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  1. I came across a waterfall inside of a cave, and in order to move deeper into the cave, I **had** to travel across the waterfall, there were no other paths around it. What is the best way to travel across a waterfall, in order to avoid hypothermia? When I crossed the waterfall with all of my clothing on, the outer layers got completely soaking wet, and my body temperature instantly dropped to 0, which forced me to immediately build a fire on the other side of the waterfall to avoid dying of hypothermia. Running across a waterfall doesn't seem to reduce exposure time to the freezing cold wa
  2. Hello, I'm Steven. I'm a level designer that absolutely fell in love with this game back when the first episode of Wintermute released. I'm constantly taking notes from this game and it's developers and I'm glad to finally join the community!
  3. Short and skinny version: whittling or having a smoke while I waste the day away just enjoying the scenery. Like many of you there comes a point in survival mode where I’ve already explored every region and set myself up a base in each that I always return to just to see how much longer I can survive. Currently my stalker run is about 250 days and going strong, plenty of food and resources stalked up at each location and more than enough bullets/arrows/fishing gear/snares to keep me going for as long as I don’t let stupid happen. At this point I want to kick back and enjoy the
  4. I have this idea in the back of my mind for a long time now but before that some quick words I placed this idea here for a review I want hear the problems with this weapon so that I can improve it: The Handgun is a Rare Weapon that can only be found in containers near urban locations like Milton, Being Mainly Used by law enforcement officers this Weapon is Rare, not as rare as a Mukluk but there is a 3/2 chance that you won't find it in your scavenging trips to a town, this weapon resembles a Colt 1911 to give in to the firearms woodsy look in Long Dark, As Said, it is mostly used by law
  5. I have always found “The Will to Live” achievement alluring. The idea of surviving for in game years, having to plan months ahead, and inevitably leaving your mark on nearly every crevice and corner of Great Bear have the makings of a great survival story. However, on the lower difficulties the monument of this achievement is somewhat diminished on behalf of the plethora of supplies, tools, and weapons available. I personally found that by day 150 or so on stalker their was very little reason to do anything and few external threats on account of my gear and supply reserves. To amend this
  6. Numerous stalker and voyager runs of mine have lasted between 100-200 days and yet the season never seems to change. I’ve never lived north of the US/Canadian border but I assume there is seasonal weather changes. I know (from doing seasonal work) in Alaska summer is quite different than winter. Would anyone be interested in this being implemented?
  7. So I'm making this thread to discuss the lore in the long dark particularly the Geomagnetic Storm. I'm a bit of a science nerd and love the phenomenon going on in the game and I've had plenty of my friends ask why there isn't any power in the long dark and why it returns (sorta) during an Aurora. So this is an attempt to explain it as well as discussing why this storm never ends. One of my favorite things about the Long Dark is the phenomenon going on isn't so far fetched in fact it has already happened before in real life. As we all know the phenomenon in question is a geomagneti
  8. What do decoy's do? Any ideas how to use it effectively?
  9. This is an idea from the survival game, Green Hell, which I will link the specific item below (Once on that wiki, scroll down a bit and it shows the bone brew) and also Green Hell has the system of making stews, which I will also link that below (Scroll down to Soups and Brews once on the wiki): Now in order to make this item work, we would first need a way to extract bones from animal carcasses. If they added this, I feel that only tools can be used to extract the bones and nothing else (However,
  10. Ingame when you pick up a round of .303 it seems to be a fmj type well my question is the .303 ingame shooting 150 grain 174 grain 180 grain or 215 hand loads the reason I ask is cause ingame the rifle feels underpowered to a extent but maybe its cause a portion of the barrel been sawed off by bubba anyway discuss away
  11. UTC-10


    Once a player becomes familiar with the game mechanics and has their routine in what they do, the act of surviving becomes much easier. One has tools, weapons, clothing, and other supplies. For some this leads to wanting more of the desperate early days of scrambling for survival so that leads to suggesting more dangers to enliven the day-to-day survival process. How about disasters? Nothing like that (the aurora) which presumably put the character into the current survival situation but "darn the jerry can of lamp oil spilled and the spill caught fire and the base is burning down, G
  12. Hey, Hinterland! Here are some bugs in the game that I sent to tech support for 2 years, but which were never fixed. Also a couple of my ideas, suggestions and comments.
