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About Me

  1. I have done this distress pistol last February. It was my first time in crafting. You can follow me on my instagram @ artyom_nov .What else do i need to do from the long dark?
  2. Stalker I've got this challenge When you start a new game, your first priorities are not freezing to death, not being killed by the wildlife, and not starving or dying of thirst. As you progress in the game, you find or craft warmer cloths, so freezing to death becomes less likely. Once you get a rifle or bow and began to gain skill, your odds of being killed by wildlife decrease. You also build up a reservoir of food and water to sustain yourself. These trends continue until you can finally say to yourself "I've got this now". You've got about the best clothes, in terms of warmth an
  3. So since its around Halloween I thought we could see what is the most agonizing death on great bear that you could suffer? Mine would either be being burned or freezing to death and I hope I can see more of your gruesome answers!
  4. hello, i have a small (?) issue with surveying/mapping in survival (custom difficulty), some weird behaviour. doesnt happen always, but quite often and once it happens, cannot be undone no matter what i tried. when i first survey an area, reveal resources and area, all is well. but after collecting the resources and re-survey (to remove them from map to limit the clutter and to make it look pretty), more often than not they stay there, or even, previous ones appear that arent there anymore. like, i collect reishi-shrooms around an area, they arent on the map, even when i survey. some time lat
  5. Hi, during the two last days i were working on two maps that would illustrate my idea of this new Wendigo Mountain-Cave Region. i made a regular map and a cave map that is as big as regular region. based on the whiteberry ones we often see. I have been dreaming about enormous caves for the game since a long time i think that could be a valuable thing to add. and it would introduce new way to play and give idea for thoustands of new challenges, personal challenges but official too. Here is the idea: The fist map look pretty much like timberwolf mountain but a bit smaller. There is
  6. I kinda feel bad for taking Jeremiah's rifle in Episode 2. I didn't play before Redux, but I know that you got your own rifle from the hunting cabin in broken railroad along with the bear spear. It kinda saddens me that (Spoilers for the ending of Episode 2!) Matthias, a criminal, gets hold of a rifle and Jeremiah doesn't have one. I wish they kept the part where you get your own rifle so Jeremiah gets to keep his rifle.
  7. Thoughts on the idea of bathing in the game? So I was thinking your survivor would get very dirty, grimey and stinky traversing the cold apocalypse and this got me thinking. You should have the option to bathe. But this could have some attributes to make it work. Over time your player should develop a scent (same way as if your carrying food) which attracts wildlife. A hygiene metre could help you keep track of this. If your hygiene reaches too low not only could you attract more wildlife but your are more susceptible to diseases when cut or bitten etc. To avoid this, you should be
  8. I've been thinking about this a lot and was just wondering if anyone else feels like the devs should add in some kind of multiplayer to the game I don't know I just feel like it would spice it up
  9. I noticed that crows, when seen above bodies, not only do their spiral of carion consuming, but they do so perpetually. They do not go down to pick at the flesh, nor do they go away, or leave those they might annoy. (I have not tried shooting at them.) It may be difficult to animate in relation to the game's engine, but truthfully I have no idea. If they can be actual animals, that would be splendid.
  10. - Scientific research of air pressure, radiation, snow fall/precipitation via either hand/made or gathered devices, and their user learned from books. - Placeable/moveable furniture for those who live in one place, or (may use as a laboratory. I.e. Lighthouse, desolation point.) - Creating iceholes with either a drill or hatchet in ice. Ice fishing with tip-ups (ice fishing decides that are set out on a hole, and have a flag that "tips up" when a fish is caught on the line.) - More books, many bookish players exist - all in all, for this one, add generally more "useless" objec
  11. Hi everybody ! First of all I am back 😄 It's always good to be back And I kinda miss being in forum actually. 😄 So, Hope you guys doing great despite pandemic. Stay safe ☺️ And sorry for bad English by the way 😟 As for topic, I somehow think Items condition can play a major part in gameplay. I'll give you an example. So, What if Storm lantern condition was related to its fuel consumption! Just think about it. I think it would be great if storm lantern with for example 20% condition used more fuel and would extinguish rapidly unlike a 80% condition one. It would force player to k
  12. This is so upsetting. I finally get to good condition 6 days into survival and between loading from the cave to the winding river I find my game has completely reset!! All the items in my bag, things collected at the dam, my improved health, map surveyed and days logged - gone! Yet I'm still in the same location. My character is wearing different clothes too. How can everything just reset between location loads? I never even logged out of the game and I didn't die. I loved the campaign. Now i'm a bit hesitant about survival if my stuff can disappear so suddenly.
  13. Hey all, decided to update my old map. Planning on adding Ash Canyon and whatever comes next in the future. Looking for feedback right now, let me know things to improve upon, inconsistencies, or glaring issues. Thanks.
