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  1. I have an idea for 2 Challenges/Badges which could be linked. Inspired by movies. 1. The Sound of Music challenge - Climb Every Mountain. Not sure what benefit the badge would bring, maybe a better chance of completing a climb? 2. Light The Beacons! (from LotR) - Light a fire on top of every mountain. Suggestions for rewards welcome on this one. I´ve made these suggestions in a light-hearted manner. I enjoy a little whimsy now and then.
  2. Fitz

    Improved Mapping

    I am pretty compulsive about my mapping and take great joy in mapping every catail, rosehip, ect before I collect it, while also clearing up carcasses before mapping so they don't clutter up my map. Contrary, I know. I'm weird, alright? But anyway, what I would really like to see is collected resources becoming smudged and faded. For plants enough so you can still see what it was but also know that you got that one already, or in the case of carcasses evetually fading out completely. I mean I'd totally make a note of where the other 5kg of deer meat is so I can come back after dropping my current load back at my base, but at the same time I would probably try to rub it out afterwards so I don't confuse it with the next hunt. And sinse things don't regrow it's not like I'm keeping track of where things are for next season, so I would totally be crossing off the different catail groups as I collected them across Forlorn Muskeg in the hopes of not missing any. It would also be neat to be able to cross out structures manually, for example after you've broken down everything inside.
  3. One thing i noticed when i was running my current sandbox play through was that the two aspects of the game that foes not have any survival skills are wood cutting and cartography and i thought of a few perks that might be useful in the game. lvl 1 normal lvl 2 10% larger survey radius lvl 3 20% larger survey radius + 20% chance not to consume charcoal lvl 4 30% larger survey radius +40% chance not to consume charcoal lvl 5 40% larger survey radius + 60 % chance not to consume charcoal + player location marker on known areas
  4. Everything is on the title... I read that old saves made game couldnt generate aurora, which is needed to open the workplace in the Bleak Inlet. A first way would be to start a new survival game, but since I have 300 days on that one... I was wondering if a next patch / update could fix this. That would remove a lot of frustration and be awesome Enjoy the night guys, Axel
  5. For you today I have a suggestion regarding a potential revision of hunting in the game. When a player will drop meat in the snow, a predator shall be attracted to the meat and will eat/steal it. To prevent this, the player could craft an improvised cloth sack or use a moose satchel to put the meat in. The sack would then be hung from a tree using a mountaineer rope or some sort of craftable rope (from fishing line?) I'm sure you've noticed how some players will cheese the bleed-out mechanic. A way to prevent this would be for the player to have to guard their kill from predators. Failure to do so would allow the predator eat the carcass. (This mechanics can be something for higher difficulties.) (I deleted the old one and reuploaded a revised version. Sorry to make you read it again, and thanks for doing so.)
  6. EjectedCasings


    Seeing all of the people who get these 2000 day+ runs has made me wonder: if you survive all those years, what about seasons? Canada in summer is very different than it is in winter, and it never makes an appearance in game. Maybe springs could be short but animal spawn rates would be buffed, while winter animals would be far less plentiful and hostile wildlife far more abundant. Of course the odds of this suggestion being considered are very very low, as it kinda changes the main premise of the game, but I think it'd be a cool option for custom games. Thoughts?
  7. I'm sure we have all been face to face with a hungry bear or a moose too close to home. I think I might have the solution to that problem while also balancing the underlying issue. A new firearm a single shot muzzle loading rifle. A rare and powerful tool capable of killing a bear in a single shot however ammunition is extremely rare and requires gun powder to load not only that but there is a possibility to hurt yourself if are a novice with it. At the end of the day The long dark is not a shooter but a new survival tool would be greatly appreciated because it seems the rifle is rarely enough to combat the larger predators and with the ammo being rare and the possibility of hurting yourself this new gun would be seldom carried and used sparingly.
