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  1. It is possible to set up Hypothermia level but not other diseases. I'm playing on the nearly hardest custom settings and would like to make diseases as much painful as on the Interloper.
  2. I had this idea as I was walking through Mountain Town looking for revolver cartridges and other overlooked loot: what if tools had different parts that degraded? For example: hatchets and knives have two parts: the handle and the blade. Each of these parts have their own condition, meaning you can have a handle with a lower condition than the axe head/knife blade. The tool would still have an overall condition that is an average of both, but upon further inspection you would see the individual parts of the tool. This would also change what tools break down into. Instead of just scrap metal and wood, they would break down first into their base components leading to the potential of being able to take a hatchet with a good handle and one with a good axe head and combining them to make a hatchet with higher condition than before. As for repairs, blade items would still be repaired with whetstones. Handles could be repaired either with tools or with wood to make things easier. This would also apply to the rifle and revolver. To keep it simple I'd say three major parts: lock (action), stock, barrel with maybe the magazine as well. The lock and barrel would be repaired with the cleaning kit with the stock being repaired with tools or wood just like knives/hatchets. The hacksaw would still probably be the same as is, requiring tools and scrap to repair the blade and handle. For the hammer, would the head even realistically degrade? It's more or less just a lump of metal so it'd probably be the odd tool out. All in all, I feel like this would make maintenance a little more challenging and time consuming but could be a way to revamp the maintenance skill to something more than just a number.
  3. I propose to change the mechanics of the dressings in the game: 1) Make them impossible to create. (so that they can only be found). 2)add bandages to sterile (slow infection rate) Why do I find this change necessary? I believe that at the moment the bandages in the game are created very easily, and almost do not cost resources, which is why they lose their value, which in turn reduces the tension from the fear of a possible fight with predators. There is also an alternative proposal: to divide the dressings created by the character (rough dressings), and factory-made dressings that can only be found (for example, in pharmacy boxes), and which will give the sterile effect that I described earlier. Thank you for your attention and good luck ^^
  4. I suggest introducing a function that will automatically return to the character’s hands a weapon that was automatically removed before entering the story building (a club from the third episode as an example). This will slightly increase the mobility and convenience of the game (especially there are dangerous animals in front of such buildings). Thank you for your attention ^^
  5. I propose adding the mark “viewed” to those buildings that the player has already visited, as this will reduce the time for research and reduce the likelihood of errors in visiting a building. I hope my application will be considered, and thanks for your attention.
  6. I really enjoyed 4DON this year (my first one). It was a bit simplistic, but it was also an excuse for veteran players to just “trick or treat” the map. Given a good looting spree on Night 1, the rest of the nights could have been done AFK I also really appreciate the Devs’ commitment to Episode 3 rather than a one-off event. There’s no substitute for that. Next time, resources permitting of course, I think adding specific goals for each night to earn the badge would raise the stakes quite a bit. Keeping it the same general format: Night 1: Loot and survive Night 2: Kill x number of wolves or hunt down a specific wolf. Night 3: Visit 10 different interior locations Night 4: Spend 24 game hours in each open region. Since the game tracks most of these stats already, it seems like an easy way to force players to get out and mix it up a little.
  7. I wish snow shelters could be repaired even after reaching condition 0. I sometimes have a snow shelter outside my 'home cabin' in case I get cabin fever. However, when I spend some time in another region and come back the snow shelters are ruined. This requires me to build a new shelter right next to the old one(s) which would eventually spam the whole area with ruined shelters.
  8. Hello, episode 3 introduced a new save quest UI with main quests having custom backgrounds, episodes 1 & 2 however do not have this and show the same picture every time. Is this planned to be changed in the future? Thank you for your answer. 🙂
  9. Hey all,i feel sad and happy just after episode 3.I really loved the episode 3 with gameplay so far but old music's departure made me disappointed. Of course they should have added new features like soundtrack and so they did,but i think that old one was much better. What do you guys think? peace
  10. I think that more fish should be added to the game such as northern pike,crappie/panfish,or maybe even musky then also they should add a jigging rod that is used for ice fishing and is better than the fishing tackle
  11. somewhat clunky mechanic with Revolver and possibly Rifle. Currently, as far as I can tell, there's no direct way to go from reloading loop to Aim/Fire. The player have to reload, holster the weapon, then draw it again, or wait through the lengthy reload anim while being attacked by wildlife. Either way is a losing proposition. There needs to be a path to go directly from reloading loop to Aim mode without having to put the weapon awat, so in a bind the player can load a single cartridge then fire quickly and repeat until there's time to fully reload the weapon. Forcing the player to wait out the reload process or put away/rearm are unnecessarily heavy penalty for unplanned encounters in less than ideal conditions I think.
