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About Me

  1. Hello everyone and before you read this long post I want you to know I am in no way attacking the game or the devs, I played the game a fair bit and I totally get how passionate they are about it and I don't want to ruin anyone's mood, but before leaving the game for a while I thought it would be nice to share my feedback I don't normally do this, but this game gave me a lot of emotion and I feel it's just fair that I take a bit of my time to let the devs know how I felt about it, my impressions might be more common than they seem.. I can't bring myself to play this game after 60-70 hou
  2. Hopeless Rescue was my first challenge to complete after over 120+ gameplay hours. At first I underestimated the time limit and messed around trying to find better protection against the cold, but ended up having to restart by the time I got to the summit of Timberwolf Mountain. On the second try I wasted no time and got to the lighthouse in Desolation Point right before the 7th day. I took a screenshot before I ended my journey traveling across Great Bear Island to share my victory with others who completed the challenge. I've never been to Timberwolf Mountain until this challenge, and boy wa
  3. I’ve recently been looking around online at some pretty cool Kentucky rifles, and thought how cool it would be if there were muzzleloaders in TLD. I’ve made many threads about new weapon ideas that some people didn’t agree with, but I think I’ve really thought this one out as the cons out-way the pros so it’s not OP. So if you don’t agree, that’s fine, just make sure that your not rude. Anyway, the muzzleloader would be a very powerful flintlock rifle that would be in the game. It could only be found in select regions, which would most likely be Bleak Inlet, Coastal highway, and Mountain town
  4. Hello everyone. Here, I wants to tell you about some ideas of new update, what I would like to see in game in the future: 1. We know, that reloading our old great bolt rifle is fast. And I imagine: why pilot without shooting experience can reload gun so fast? I think that reloading time must be longer if player's shooting skill is low, reload animation must be longer than if skill of shooting higher. 2. If your skill in game of shooting is low, you can make reloading faster with special ammo bags on character's body. You know, like a soldier :) 3. And if we thought about soldier
  5. I discuss two things here: a custom Interloper that works surprisingly well and a wolf bomb (really). I've been playing Stalker without a rifle for a long time. Barring a surprise attack by multiple wolves, I can survive as long as I want (> 200 days). For me, Interloper is possible, but very depressing. I did 100 days on Interloper a while back and recently started a new one. I quite after 60 days although I had no immediate issues. I had warm clothes, including a moose-hide cloak, and all the weapons and tools available in Interloper, except a magnifying glass. It was just that
  6. For me i like pleasant valley because the farmhouse can give some really nice early gear. but, i don't mind TWM or desolation point.
  7. So im 15 lol and on a 115 day survival doing well except one issue. I just go frostbite. Now you might say thats not bad, you permanently lost 10 % of your condition well i did some research and found out that frostbite can stack up to 5x, (50% condition loss) but somehow i have received 7x frostbite! So im now permanently on 30% health. Has anyone else receives higher then 5x frostbite?
  8. Growing crops, to using them, to making meals. Solo play is fun, but Ive always wanted to share my experience with a friend. Maybe were they start at coastal highway and you start at mystery lake and ofcourse death is permanent for both players. A game like the long dark where it’s really meant to feel like your alone and no ones out there, maybe sometimes you don’t have to be alone. I just hope it wouldn’t ruin the base game.
  9. This topic I'm writing to propose some ideas about updating bears in game. From my opinion, live cycle of the bear in the game must have more details, than walking and sleeping in caves. Here, I wants to talk about some strange ideas for bears. Maybe they will do bears more interesting and realistic. 1. Hunting bears. After bear's awake, in the winter, it really hungry. But some of methods of eating can be... lil bit different. When bear take down deer, it will try to bring new food closer to it's own lair, but not into it. Bear can bury new food under snow, what's lays nearby.
  10. He jugado un tanto desde que salio la actualización y como un jugador con cerca de 140 hrs aun me considero medianamente novatillo. Quisiera discutir ¿Que les ha parecido a los jugadores veteranos y a los más novatos la actualización?. A mi en lo personal me ha encantado un montón. Con el spray puedo marcar las zonas donde he visto peligro u oportunidades para sobrevivir que no aparecen por defecto en el mapa. uso regularmente los refugios de piedra para dejar las regiones por la que transito con lugares donde descargar y cargar rápidamente palos y cosas que se pueden acumular un montón.
  11. Different variants of rifles. Wouldn’t affect the stats of the weapon, just change the appearance. I’m thinking of the version we have, and a more modern, tactical version. I’m pretty sure I saw a video where people out in remote Alaska talk about how they get their guns delivered, so modern firearms in Great Bear could be a possibility.