  8. UTC-10

    Reloading Kit

    Asking for consideration of a reloading kit that would has the dies and tools to actually reload the spent cartridges given a supply of necessary components - bullets and gunpowder. The reloading kit would tend to produce less than commercial "perfect" quality ammunition compared to what the player could produce at the ammunition work bench. The components can come from two sources - homemade at the ammunition work bench in Bleak Inlet or found in rare small packages (two to five rounds worth) of commercial components here and there. Homemade components would have a skill level decrease of -2 while commercial components would have a skill decrease of -1. Player skill can never be below level 1. If you do go back to the ammunition work bench to reload cartridges the -1 and -2 don't apply. Whether use of a reloading kit has the same credit as reloading ammunition at the workbench is up to the devs. Under this proposal there probably wouldn't be enough commercial component packs to make that much of a difference and using up commercial components at low skill level might be not desirable except for emergencies. This might be something for the future. It would add to the workload of the devs to implement so I am hopeful, but don't expect anything soon. We just got the ability to make ammo and now I suggest being able to make ammo anywhere. Reason: I achieved Level 5 Gun Smith by reading a number of Practical Gunsmithing books and making ammunition at the ammunition work bench. Not too difficult when you play in Pilgrim. As I leave Bleak Inlet, it struck me that my gunsmithing skill, even though maxed out, would be functionally completely useless because I need the ammunition work bench to make bullets, gunpowder and to even load the cartridges. As opposed to using a forge, where I didn't have to have a skill to forge items (hmmm, another possibility?), I now have a specific skill that has no real use away from the ammunition work bench. I realize that I want to be able to use my skill elsewhere in some fashion which is why I make this suggestion. I assume the devs had thought of it too. They're pretty smart folks.
  9. I realy wish there was way to modify or upgrade the bow and the arrows. Im on day 200 on Interloper now and all i can use is the bow. Maybe the higher the Skill is, the more you could modify bow and arrows. or craft a better Version with Metal or higher distance or visualised target help. Fact, if you play on interloper you only have simple bow and simple arrows... it would be such a huge Upgrade for this exciting Mode. best regards from Germany
  10. I don't know if this has been suggested already but maybe being able to mark your map like in Breath Of The Wild, with different markers for different uses: a skull for where wolves regularly resides. Maybe a cross for where medicinal items are, a house for where buildings are. The thing that brings this up in my mind specifically is durring Episode 3 when I had to gather the supplies for the church, It took me forever to find gasoline for them, despite a large supply of it being in a nearby bunker, I should've remembered it forsure, but if I could've marked it on my map, would've made it a slight easier, and my idea is, in an area where the map has already been marked down with charcoal, if you hold the command to mark on your map, it'll let you make a specific mark of your choosing in any mapped area, at the cost of a piece of charcoal( or half of one??? Idk). Hopefully this hasn't been suggested already😅
  11. So, i'm sure we all know what a bear trap is and i suggest having one as something you can find in the game as a hard to find item. Effect on Animals. Bear traps should also be able to work on wolves and rabbits but if a bear trap somehow does get a rabbit in it the rabbits hide wont be harvestable due to the probable DESTRUCTION of the poor rabbit's body and when a wolf or deer steps in it it should start bleeding to death, but lets say a moose or a bear steps in it they would then start bleeding and walk EXTREMELY slowly while the trap is stuck on the leg and they would try to run away if seen by the player but have a 50 50 chance of falling over at the start of the run animation and if the animal falls, said animal would take 5 seconds to get back up again and run while limping aggressively. The Setup. Unlike snares, you have to place bait on it, the bait could be anything that gives a scent like a rabbit corpse, meat or even beef jerky if your'e desperate, there would also be a chance of you failing to set it up and either getting your arm caught in it which would give a bleeding and crippled limb affliction which would stop you from using weapons for an in game week or the trap just wouldn't trigger when used by an animal. Misc. There would also be a skill that is related to traps which reduces the chance of hurting yourself and failing while setting up the trap.
