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About Me

  1. Now I'm not talking about in game sponsorship from large corporate carbonated drink manufacturers but inventory control in game. Curious to know, how many dump their stuff in a pile and how many like me are neat freaks and take time to use shelf space etc? Being the latter, I have to say it's rather a cumbersome task putting all your ducks in a row! Currently I have to: Drop an inventory item Target said item Use the "place" hotkey Move to required location Drop item again With some items the cursor cannot even target dropped inventory, forcing me to
  2. Quenching and tempering are important steps to forging a good knife in order to increase hardness, tempering reduces brittleness, slightly reduces hardness but improves durability. Please read the following to learn more about the process: We'd probably need to add a bucket of water to perform this operation so we might need buckets and the ability to put water in them, even hot water such as intended for wolf defense for example. We might also want to add
  3. i had been holed up in pleasant valley for the last 8 days (starting from a new game.) and in stalker mode where your character seems to be ravenous and dehydrated every 30 minutes, i had already looted the local town and burned through the entire food supply and was, at the time, staying regularly in the farmhouse. and due to the lack of food i decided to move up to the radio tower and scavenge it out. maybe there'd be a rifle waiting for me up there, allowing me to stay and hunt. if not, i'd move to coastal highway, live off of fish and canned foods for the next few months. when i started my
  4. so, when you're in a climate with bears, they are a huge risk and concern when leaving any food lying around. bears have an advanced sense of smell that can pick up food over long distances. when camping in bear country, you're urged to close your food into special bear-proof containers so that they don't come sniffing. however, in the long dark, bears aren't really that big of an issue. bears don't come looking for your food, and if you see one you can just walk around it and it won't really bother you as long as you don't get too close and don't poke it with a bullet i know that hi
  5. I have been playing TLD from a few month now and one mechanic I really want added to the game is snow depth and ice. Snow depth: You know when you are walking outside on the grass and you walk though deeper snow and you can't move as fast? That is what I am talking about, when walking in TLD walking though snow you should have a slower speed depending on the depth. Now you may be saying to your self "Oh! that would suck! I don't want that!"-you to counter the slow walking speed is one simple solution: Snow Shoes!!! (cheering in background) the idea with the snow shoes is that you have
  6. I was holed up in the old lookout tower near mystery lake. After 17 days out there, I had begun to get the basics of survival (food preparation, mostly. After having nothing to eat but venison for ten days, I had come up with a thousand different ways to prepare it.) I was completely stocked up on firewood, water, matches, medical supplies and ammunition for my trusty .303. Living fairly well, for someone who was stranded in the middle of northern Canadian wilderness in the middle of a global disaster. Anyway. After I began running low on food, I waited for the perfect day to go out hunting. C
  7. Forget online co-op, would split screen be atleast slightly more possible. What about having to worry about a tree falling onto you due to strong wind? Purhapse the cabin your staying at caught fire and is forceing you to relocate grabbing as much as you can before it turns to ash and becomes useless. I mean plenty of other nonenterable cabins have clearly already burned down. And the dam in mystery had a wolf in it. I had grabbed an energy bar off a frozen corps in the bottom generator room just to hear a howl coming from somewhere behind me, in the dark....I turned
  8. We should be able to build makeshift shelters. Stuff like a "lean to" maybe an igloo or various styles & types. The KEY to this wishlist request is to make these shelters TEMPORARY shelter. It wouldnt be to fun or fair really if you could just grab some sticks and other stuff right off the bat and build a shelter in the middle of bfe perminant af and indestrucatable. Thats why you impliment the temporary factor. For example: you craft a lean to shelter out of sticks, maybe some leather/cloth. Moss is a must for insulation as well as rope/guts to lash the shelter tog