  14. I think a medical skill would be a great addition to the game, as treating wounds and illnesses is a key part of survival in the wild, yet its not a skill on the list, perks such as only needing 1 painkiller to treat injury's instead of 2. (useful especially on modes like Stalker and Interloper where your resources come down to every little thing.) Does Anyone else think this should be one of the listed skills?
  15. Heya everyone! After receiving a bunch of encouragement from The Long Dark’s subreddit, I’m going to start work on a fanfic series: Aurora Infernum. This story will focus on the effects of the Geomagnetic Storm on the rest of the world, where the main characters have to survive the Quiet Apocalypse as its effects bring society to its knees. Survival will be a key focus, but this time nature isn’t your only enemy. I’ll be posting links to the chapters here as I write them. Feel free to ask me questions about what I intend the story to include. I hope y’all will enjoy reading this as m
  16. After playing the game a lot after the first beta launch i have just started getting back into it. It really is a great game and having a lot of fun but there is one thing that is really annoying and gets on my nerves and that is the constant howling from wolves. It really breaks the immersion because real wolves do not howl every few seconds for hours upon hours. I’ve read that this is how it’s supposed to be and before it was thought to be too infrequent but honestly it feels like it should be the opposite. Like i said real wolves don’t howl nearly this often to the point where thi
  17. What is your most intense experience of the game? I was playing on voyageur as I was still learning the game. Survived 110 days before i died to a wolf that I got way too confident about. Began a new gameplay on stalker difficulty. Much better experience so far. And with that I've just had my most intense experience of the game. Spawned in desolation point and I survived the first 4 days scavenging for clothing and food trying to avoid the brutal -30°c average temperature. I'm now set up in coastal highway in a house with a fireplace behind the vas station on day 9 (night cycle
  18. ¡Hola supervivientes! mucho tiempo sin escribir , pero estoy muy feliz de poder contarles que la wiki de The Long Dark en español está naciendo. He estado en contacto con los administradores de la wiki en ingles y me han apoyado a crear una página con información en español . He aqui la pagina, esta ligada con las wikis en ruso , frances , aleman y por supuesto en ingles. Pueden hablarme desde acá , aunque reviso bastante poco el perfil hinterland. Tambien pueden hablarme en mi perfil de steam: https://steamcom
  19. I have been playing The long dark for a while and wanted to get it for my laptop. I got it on the microsoft store because i already owned it. Anyway once i started it up i nticed this wierd green and purple pixel haze around certain objects, most notably on things like telepohone wires or car tires or any other sharp edges. i assume this is an anti aliasing issue since no other games i have on this laptop have this problem so i know its not graphics card related. if you have any experience with this or any help to offer please help.
  20. I just got this game on my Nintendo Switch, and I like it. But I opened it up and went to the "Load" menu, it only showed one game that had been saved, and I couldn't see any of the others. (I had made multiple). Strangely, it said that four out of twenty-five slots were used, even though it only showed one, and I could only access one. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know how to fix it, or access the other games in some not too complicated way? Thank you!
  21. Im in CH(Coastal Highway) And i had 23 protection then i found another 8 protection and it didnt show on the stats thing is the stats meter thing broken or it didnt register me having it?
  22. So we know that EP 1 took place in Milton EP 2 in 3 Regions EP 3 in one region EP4 new region and 2 others? i think that sounds reasonable and i would love to hear what you guys think PS It would be dope to see prison guards at the prison thinking that you are an Convict or something
  23. here's a small collection of screenshots from my saves, the full collection is on my steam: all screenshots will have a location tagged, hope you enjoy ^ mystery lake ^ coastal highway ^mystery lake ^ the connection between mystery lake and milton ^ mystery lake ^ the basin (i think) ^ the connection between mystery lake and milton
  24. so i’m going through the cave leaving milton and when i reach the end nothing happens? i thought it was weird at first but didn’t know the game bugged out and i was supposed to get a cutscene, 2 hours later and i reload the save and try to get the cutscene to trigger but nothing’s working, apparently this was an old bug in 2018 bit got fixed so idk what to do, i tried sleeping in the cave and going through the exit again like how some ppl recommend but nothing happens still
  25. i just realised how i am posting too much on this wish list xD today i posted 4 new ideas so yeah it a lot... i will add all my ideas in one post instead of making new post everytime i have an idea so my first idea was to being able to OVER customise our sandboxes. what i mean by that (beacause we already can play a lot with it) is: - being able to disable the spawn of everything in the game and its spawn chances so you can really decide if you dont want certain items - being able to start with wathever we want at the start of a sandbox for example: (an aluminum can a a rock)