  12. Hello, fellow survivors. Preface Everything I suggest here should be taken as that: a suggestion, even if I don’t explicitly state every single time that I intend it to be a suggestion. Also I do not claim to be better at designing a game than its proven to be successful game designers. But I play the game, frequently, in depth and at a fairly high level, and hence I think I can allow myself to make suggestions how to improve it. What I do suggest is an alternative path to make long term survival harder - alternative to the drastically “improved” Wolf AI. Apparently the developers see a need to adjust the viability of long term survival, and to a certain degree I agree. What I do not agree with are the means this is sought to be achieved. Not because the resulting challenge is too hard, but because it alienates long standing players and in many aspects betrays established core concepts of the game. Also I do not tackle Timberwolves in this intentionally. They are their own fish to fry, and as such do not apply to most of the game as it stands being restricted to Bleak Inlet which I personally consider to be “in beta” as much as the Timberwolves themselves. Finally: not all of those ideas are mine. In fact they are more a compendium of good suggestions from an amazing community that has a lot of great ideas to improve their favorite game. What I try here is to bring some of those together in a balanced fashion that still achieves the developer’s goal of making the late game more challenging while keeping The Long Dark true to its roots and without alienating players. Please do feel free to add to, criticize and utterly demolish this if you can argue your point of view. Just please keep it civil, factual and respectful. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. The new Wolf AI In the current state wolves behave in a highly inconsistent manner. Some of this inconsistency may be due to lackluster implementation, but the bigger share of it is probably intentional. This makes predictions very hard and puts an over-emphasis on luck or better: the lack thereof. In a game that presents you obstacles there should be the appropriate counterplay available to overcome these obstacles. This allows for expression of skill and experience and gives the player the feeling that their actions do matter. Reducing mechanics to random chance removes the player from the equation, and degrades the question of success to a mere roll of the dice. This rewards players for refraining from taking action altogether and punishes those players that want to enjoy a more active playstyle, furthering - not disincentivizing - inactive late-games as we do experience now. Currently wolves do two new things that have been introduced recently: Wolves and fires The first thing is that they do not flee from fires anymore, but rather wait a certain amount of time (10 ingame minutes?) before charging the player. This renders fires as defensive positions rather ineffective since this does no longer allow to perform time lapsed actions. Pointing a weapon at wolves - any weapon, including stones and guns without ammunition - causes them to flee. The interesting thing here is that there are apparently three random checks for a wolf to flee: when it becomes aware of the player (this has been in the game forever and it's fine), when it becomes aware of the fire, and when if decides to charge the player. This makes wolves highly unpredictable and invites the notion that it is best to avoid them altogether, basically removing wolves from the game and reducing them to a sudden (and rather random) death. That wolves do no longer flee from fires that are being in the process of creation is a welcome change that removes the possibility of just being able to mindlessly wander about and “drop” a fire to remove any wolves in pursuit. That wolves however do no longer respect established fires as protective zones is something I can't agree with. Since the inception of The Long Dark fires were safe zones that protected from wolves. That bears do not adhere to this logic is a controversial topic, but has been long accepted since. What I propose is to keep the “hold ground” mechanic when approaching the player holding a torch or a flare, or a player in the process of being creating a fire while holding a torch or flare, but revert to wolves consistently fleeing from already established fires. Players that try to create a fire without having a burning torch or flare equipped are fair game and a wolf should charge them in any case. Also players that aim weapons at wolves while at a fire should be subject to retaliation rather than the wolf fleeing. (While we’re at it: the same should be true for both bears and moose, meaning they should respect established fires unless they are defending themselves.) So in short: flares and torches buy you a bit of time, established fires are safe zones as long as you don’t take aggressive actions. This emphasizes the importance of carrying a torch over how the game used to work - which meant that just having a single match was enough defence - but also retains the players ability to create a safe zone to sleep, craft, harvest and cook outdoors if the player manages to build a fire protected from the wind and provide enough fuel to it. Wolves and decoys The second change concerns wolves and their behaviour with decoys, also known as bait. Wolves do no longer pick up decoys unless the player is excessively far away, and also picking up decoys at all is highly inconsistent, but I don’t think that’s intentional - and indicative of a bug. What should happen is that once a player drops a decoy the wolf tries to acquire it as fast as possible, e.g. sprinting. If successful the wolf should escape as fast as possible, possibly while engaging in “evasive maneuvers” to throw off the players aim. If the player actually aims a weapon at any time in the process the wolf should indeed charge the player if still within