  12. So basically, I want a polar bear to be added to the game. As a new predator, it functions differently from previous animals, by stalking the player. Similar to how wolves can sneak up on players after smelling them, this would function a bit differently as, after starting a new save file up, one, two, or potentially three polar bears spawn (in the whole game.) This would basically entail adding certain features, like skeletons, to previously empty caves, and then having a polar bear roam that area. After a player enters a polar bear's territory, perhaps just by entering that particular zone,
  13. I was thinking, it would be interesting if alcohol were included in the game (vodka, whiskey, etc ..) drinking it would have advantages and disadvantages, for example: your character does not feel the cold and would walk fast even if you have too much weight but walking drunk, when the effect of alcohol is over you would be cold and your vision blurred for 1min. (I'm not good at English, I used google translator sorry if there are any errors)
  14. Dr.Dankalot


    I’ve been playing the story mode a bit and have really found myself wanting tents .... not sure why but there is something cool about the idea of pitching a tent in a storm , placing your sleeping bag inside and sitting by the fire . I’ve been playing since early access when it launched , and it’s amazing to see how far the game has come ! But this would be cool to have one day .
  15. I usually play Interloper and go for Snow Walker (20% faster stamina regen) and Cold Fusion (minor temperature boost). If I play Stalker I add Straight to the Heart (coffee, stims last longer). I pick these ones because 1) I run all the time so I need that stamina and 2) interloper is cold, and the couple extra degrees can be the difference between freezing and not. What are your picks? Or which ones are you working towards?
  16. Just recently started playing Long Dark again after not touching it for quite some time. I’m happy to see a lot of quality of life changes they have made (for example, not being able to cook while doing something else). And it got me thinking, what other things could they possibly add/improve? 1. Make scarves an accessory item. 2. Be able to sleep anywhere without bed warmth bonuses. When I was a newb a while back, I made the mistake of forgetting my bedroll and spent hours in a gas station mending clothing and crafting and was ready to go to sleep. Well... to my amaze, I for
  17. So I did a post like this a few years back after i did another post about issue's with a very certain DOOR, where i mentioned a few cool things id like to see in the game like (readable news papers that would maybe flesh out what happen during the great breakdown of the current area or stories about things going on in different areas of the game that would more greatly explain open the story) (signs for DOORS that lock you outside when you walk through them) So now i started a another one here where people & I can throw Ideas around, a few i have already would be (Giving players
  18. Hello everyone! This is my first forum submission and I hope you enjoy reading this! However, this might be too long so if you're in a TL:DR mood, just scroll down to the last few paragraphs. So I've been playing The Long Dark ever since (I believe) its launch date and I have 820 hours on it (yes, I know I should have more but I take long breaks, especially if I don't like the updates or when I get bored). However, ever since I've played TLD, I have always had a problem with the rifle. I can remember repeatedly sending feedback to Hinterland Games about suggestions to "fix" the rifle.
  19. So I personally don't search every single vehicle I see because I can't be botherd to do so. Either way I luckily found some pretty rare loot. Not Amazing loot like Expedition parka, but I found a Cowichan sweater in a locked trunk. I think you can find baclava inside a vehicle but I am not sure. So is it worth it to search every vehicle you see? Because sometimes I can see a car in the far away from me. What is the loot hoarder players opinions? (Note I was playing Pilgrim when I found the Cowichan sweater) Also I found a flying bullet when I enterd Crossing Thomas
  20. I feel like this hasn't been talked about in a while. Usually there wouldn't be much need to have primitive firestarting but I found myself in such a need the other day in hushed river valley when I ran out of matches. Plus it would just be a new thing to mess around with anyway. I think it would tie in nicely to the firestarting skill. Perhaps matches and strikers and such would offer MINIMAL skill gain while starting fires primitively would result in much larger skill gain. The obvious way would be using the bow method, and there might even be a little minigame similar to Stranded Deep's fir
  21. Do yall remember when the UI actually looked like a survival journal? That was awesome and I have no clue why they ditched it for what we have now. Does anyone else miss it?
  22. Hi from Scotland. Xbox game pass user but bought game as its brilliant. Well done to your team and keep up the good work. Try opening the discussions on xbox one lol as only admins can post. You wont be dissapointed. Unlike the other game Dayz Dare i mention it this one rocks big time didnt buy that boght this as its superior in every way. For a first effort you reall don your stuff. Well done.
  23. To me, hushed river valley does not really impact me as a player because I have no intention of traveling there, as there is no real good loot. I for one believe that when the Devs implement a new region that hushed river valley should be one of the ways to get to it, therefore enticing the player to make the trip. What do y'all think?
  24. So I was thinking sure the game is lone survivor mainly but what about adding living npcs in limited numbers thru out the map the max there could be is 10 and you could either help or leave em to there fates idk just a idea that popped in my head