  12. Yavind

    Christmas event

    Will it be a christmas event for the game as we approach the season? I'm thinking if there is a "secret" file in the game that activates itself when the date on the computer shows closer to Christmas Eve. I imagine broken christmas lights around the rooftops. Curved Christmas tree inside some of the houses, with Christmas decorations on and Christmas presents under the tree you can pack up and find toys .. Also that it is possible to collect, for example, a Christmas hat to add to some collection. Maybe an *achievement where you have to find Santa's hat, and it can be anywhere in the game in a random place anywhere on all the maps. And there is only one of those hats. Imagine how awesome this would have been. Maybe make this as a christmas challenge in the game? "Find Santas Hat". And that is where all the christmas stuff is
  13. I tried the game theHunter: call of the wild, today via steam. I wanted a hunting game where you can collect trophies and see killed rare animals you have collected. I couldn't make myself like theHunter because it was too arcade-like. For example, you have endless stamina when you run. You lose 0 HP when you jump from high heights. You do not need sleep, food or drink. All you are is a killing machine. You run around with your weapon and pew pew, money or trophy, rinse and repeat. The game seems very superficial. At least the game has good graphics and sound. But everything else is devastating to the game, so much so that I had to get a refound. This got me thinking, The long dark has all the elements you need to have a challenging hunting experience. You need sleep, food, shelter, warmth and good clothes. Animals can be very dangerous if you are not good with your weapons and strategy. And this made me think even more. *We need the Trophy Room in The Long Dark for those who want to preserve the memories of the hunt, and brag to the rest of the TDL community. I hope they can make something for both animals and fish. + Add online hunt scoreboard, if possible.
  14. Yavind

    Add potatoes

    Raw meat is found in the refrigerators in abandoned houses. So when it comes to fresh products that can last a long time, I mean potatoes can last at least as long as raw meat. So what about adding potatoes? Potatoes can be found in potato bags in basements or refrigerators in-game. Why exactly potatoes? Potatoes are rustic, simple and hearty food item. You can do anything with potatoes. Make baked potato, cook potatoes, roast potatoes. To make homemade potato gold(crisp),.. just add a little salt. The potato has a long shelf life and it is rustic food. Adds some quality to the game.
  15. I can sometimes (IRL), see something in the side-view of my eye very quickly, then I turn my head, then it's not there anymore - can be scary sometimes, if you're alone. So the game developers should add. "side view vision what the heck was that moment", rare moments when out alone + worst snow condition when it is completely dark. Added to all of the game modes. The side-view mechanics may be that you see one bonfire 800-1000 meters away in all the snow, then you turn your character a bit, then turn back - then the bonfire is gone!( Yikes ). Should maybe appear at random spots in the game, and very rare. So: *Last 10 seconds. or. *gone if you rotate the vision out of your players view, and back. * Adds the effect of Peripheral vision "ghosts" * Not overnatural, and adds a bit of wildlife spirit mystery. (there is plenty of mystery in story mode, but I want some mystery in challenge and survival mode) What do you think?
  16. Hi! First let me tell you that The Long Dark is in the top 5 list of the games I think are the best. I have some suggestions to improve this game. Maybe I am wrong about my suggestions, then I apologize - do not take this solemnly, but would like to hear what you others think. I make the list simple, so here it is: * Don't let wolves follow me over almost the entire map. * Wolves must be easier to scare away with light sources in challenge mode. (flares, bonfires, etc.) * Reduce wolves / general wildlife by 10% in challange mode. * There must be less things to find in challenge mode. 20% less items maybe? [Maybe I will edit this post for an update] What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Hinterland must do something about the wolves because I think they ruin some of the in-game experience, especially in challenge mode. Have a nice day. - Yavind.
  17. I've seen big cats mentioned before as a possible new enemy and I'd be down for some sort of enemy that tracks you down, perhaps pathing to break line of sight behind objects and only striking from behind...but this makes it a little OP, so perhaps it would need something like the crows calling warnings around bears, but more subtle. An idea I had would be once the cat is in tracking mode and within rendering distance ambient sounds start to get muted while character sounds (namely footsteps, moving, and breathing) get slowly louder. Not to a point where you'll instantly recognize it, mind you. It would be a slow change where if you're not paying attention you'll miss it entirely and it will be too late...