reasonable range. This would achieve a multitude of things: decoys would again reliably serve their intended purpose of dropping the aggro from a pursuing predator. But it would also make it very hard for players to “exploit” decoys as bait as was stated by the developer's multiple times. If a player still manages to successfully hit the wolf that is the appropriate reward for them risking a struggle if they don’t. Both solutions aim to retain the player’s ability to reduce the threat from predators reasonably, while removing the ability to exploit either fires or decoys to hunt wolves (or big game) without the possibility of retaliation. General balancing changes to make late-game more challenging Since it is the apparent wish of the developers to make long term survival in The Long Dark more challenging I want to propose a few “knobs to turn” to achieve this with without frustrating the actual setting and feel of the game, but still achieve the desired uplift in late-game difficulty. Also a few points serve to mitigate some of the hardship put onto players by other points. Combat starvation more effectively While the non-punitive approach to combating starvation - the introduction of the Well Fed Buff - received a lot of praise from the community, I feel like Well Fed isn’t doing its job properly. If starvation is intended to remain an option to bridge periods of low access to calories then at least it should not be possible to maintain this state indefinitely. There are several ways to tackle this. One would be to simply raise the damage from starvation. But it has been pointed out several times that surviving without food is possible for weeks, which is at least technically correct. What however is not possible is to remain highly active while being starved of calorie intake and maintain this indefinitely. What I propose is to introduce a debuff that triggers once a player is actually starving, e.g. has run out of calories. This debuff would be called something like “Starvation Risk” and wouldn’t do anything on its own for the time being, but would stack up to “Starvation” over the course of 48 hours (2% per hour). Removing “Starvation Risk” is done gradually as well, with 2% for every hour of being fed. Once reaching 100% the player contracts the “Starvation” debuff, which comes with a heavy fatigue penalty akin to suffering from hypothermia, and also prevents all condition recovery. Curing “Starvation” would require to remain fed for at least a full day, with the timer again gaining if starvation occurs again. So for example being fed for 12 hours, starving for 4 and then again being fed for 16 hours would still cure “Starvation”. Being fed for 12, starving for 4, and then again being fed for 12... would not, but still require 4 more hours. To balance this after losing Well Fed (and right after starting the game) a player would have a 3 days grace period before starving would trigger “Starvation Risk” again, adding up to a total grace period of 5 days before having to face “Starvation”. That means a player that’s generally aiming to meet their calorie requirements isn’t punished immediately for failing to do so for a short time. Players generally successful in fact are probably never faced with it. The concept behind this is to prevent long-term starvation as a viable strategy without punishing players for intermittent drought periods too harshly, and to incentivise an active playstyle that revolves around acquiring resources such as food and firewood and as such is more susceptible to predators over a passive playstyle that mostly revolves around passing time, sleeping as much as possible and evading actually playing the game. Remove Cabin Fever With having to procure food to stay alive there is more than enough incentive to go outside and no further need to punish players that prefer to stay in man-made shelters most of the time. Aside from that Cabin Fever is easily worked around and mostly a relic of the "Leaderboard" days. 0% food should not be edible Once food reaches 0% it’s gone. Maybe allow harvesting the empty can from expired canned food, but that’s it. This applies to old-world food as well as to harvested meat. In canon with that…. 0% meat should not be useable Once meat reaches 0% it’s gone, too. The player cannot cook it any longer, and hence no longer apply 50% condition to a piece of bear meat that has been lying around for 1000 days. This prevents infinite stockpiling and incentivises a playstyle that is more rooted in the now rather than the then. Add salt and self-made jerky (dried meat) To balance meat going bad eventually salt is added to the game, which can be found in rather large quantities in kitchens. Meat can than be cured over the course of 5 days indoors. Cured meat makes thirsty akin to beef jerky, loses 25% of its calories, and does not receive a 50% condition bump as cooked meat gets, but loses only a fourth of its condition if stored indoors compared to cooked meat. Also it is not smelly. The concept behind this is to allow players to prepare food for travels to counteract the much more dangerous wolves (compared to pre-Errant Pilgrim) and also to store some of their hunting surplus for later at the cost of time, while not invalidating cooking as the preferred method of preparing meat if immediate consumption is intended. Blizzards should apply their temperature malus faster While it is fine (and probably preferable) that blizzards don’t apply their temperature malus while a player sleeps, it should not take several seconds for the temperature to drop and hence allow the player to “dodge” a blizzard from clicking Sleep fast enough. This would make stocking firewood more important if wanting to indulge life in a cave. Currently a player living in a cave can dodge a blizzard by just sleeping it away without ever having to light a fire, while still enjoying the fire duration bonus you do not get from indoor fires. Living in a designated safe house should not be