  13. Inspired by DrifterMan and GelTAZ I wanted to take on a new interloper challenge. How long can one survive in FM only on interloper? GelTAZ recorded a nice video series about surviving until the train cleared the tunnel on day 7 (see link below). Sadly GelTAZ did not catch his train. Survival in the muskeg is a brutal existence. Constant exposure, only one load screen, limited loot and matches and a single solitary place to sleep each and every night. So, welcome home to Old Spence Family Homestead. We will get pretty familiar with this pla
  14. Hey Folks and devs, After spending 130 days in wilderness in survival mode, my journey ended by surprising accident again (my previous attempt was stepping on fire). Not by a bear, or wolf or even a cold weather. i was running around in warm weather comfortably in +32 degree C attire, and slept on outside w/o paying attention to my effing glove getting wet. I was planning on climbing a rope, so i figured let me sleep a bit more before the climb. i did barely notice the frostbite warning just before clicking the sleep, but in truth it never occurred to me one of my clothes could be wet. Th
  15. After playing a while I've took frequent breaks from the game and come back to the game because it is a unique experience. However after exploring the map after a while I have become acquainted with most of the maps. I dare not claim to have 100% the maps and the thought of venturing into bleak inlet without a rifle or Timberwolf mountain (and beyond) without end game load out is still a dream for me. I would like to see a visual update and see more variety in the future. Adding more spawns for structures and decorations would be welcome, but there are still areas where traversing is like skyr
  16. I just read the dev diary of august 2020 and I couldn't be more excited when I saw the picture of what I think is the Blackrock prison. Honestly it looks really nice and I didn't thought we would get an illustration of it so thank you for these nice teasing. We are all probably gonna have a lots of theories about the survivors inside the prison and where it is located (maybe a new small region). PS: Thank you Raph and the team for the amazing work on the survival mode and on wintermute !
  17. For those who do not know, a Molotov Cocktail or Molotov, is an improvised weapon designed from taking a glass bottle, filling it with a flammable liquid (gas, high proof liquor, alcohol derivative, etc ) and using a burning cloth or rag to ignite it when thrown. Honestly, I’m not necessarily advocating for it to be in the game, but I would like to hear if anyone has a case for molotovs to be added in the game. On one hand, i think its somewhat fitting as a molotov is as improvised of a weapon as making a pointy stick. Otherwise, I think it would be interesting in some
  18. Hey! I’ve been playing the Long Dark for three weeks now, and I’m currently really struggling with getting the last survivor back to the base (episode 3). The weather is bad, my condition isn’t great, I’m almost out of food and keep getting attacked by timberwolves. I’ve been stuck at this part for hours and I’m starting to get pretty frustrated :-) I know you can’t change difficulty midgame, but I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to restart just this episode in an easier mode? (Because I already completed the first two episodes and you can’t go back after that) Please l
  19. Alright, so here it goes. First post here. Let me just say first off. That I absolutely love this game in a way that I don't find with many, if any, other games. So, Locations that should be on Great Bear. What I mean here, is locations that should exist somewhere on the island just based on the context and size of the Island. Now I believe these ARE on the Island somewhere, in my mind they'd have to be, but whether or not they're somewhere the player will be able to access is up to the developers at Hinterland. Firstly, an Airport. This seems fairly obvious to me, but I'm not sure
  20. 5 types of arrow heads: metal, stone, bone, glass, wood. Each of these materials already exist abundantly in the game. Pros/cons: 1. Metal: longest lasting (indestructible), greatest damage, requires a forge. 2. Stone: requires stone napping as a skill, requires work bench and red tool box, not indestructible like metal but will last 2 or 3 arrow shafts, slightly lesser damage than metal. 2b. Bone: requires harvested bones, work bench and red tool box, similar to stone they will last multiple arrow shafts but not indestructibl
  21. Buna ziua! Joaca careva jocul asta?
  22. Okay, this might not be everyone's cup of tea(snarf snarf), but I think TLD and Hinterland might be THE perfect fit for creating an Alien Isolation sequel or follow up. I cannot imagine a better fit and I guess the only concern would be the pressure that comes along with taking on a project IP owned by another company such as Sega or Disney, however it works idk. I would be happy if Hinterland got access to the A:I game engine and made an expanded survival mode off of that.
  23. Hello. I took your survey yesterday and it must be said, I appreciate you being so direct about asking me what I am willing, and am not willing, to pay for. Thank you. I will not duplicate what was asked in that survey here beyond emphasizing that I hope that once The Long Dark is complete you focus your knowledge on making a new experience built on a more modern technological foundation. I would like to offer some feedback about what I appreciate most in your current game. Things I wish I could have said in the survey. Perhaps it may be of use to you as you move forward. Perhap
  24. Should there be animals in the towns like stray dogs/cats?, like realistically there are always strays out there even in the freezing cold and it just seems weird that the towns only have rabbits and wolves.
  25. If anyone is not on Twitter, Raphael posted some survey results on his page. I summed majority those tweets (hope did not miss anything, text in italics is Raphael's tweets, added several dots to fix Twitter length limitations, but overall grammar from there.). The survey collected 15,000+ responses: “About 40% of our respondents bought the game during our Early Access phase (between Sept 2014 and Sept 2017). This strongly suggests a lot of our active players have been playing for between 4-7 years. 32% of respondents have bought the game at least twice. 5% have bought it three