's never downed a wolf in my game I have shot 10 and tracked em till I started to freeze this really is ruining the game. Also why would I build the bow to hunt with when it frequently takes two shots to kill a deer with a high velocity full powered 30cal. Grizzlys seem decent have been reading about some guy shot a charging grizz 5 times it still killed him. Will be watching but this and not being able to craft snow shelter is a raging bummer. If you guys add a new weapon please be a spear and allow it to be used in a throwers manner stabbing is overpowered I feel but thrown one spear one kill is probably for the best.
  19. Dederus


    Right now in the game we can get food only by hunting animals or looting new areas. Being able to make small indoor farm would make long term life easier.
  20. Dederus


    I think it would be good to have some kind of colder and warmer seasons over course of the year. Some ice and snow would melt changing environment, creating new routes and giving acces to new areas.
  21. Bimbobjoejr.


    I know this idea has been done to death but hear me out. This is my idea of how the scopes would work Rifle Scope- A 4x rifle scope specially fitted for a lee enfield. allows for more precise shots from a longer distance, will be relatively rare, maybe only 3 per playthrough, randomized to each region. And here is a little bit of different take as well Revolver scope- A 2x revolver scope I know the revolver is made for self defense in-game but I think that an addition of a revolver scope would make a little bit of a spicier playthrough. The revolver scope would be rare, but not as rare as a rifle scope, maybe 6 per playthrough. I'm open to suggestions, but this is my take on this aspect of the game.
  22. Continuation of the post about survival and crafting in the wild The game already has: - Improvised hand wraps - Improvised head wrap Why not add improvised socks? My suggestion - PORTYANKA (*Improvised socks) Historical Background - You need two pieces of clothing to create it. P.S. In the Russian army completely abandoned this anachronism only in 2013.
  23. Ok , the game is wonderful, but like ever good game have some room for improvements. i love this game and it really help playing for long time (without die; I want try suggesting this: 1 - after “clear” the dead animal, have the option to hide inside. 2- walk when eat. 3- use the wood of red fruit small tree. 4- some, nest and eggs. 5 - fix a vessel and go to another island (episode 6 or patch expansion), canibal enemies (people, not zombies) coop. 6 - rain, mud for camuflagem smell. 7- sorry about my English I’m from brazil.
  24. We know you guys do not want to make the game feel like a first person shooter, but a 3+1 or more capacity 12 gauge pump-action shotgun would be a good addition if not final addition to the firearms type items. Making this item and it's ammunition ultra rare would be a must. Maybe in a random truck or ranger tower/ranger lake cabin. 3 different ammunition types are a nice thing to have, Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slugs. Birdshot would be only effective on rabbits or maybe to stun/temporarily blind a wolf or bear with a very rare chance of that happening, as it has happened it real life. Buckshot should kill a deer within 40 metres with a hit to the chest and be a way to give more forgiveness accuracy wise when trying to hit a charging wolf, and in a real situation can stop a wolf with only a few pellets within 25 metres. If the Buckshot was 00 or 000 it could stop a charging black bear in one shell although 2 or 3 shots within 20 metres would be a lot more balanced and likely. Slugs would obviously be the most rare or most taxing to craft. A 12 gauge Slug, even a deer Slug, can stop a moose or charging bear in one shot. Although they are more inaccurate and less forgiving than Buckshot or Birdshot. Shotgun ammunition is easier to reload(craft) in real life than rifle ammunition in some situations. A Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 are staples of subsistence and woods living all over North America. And would be more widely available in a country like Canada than other Shotgun models. So those would be good models to base the Shotgun off. Or you could do a more tactical looking version of Shotgun that a ranger or police/sheriff department would use. If you read this thank you for your time and thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration.
  25. I think it’d be really awesome to have a split-screen mode for The Long Dark. Not a lot of games nowadays have this, but I always found it super fun to play games with family members or friends in person using split-screen. I think more games should have this and it would be perfect for a game like The Long Dark. The strategies that would be involved with being trapped in the wilderness with another person—like food and supply rationing, exploring, and houses/bases—is something that I’ve always wanted to experience in this game. The players could either work together to survive in the wilderness or they could fight each other or steal from each other to survive (“every man for himself” type of deal). Either way, I really think that a split-screen mode would be a great addition to The Long Dark. Also, I understand that sleeping could be an issue with a split-screen game. But that can be avoided by removing fatigue from running/climbing, and if the player does become fatigued from something else, they could do something like drink coffee to bring their energy back up. Energy could be a thing that doesn’t gradually decrease over time but rather drops to a lower level if something happens to the player.