disincentivised. Fix traversing very steep terrain downwards Currently it is possible to traverse almost perpendicular terrain downwards without more of the occasional sprain risk. This opens up very powerful shortcuts. It is, for example, possible to slide down from the Timberwolf Mountain crash site all the way to the open air Cave (the one with the abandoned campfire) without more than a few sprained limbs. Many more of these shortcuts exist in the game, most of which were certainly not originally intended by the developers. I’m not sure where the threshold should be, maybe at 70° (90° being straight down), but removing this from the game and letting the player fall very steep descents would make a lot of maps as challenging as they were intended to be as the risk of falling would be much higher. While this might cause some backlash from the “goating” community, I think most can agree that this being currently possible removes a lot of intended challenge from the game once you figure it out. Closing words I again want to emphasize that these are ideas and opinions, and that they certainly are no blueprint to be implemented verbatim. But I strongly believe that these changes would help the game to be more challenging and even generally better, while helping players wanting to be more active and reward them for it - all of it while keeping core game concepts intact. Thank you for reading.
  13. Greetings Hinterland users! This post will be focused towards presenting a new affliction suggestion and few new items for the gameplay, feedback is appreciated! ^o^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New affliction: Photokeratitis (AKA Snow Blindness) I also wanted to suggest something that involves sunburn, the player that is exposed to the sun for long periods of time has a chance to get photokeratitis, this is a painful eye condition that occurs when the eyes are exposed to invisible rays of energy called ultraviolet (UV) rays, as the snow reflects most of UV rays in this biome. 👀☀️ Snow blindness can be caused by sun reflection from water, ice and snow. It can also happen if you stare directly at the sun. This affliction increases even more on high ground places, like Mountain Town, Timberwolf Mountain, Bleak Inlet, Hushed River Valley, etc. NOTE that this affliction will only occur during daylight and when outside during completely clear weather. Gradually increasing upon prolonged exposure. This affliction risk can potentially appear after around 1 hour of direct sunlight exposure and can be contained after around 24+ hours of expossure. Upon contracting Snow blindness, the player sight will get notably deteriorated, starting with blured vision, sensitivity to bright light, color changes and constant blackouts as the survivor complains, limiting the aim focus when using ranged weapons, being susceptible to miss most of the shots. As well gradually reducing the player's condition over time upon sunlight expossure (1% per hour). Treatment: This affliction can be treated by using eyedrop antibiotics to potentially increase the process of healing of this affliction plus around 10~12 hours of rest. The use of this antibiotic will also temporarily stop the risk of snow blindness for around 2 hours. Another way would be consuming painkillers or Rose hip tea and preventing sun exposure for at least 2 or 3 days until the survivor's eyes are healed. Prevention: Photokeratitis can be prevented by using sunglasses or improvised snow glasses as a new accessory available in the game as well staying out from direct sunlight for prolonged times. Also by using the eyedrop antibiotics that will stop the affliction course if the player is outside and heal the affliction while staying out from direct sunlight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I have presented the main idea this topic, I will to introduce the new items that will run around this new affliction: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New accessories: Snow sunglasses & his improvised version This accessories were designed to reduce the amount of sunlight reflecting off the snow, preventing snow blindness when outdoors, as well offering minimal windproof % physical protection, although they do not offer any warmth bonus and cannot be repaired at all. The snow sunglasses can be found inside lockers or houses, whilst the improvised sunglasses needs to be crafted by the player Common Snow Sunglasses Improvised Snow Goggles (Inuit goggles) Crafting Requirements: Work Place: Workbench Tool: Hunting Knife / Improvised knife Materials: Fir firewood + Line Time: 6 Hours These accessories are very fragile and can be potentially damaged upon struggles. The Improvised Snow Goggles decay rate is higger than the common ones. And this is how these sunglasses will affect the vision of the gameplay ^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New item: Eyedrop antibiotics This new first aid item will serve as the treatment for the snow blindness affliction as well his prevention. Rare loot! can be found only on first aid boxes & lockers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: And remember kids don't raise the game's brightness too much unless you wanna experience the same affliction! jk
  14. Cigarettes: Offers temporary condition which is lost after it's duration. Can also be used as a lighting source for campfire. Cigarettte's smell can also deter wolves slightly. Whiskey, Beer, Wine: Grants calories and water. Cures cabin fever. Can be used as an accelerant or antiseptic. Drinking too much however can cause you to shake back and forth like low on condition. Makes you unable to aim properly. Peach Wine Crafting: Requires Pinnacle Peaches, Tomato Soup, and Box of Crackers. Left in a bottle in a house like curing. Has a % shown on how long it is fermenting. I guess that's a bit of a stretch but would be interesting. Very good way to use low quality Pinnacle Peaches and turn it into something edible.