  18. Its pretty simple. Like in real life you can impregnate your stuff to minimalize wetness of your boots and outer layer of clothes. In game it works similar. Item is can of spray, (found with random condition), every use takes of 10 % of its condition and reduce wetness gain by 33 % (technically it would activate buff, something like well fed, but scripted for wetness). Duration: 24 hours, with no wetness, with increasing wetness its shorter, but minimum is 3 hours. Its not something important, but had to mention that
  19. Hello everybody. I think this post belongs here at the wishlist. I've been playing for some time, and I've always wanted a couple things added to the game, so I'll explain my ideas here. This is a long post, so please, be patient. We know Hinterland has a lot of ideas to add, and that work isn't easy. One of the main points is, if they want to add something to the game, it has to add something new, and it has to be meaningful, not just a detail. Starting from this point, we must take a look at Bear Island itself. There are 9 main regions at this moment, with several transition areas. One of the ways to divide the regions is water (for example, from HRV->MT->FM, or from TWM->PV). The other way to see the map is with the railroad that crosses the map E-W (or the other way, depends how you want to look at it). Mystery Lake is a central region, ant the rest of the world is crafted around this idea. Ibelive that by the end of the development, no region will be isolated (every region will be connected with at least 2 other regions). This brings me to the point of....Desolation Point. We have a whale processing area there, and a broken bridge that goes to the east. What I predict is that the area north-east from DP could be the main train station of the island, where we could see a train station, houses, and a new coastal area (no fishing huts, sorry guys). It would also be the end of the road that crosses CH and DP (at least that side of the road). But there's more to this idea. It is known that seal hunting was a thing in Canada, so that bring us to...the new animal, the SEAL. At this new region (also at the other coastal regions) you could find this animal. I imagine two ways to hunt it. One would be traditional, shoot at it with your bow or rifle, the drawback being that they will stay close to the thin ice, so it may escape from you, so you would loose your arrow/bullet (but they would be really slow while inland). The other way to hunt them could be under the ice of the coastal regions. Some visual effect, like a shadow under the ice, and some sound effects to give you a clue about the position of the seal. You would need to make a hole, use fish as bait and a new weapon: the Harpoon. We know that the bear spear is coming eventually, so I thought I could be nice (and relatively easy, I know Hinterland hates this word, sorry) to reskin the bear spear to have another option. It could be used at struggles also. To craft this harpoon you would need a forge for the head of the harpoon with 3 scrap metal, then some guts and wood (maybe maple/birch, to make it a more serius decision) to craf the final product. So, in order to hunt the seal, you would need this and use it at the right time, not like fishing, where you stand still until a fish comes by. This (I believe) would make fishin a bit more important (at this moment is just a food and oil free source). But what's the point of adding seals to the game? New clothing and resources, of course. First of all, the seal would give around 10-15-20 kg of meat. You can also harvest guts from it, and of course seal pelt. And also, a new resource: FAT (more on this later). The seal pelt would be used for 1 clothing item, the seal fur vest. It would be an inner torso clothing item, as currently we don't have a craftable item for that area. For the stats, I imagine something like 2ºC temperature, 2ºC windchill, 60% water resist, 5% defense, 5% sprint decrease, and 1,5 kg (pure speculation). But that's not the end of it. Seal pelt can be used to craft a new accesorie: snow rackets. The snow rackets have been requested a number of times, but here's my point with the item. In real life, you use them at places with lots of snow where you would just sink into the snow, to make traversal easier. What I suggest is snow rackets giving a slight bonus movement speed (10% maybe) at the cost of no sprint ( it's difficult to run with these things on). It woul also reduce the sprain risk when walking up/down slopes (reduce, not eliminate). The cost would be 2 cured seal pelts, 20 sticks and 6 cured guts aprox, They could weight around 2 kg, maybe more. And the last thing: FAT. It could be harvested from any animal, not just seals. It could be eaten raw, with a risk of food poisoning, or cooked alone (must have a cooking pot). Also, it could be added to any meat you cook with a cooking pot to increase the calories of the meal, at the expense of doubling the scent emited by the food. Another use for the fat would be using it with your clothing to increase water resistance by 10% for a while (4-6 ingame hours) at the cost of increase the weight of the item 0,5 kg. I know this was a long post, but needed to say all of this. TL, DR: new coastal region with a train station, new animal, the seal, new hunting weapon, the harpoon, new craftables: seal fur vest, snow rackets. New resource: fat, edible, and used to increase water resistance on your clothing.
