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About Me

  1. It's summed up in the title basically, but I think it'd be nice if we had access to the old Hunting Rifle crosshairs like the ones from 2018 which look much more practical for hunting, or have the ability to paint a bow with Spray Paint or tie something to the Arrows as a sort of tracer round thing for when you miss.
  2. I have 100kg Wolf meat and my snare's support me with 2-3kg rabbit meat per day. I have time. To much time. I wish i could carve wood. Or Ice sculptures? Maybee a snowman? I need anyone in this game "to do". Anyone thats make sense (no i don't need 10 wolfskin coats). Mhmm... with 500 parts of coal i could lay a picture on the lake?
  3. Hinterland, kudos for having a moral choice far, FAR better then choosing whether or not to loot a gas station for supplies. But for the love of god, please have this choice actually matter in later chapters. If you spare Hobbs life make him show up down the line either interacting or antagonizing Will or Astrid in later chapters. Or if you killed him, would you make it so it actually affects Will beyond word changes in his dialogue like in Telltale games? I let a dangerous criminal live, MAKE IT WORTH MY WHILE EH?
  4. I killed a black bear outside of Quonset Garage in CH! It honestly was fairly uneventful. I set out in the morning armed with my rifle and began creeping around, looking for the bear I had seen wandering around a few times. I got lucky. After about 10 minutes of looking around I saw him. Big Ol' Black bear was lumbering along the road coming from the nearby logging path just on the edge of the Coastal Townsite. I crouched to remain undetected and quickly snuck to the edge of Quonset, dropped a raw coho salmon as a lure then quickly ran to the car on the opposite side. Crouching behind the car
  5. I was after 500 days trophy and cartographer trophy also. For the cartographer I had to map like 5 more locations in Ash Canyon and I was at something like 400 days plus run. Anyways in survival mode I got NEW game and FEATS . No continue or whatever. Did anyone resolved such problem. It would be much appreciated. I reinstalled game, deleted saves, downloaded saves from online storage. Didnt help. Submitted ticket also but I dont expect much help from Hinterland.
  6. Vareta

    Dynamic world

    This as already been discussed, but I believe it is important to bring this conversation to light. The world of great beat is completely unchanging, aside from the temperature, every single day is kinda the same. What is proposed is certain “events”, that spice up a little the gameplay, these could come in many forms but the one that most interests me is this one: The big blizzard: basically at a random number of days, a long and violent blizzard sweeps through great bear, making temperatures drop drastically, to the point where even inside you could be at risk of freezing. Before the st
  7. Hi. I'm a Japanese gamer.I'm sorry for my poor English. BTW,I tried to play and install this game yesterday. First, I can play this game very confotable. But, today I cant play this game. I tried to veryfy, reinstall,system reboot,geforce update, no scalling...and more. But I can change nothing... plz help this suck sheep;; pictures: 1 launching 2 after cricks whernever playerlog Initialize engine version: 2019.4.3f1 (f880dceab6fe) [Subsystems] Discovering subsystems at path C:/Program Files/Epic Games/TheLongDark/tld_Data/Un
  8. I've been watching a lot of TLD on Youtube after finishing Wintermute lately. And people regularly run around with hypothermia risk and with very overloaded packs seemingly without any problems at all. It's starting to feel a bit cartoonish that you can do that in a game like this. If you overload your backpack, your speed should be severely limited. Hypothermia risk should mean penalties on both movement and focus. Not sure what happens IRL, but I would imagine very stiff hands that fail to grab stuff and starting to get delirious? Not eating and drinking should start draining your energy lev
  9. Early game bear hunt, asking for your experiences in where bears go to die. While looting the hunter blind at No Name Pond, the old bear walked from the bear cave moving directly towards the blind. Being only day 30 of a new “vanilla” Stalker run, my character was rested and drawing the survival bow produced a nice, steady white-dot reticle which fell centered on the bear’s brow line. I released the arrow and time slowed; the arrow arched slightly and struck the old bear directly in the face. The bear turned away and ran at full speed up the snow-covered hill and I listened as the so
  10. I was walking through TWM on my 4th attempt to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge when I came across a black bear. It hadn't seen me yet so I crouched and started creeping up the side of the hill hoping I could just remain unseen and the bear would just walk the direction I was coming from. Still had my rifle handy though. It was about halfway past me when I shifted the slightest bit. Next thing I know it roars and beginnings lumbering up the hill side directly towards me. I aim my rifle and boom! the bear just collapses on spot. I was so shocked that a) hit my mark and b) killed it with j
  11. Hello all, I'm DHallzy! I'm a full-time professional VFX Artist, and I absolutely love The Long Dark. I've been streaming TLD for a few months now, and my community mentioned posting some of the art I've done here on the forums. We do something a little different and special, where each week, we do a "Recap" of our previous adventures in the form of an Animatic (Kind of like an Animated Storyboard). It's great fun, and we're still going strong 100+ on Stalker. We have it on video tape and everything: We stream Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and have Art Streams on
  12. Forrest