  15. Eerie Park A massive lake surrounded by mountains and forests with frozen parts and non-frozen parts. It was once a tourist location. With a ski resort, fishing club, a large naturally occurring park, an a massive lake (basing this off Lake Erie). However due to the unexpected avalanches that occurred around the mountains surrounding the park, the constant ice storms that dismantled the functions of the ski lift, news of tourists attacked or threatened by wolves lead to shutting the place down. There is also myths of a serial killer around the area (just a story sensationalized into something out of a movie) though many of these confounding tales were confused with attacks from wolves. Large ski resort. The aurora allows the ski lift to be operated and be taken to move to the other side. Or you can just walk through the large span of land moving slow and endangering yourself from wolf attacks. Many players will find they can use the ski lift to basically transport very heavy loads of gear they couldn't normally do. But of course this is only during a borealis. They can manually get it to work without the aurora though but requires a hefty battery. In the ski resort there are resort houses as hotels, a lounge, a store etc. Chop skis for wood and possible ski boots spawns as well as possible warm clothing spawns. Dangerous wolf packs roam underneath the ski lift that may have settled there after watching humans hanging from them like hanging meat. Ursa Major Lake. The large lake once known to be a place for recreational fishing. Much of the water has frozen with some free flowing water. Has boats stuck on the ice with supplies. Small fishing huts and a small fishing houses on the shore for fishing enthusiasts. Careful using your firearm, distress gun or interacting with wolves/bears that make loud noises. Loud noises can initiate dangerous small avalanches around the area knocking you out dropping your warmth to 0 and giving you risk of hypothermia. Similar to the thin ice in Forlorn Muskeg. The difference is you have to watch out making noise. A struggle with a wolf or bear can trigger an avalanche though sometimes you can use that to your advantage to knock the bear or wolf off you as well. Very dangerous especially when traversing the mountainous region of the park. There's a kind of invisible meter that builds up based on how much sound is made around the area and it slowly drops in danger but if it reaches max you get an avalanche. Large pine forests. Known to be a tourist attraction with park benches, coffee shops (tea and coffee possible spawns) and gift stores dotting the region. Reaches into a mountainous area popular for hikers towards a free flowing waterfall and cave popular location for couples. Wolf spawns and a possible moose spawn to watch out for. Many forgotten cars. Be careful entering some can trigger a car alarm causing a small avalanche Locked cars that you can pry open with prybar. But be weary some cars can trigger a car alarm causing a small avalanche. Snowed in houses that you can only access from the basement through the basement doors Part in Ursa Major Lake with hockey goals and hockey equipment lying around. Park Ranger Cabin. Very likely they were trying to do something about the overpopulation of wolves and dangerous animals in the region. Seems like they didn't get so far. Good place to hunker down though. Museum: Has a museum with stuffed bears and wolves and basically a museum for the park and about wildlife. Long abandoned but you can find some useful tools and items in there. Maybe a hammer the mason workers left behind who knows. Yes I used the name Eerie from Lake Erie which is a lake in Canada and U.S. The word Eerie meaning mysterious and frightening. And of course being quite and silent is beneficial in this region as avalanches are a big occurrence and special about the area. Also it kind of paints a picture of Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th that has been overtaken by a snowy tundra.