  20. So I've started to look for help first on steam forums then directly to emailed hinterland like 2-3 months ago still with no response. I'll try my luck here too. I own the steam version of TLD. I'm on mac os x mojave, imac 27" late 17, which is a more than enough system to handle TLD. Until I started to get this bug, I was able to play just fine anyway.I'm having this chronic crash right after launching the game since one or two months, did clean instal multiple times and tried start options but still having the issue. Game starts rather slowly and sometimes even freezes the machine until it responds after a while but as soon I'm in "disclaimer" screen with piano playing, and I hit any button to skip, game crashes to desktop. *On one occasion today, I've been able to make it to the main menu. I've seen some community updates on the way such as the third episode to be released in 22th Oct. and I've been told that I survived 1852 days..I never survived that long let alone played that long. After a few seconds of main menu experience, I got crashed to desktop again.. Like I've said, I've been able to play the game on the same machine, and same os x until now. I do not know what is wrong. I do not have any mods installed by the way. Multiple clean installs, and verifications did not solve the issue.Anyone have any idea?
  21. or commonly called Wolf Lichen. Lichen grows on conifers in the pacific north west in all elevations. Has many potential applications as future addition in TLD. Has medicinal uses "as a poultice for swelling, bruises, sores, and boils, and boiled it as a drink to stop bleeding" Vulpinic Acid, the substance that gives the lichen it's bright coloration, is also toxic to meat eating mamals, so double use as poison to control wolf population The lichen extract can also be used to dye clothing, useful for character customization if implemented in the future. it also looks cool and adds a nice dash of color to the TLD palette. What do you say Hinterland, nudge nudge wink wink
  22. I really enjoy playing Custom but i just recently found out you get no feats progression! Why??? This just seems like an unnecessary punishment for Custom players. Is it because you want us to 'earn' feats?? Then why have feats progression on pilgrim?! I just do't understand why Custom players like myself are so unnecessarily punished for wanting to playing a slightly modified game experience...
  23. UTC-10

    Oil-fired stove

    Currently the game has electric, gas (natural or propane), and wood-fired stoves. How about a kitchen stove that uses kerosene (or its replacement, lamp oil)? It would provide an alternative to places, like the the prepper caches, draft dodger, and the lake cabin, where there is no visible sign of a utility connection. It would also seem consistent for the houses on Misanthrope and Jackrabbit for similar reasons. Not every house that it might make sense would have one, and it would require the player to have lamp oil to use it. It would only have one setting for its burners unless or until the much requested recipes and more elaborate cooking was ever implemented. A variant would be something like a Coleman camp stove which has two burners and is mostly portable. Uses lamp oil, is relatively wind-resistant, and needs regular maintenance. One major reason against it would be that to have a level stove, there would have to be the capacity to place it (temporarily) or modify the landscape temporarily. The game does not currently allow for that, much, but as long as that problem is understood, the stove could be placed on any generally flat horizontal surface. Of course, we've gotten along with holes in the reality for a long time, so probably something once Story Mode is concluded.
  24. I find that newspapers, books and, recycled cans have zero use my thought is to be able to make paper logs out of the paper (3 pr log) or books (1 per log) and line (2 per log that also uses up excess gut) and as for the cans make them into scrap metal at the worktable
  25. This exploit of starving tactic makes survival too easy even on Interloper level. It lets you pass the 500+ days mark with very few resources. (And let me remind that 500 days = 1 year and 4 months). You just can't starve yourself for so long without getting any permanent damage. In real life, if you starve yourself by this method, you will last for long enough, but after around 50 days you will get to the point when you lose about 25-35% of your body weight which, puts your life in danger. It's the stage when your body have consumed all the fat you had in you, and now starts consuming muscles, including your hurt, which grants you the risk of organ failure and the following death. My proposal of how to fix this exploit is to add body weight in the game, which will affect the survival experience in the long run. The Idea if you starve for 72 hours, you will get the opposite effect of "Well fed" - "Starving" (-5kg carry, minus some amount of permanent health and you start to lose weight) When you continue to starve for long periods of time, you will reach your minimal weight and on your status bar will occur "Organ failure risk", which will gain percents (similar to "hypothermia risk"). As the 1% of the "organ failure risk" occurs, you are no longer able to regain fatigue at all. It means, you become very weak and your health bar will drain quicker. It will make this situation very dangerous and players will not be able to exploit it so much as they do it right now. And so on. If you keep yourself fed for 72 hours+, there occurs the known bonus for additional health and weight that you can carry. Now in addition to it, as long as you keep this bonus active, you will gain the weight back to the normal mark and maybe even more (?) Cheers.