    New Animals

    We want new Animals like Owl , squirrel and others . It will be interesting and it will make game alive
  13. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has to look away from the screen when snapping a rabbits neck. I remember the first time I stunned a rabbit by hitting it with a stone, I was so excited and happy till I picked it up and it gave me the choice to release it or kill it. I shrieked "NOOOO! WHY WHY WHY!" The guilt consumes me, those big brown eyes staring up at you.
  14. It is Christmas time and I am thankful for the new map, but I’m a dreamer and there is something in a map I feel is missing and I would like in my wishlist for the next addition. I should preface this by saying I am fan of this game and believe it does not get enough attention and should be recognized as such a complex and beautiful game. Preferably not another dead end map, I think I can speak for many others. But the general theme would be a somewhat small abandoned (perhaps off-season) ski resort. Included would be a cafeteria/restaurant with a locked fridge/freezer
  15. So I decided to create a scenario using the endless Night option. I have no clue how good nor do I know if someone has already made a scenario similar to this one. This scenario uses mostly interloper settings with only 3 changes. I am usually bad at creating a story so I just made a quick summary of what is going on. (The lore is just filler to explain the never rising sun really) Lonely Earth is a scenario in which something happened to the sun miraculously Earth didn't get destroyed but it is now adrift in the cold vacuum of space, lonely with no sun to keep it warm it will only get co
  16. What about a hide crafting system where a cured hide give you a certain amount of area? Then the craftable clothing has a hide area requirement. So now I can make clothing from any combination of hides I wish. But also have a system that tracks what was used to make an item. So a coat made from deer and rabbit is good but one made from all bear gets a 100% bonus of keeping wolves away. Half bear, half deer; 50%. Just an idea. Please, shoot it down or make it better.
  17. My survivor almost fell to their death today:) Made the trip down the ravine safe and sound, explored and harvested, and took a quick nap. My energy level was just over half full and I thought for sure I could get to the ledge located halfway up the cliff side before running out of steam. Nope. The ledge in near sight my survivor became exhausted. And I mean COMPLETELY exhausted. Panicking I tried to shimmy down the rope slowly, but then my survivor lost their grip and fell. But luckily my survivors instincts kicked in and they managed to grab the rope about 5 feet before they would've hi
  18. broken wolves in ash canyon
  19. I think crafting should be a separate skill. When you've become a good enough crafter the work bench won't be necessary, this means you can survive and thrive in places without workbenches (HRV). Notice that the reduced crafting time in my skill level suggestion is only present when using a workbench, and not when "free hand" crafting. 1. Crafting time reduced by 5% at work bench. 2. Crafting time reduced by 10% at work bench. You don't require a work bench to craft fishing lines and hooks. 3. Crafting time reduced by 15% at work bench. You don't require a work bench to craft snares.
  20. I have noticed a lot of matches near bridges in the new ash canyon map. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Too many to be a coincidence.
  21. Listen to this two tracks and tell me if you want them to be in game or not and hear is links 1, I'm Marta from life of other movie 2, piano track from the amazing life of pulan movie.
  22. Did my normal afternoon TLD stream I do every afternoon (my go to game for relaxing fun that can turn intense) I made it to the Bleak Inlet/outlet Tower area, fought off the Timber Wolf group there just about, set up camp in the tower spent 3-4 days then I wake up and hear Timber Wolves squealing like they are being threatened and I see this glowing green wolf/wolverine chasing the Timber Wolves around and they were scared. Here is the clip.
  23. I'm not 100% on this whatsoever, but at the end of the new trailer (near the 3:03-3:12), the camera is quite shaky and unstable, like you'd find watching VR gameplay. I play a good bit of VR so i have a good feeling about this. TLD:VR?? inb4 if i call this also I just made a forums account to post this so i apologize if this is in the wrong category of forum.
  24. I like speedrunning (in-game time) the challenges and was just really curious if anyone has some good tips & tricks on improving The Hunted Part 1? For me it offcourse depends on a coffee spawn at PV Farm but then also on adjusting the amount of time you reheat at the Dam and PV Farm. Has anyone done it faster than this time and if so, how?
  25. Personally for now I really like the new soundtrack for ash canyon but I want to see some other opinions.