  16. Exact and fine control over loot/item settings (on Custom sandbox games) would be desired. Specifically; control over how low (and high) both the quality and quantity of a certain type of item can be or appear in the sandbox. I'd like to create a Custom sandbox game where you'd have an "Interstalker" experience with rifles and pistols in the game that spawn with either Ruined or 1% to 5% condition. Dito with tools like the Hunting Knife and Hatchet. You can find them, but hardly use them due to their near-Ruined quality. I'd also like to tweak ammo availability for weapons by specifying the loot drops available; maybe up to one cartridge per firearm per region, and no boxes of cartridges. Maybe other folks want up to two, or three -- because they tend to miss the hard-to-spot loot. Dito with casings; maybe up to one casing per weapon per region. You'll have the POTENTIAL to turn that casing into a usable cartridge, IF you manage to dominate the Bleak Inlet region. Maybe some folks prefer no cartridges - and only casings. Maybe they'd like an Ammunition Workbench outside of Bleak Inlet to make that a possibility earlier on. Also, quality range of these cartridges being tweakable would be very nice. Perhaps that one cartridge you find was a 15% quality one that was the previous owner's first try at reloading ammunition. With the above you'd get an experience where the local inhabitants have taken their servicable/viable weapons and boxes of ammunition with them when the Quiet Apocalypse's long-duration Super-Carrington type Event hit. But then that one round that local clumsily dropped and bounced behind the trashcan two years before the Event, one they couldn't find back then, is still there for me to find. Furthermore, restricting repair items for these weapons or tools (Cleaning Kits and Whetstones) similarly to the weapons -- they'd be Ruined or have just 1% to 5% condition. So you can repair your tools and weapons - if you're lucky to find the repair kit. But to a very limited extent. This'll make this "Interstalker" experience one of juggling weapons, experiencing more misfires, cartridge cycle fails, etc. And being excited to find "Hunting Rifle #3" that might give you one to three more chances to fire a shot, instead of "eh, decoration for the safe house". The off-chance of seeing a weapon or repair item only to then have to appear to be Ruined is another interesting roll of the dice -- if you see it, you don't quite yet know if you can actually use it. When in Stalker you can trivially grant yourself a 100% quality Pistol with over fifty cartridges. That's after fully looting your second region -- if not your first. Having a barely functional revolver with two rounds in it and then finding another cartidge by searching very well is an endorfin spike. And a +50% damage output boost. Having a perfectly maintained sidearm with more ammunition then most professional soldiers have during their patrol and then finding a full box of perfect ammo, let alone a single subpar cartridge, is "whatever". How Hinterland would handle/allow the above with the repair mechanics introduced with Aurora-powered apparatus in Bleak Inlet is up to them. I'd like an option to limit that repair ability (up to a certain low percent) -- there's a bit of handwaving with the nighttime Aurora to allow advanced electronics like computers or elevators to function; but I'd like the option to severely limit the quality (upper limit) of repair work that can be done. I mean, that fluorescent lights can be powered by a geomagnetic storm is probable. That long conductors will get magnetically induced current and voltage is true to nature as per the Carrington Event of 1859. But buck-boost convertors are designed to deal with a very specific voltage, current, and AC frequency in mind -- I doubt machines would function with power induced by a massive geomagnetic storm that has massive voltage and current surges and wild frequencies all that well - if at all. Hinterland can use that reasoning to allow limiting of the quality that repair facilities in Bleak Inlet deliver. Or at least introduce the option of having that in the game. Maybe also an option for improvised tools having low quality/durability upon creation - just as suggested for firearms as per above. You only have an iffy furnace at your disposal; not a proper blacksmith forge which operates at 1400F/800C -- let alone a complete modern workshop with stable 230VAC power supply. Not only that, the ability to tweak the quantity and quality of a certain type of item (like food) in the world would allow folks to tweak their Custom game to be back to earlier an earlier, tighter and harsher, Interloper experience. It could be that some players like to tweak the number of calories of lootable food items per zone, as well as the quality range of said items upon spawn. Obviously the percentages will need to be tweakable. Some folks prefer lootable items with higher initial quality then just between one and five percent. Having the "survive by the seat of your pants" feeling is what Interloper players enjoy -- and starts to fade once they reach abundance due to their crafted armor, bow and arrows. Extending that feeling (or introducing it for pre-Event made weaponry) is a GoodThing™. This suggestion would allow that.
  17. The intro of the Wintermute has the amazing song made by First Aid Kit called "Lions roar" witch I really like. The song just fits so well into the atmosphere of TLD. It would be really awesome to get more songs from First Aid Kit added to the game. For example if in future releasing episodes 4 & 5 will have some sort of intro. My personal favorite song from First Aid Kit is "Fireworks". I would really like to hear it in The Long Dark.
  18. what about add the bow drill to the game? although even on interloper we can deal with matches scarcity thanks to magnifying glass i think would be a nice addition. It could be an only-craftabled item made it with one cured gut 1 reclaimed wood and 1 stick in a workbench and no option to repair (it will lost condition with each use). We could only use it once we get fire starting level 3, takes three times longer to light (compared with matches) and succeful probabilties start with 25% on lvl3 then 50% on lvl4 and 90% on lvl5 (time to start reduces proportional with the level too). I suggested this low probabilties and restriction to lvl3 in order to dont get the game so easy but sustentable on interloper very long runs and to stay even more time outdoors and increase exploration experience
  19. First off, I love that they've added handloading ammunition. It really peaked my interest because I handload my own hunting ammo and on occasion use a lee "lee loader" this is a small portable die set that doesn't use an actual press just light tapping with a hammer to to size brass and seat bullets. Would be a handy, fairly light tool to load on go.
  20. Please, for the love of the snowpocalypse, stack items that are placed inside Lost and Found boxes. I'm extremely happy about this feature in principle, but I ended up having over 100 pieces of charcoal in one box because, well, it was in the PV homestead in a pile.... and I just had to click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click---- Please, please please stack items in the Lost and Found boxes. Please. Please. PLEASE. 😂
  21. With the recent addition of Bleak Inlet and Timberwolfs it is possible to add new clothes made from the skin of these animals these would be garments for intermediate players because this area is for this type of players so the possible garments that would fit with the game They would be boots and a coat both can be designed and would have a good appearance that would fit the character in relation to their statistics, these must be located between the wolf skin and the bear. The new skin must have (Coat) Warmth (5.0 ° C) Windproof (4.5 ° C) Waterproof (90% or 95%) Protection (16%) Mobility (18%) Weight 5 kg Possibility to fear timberwolf and wolfs (15%) Why that statistic? Warmth: the skin of timberwolfs is bigger than a common wolf Windproof: the skin of timberwolfs are better for storms in the real life Waterproof: your coat to be adapted for storms should also be for moisture Protection: It has to be balanced so 16% is okay Weight: skin of timberwolfs is bigger than a common wolf so it is having to be heavier these statistics are at a midpoint to highlight the first point that must be garments for intermediate players capable of killing these fearsome beasts For the boots I don’t have many ideas now but I can think about if it was useful Pd: Enjoy the holidays community of the long dark. Sorry for my English I speak spanish
  22. A Soulful Musical Instrument to keep it Sane in Big Bear? Hinterland, how about a Musical Instrument to Play in Blizzards? A couple of Craftable Drums maybe or a Guitar, Flute? I really need to keep me away from going suicidal in this neverending winter!! Perhaps, even some voice pre-recorded singing or rapping, just a little - would make a huge difference in experience!
  23. Gorrion

    Show gloves

    Hello Hinterland team, I hope you read this message that I am writing to you, I love your game but I would love that you could put on the gloves that you have equipped and not see the bare hands all the time, since that would give me more immersion in the game and I could enjoy more I hope as the last wish that they do not stop putting more content since it is a game that has a lot of potential. Thank you I hope you can value my proposal. PS: I hope I understand what I mean since I use google translator. :)
  24. Plz make this a future or a option if we choose to turn this on:) I would like to see bears breaking into cabin doors/windows if they are hungry it would be scary but a awsome future if this is added in a future update Plz make this a future or a option if we choose to turn this on:)
  25. I want these animals added in a future update plz Plz add these animals plz:D mountain lions more bear types bison elk And Wolverine.