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About Me

  1. Its my first time reaching 50 days and I want to get an epic screen shot to celebrate. Climbing ropes is out of the picture because of broken ribs. where should I go? It needs to be something cool.
  2. It's troublesome to find a table to make a bullet in the game. So here's what I'm thinking. Since it's so troublesome to make bullets, why doesn't your rifle have an option? It's not very strong except for the bow. That's why I'm ingesting a weapon from the Hinterland team that can partially replace the rifle, at least a weapon that can scare off a wolf. Or you can also handle this problem by putting a bullet table in another location in a better position. Please consider this message.
  3. I've mostly been a PC player but now own the game on PS4 as well. I've found the controls a bit clunky on the gamepad, mostly due to an overly large deadzone on the sticks, and the inability to use the Dualshock 4's gyro controls to fine-tune aim. I guess the suggestions here are: -add a deadzone adjustment slider in the control options; and -add an "enable gyro while aiming" option, along with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Cheers!
  4. I saw that many houses have a basement door but you cannot enter.I wanna see them working because there will be more loot.Just a discussion,not a real thing.
  5. First off, I am not, in anyway, trying to criticize the way TLD is being updated. I just want to understand what the future plan for this game is. While watching the forums, I’ve seen many extremely radical propositions: multiplayer, shotguns, chainsaws...(I’m not saying any of these should be added, specially multiplayer). But the point is, what is acceptable ? Should the devs only continue to add new regions and some misc items ? Do you think that implementing something new and quite different could be good ? The thing is, that just like most games, old players tend to dislike big
  6. I cannot think of a better game to be in Virtual Reality, more than The Long Dark. The VR community doesn't have a lot of great survival games and this one feel like it would fit perfectly. The industry is growing. Don't let that money sit on the table!!
  7. After a total of 7 attempts to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge, I finally managed to succeed! Most attempts I got hopelessly lost, or took too long due to bad weather and poor clothes except for my 6th try which had been my best run yet. I had found some really good clothing right off the bat and found not only a revolver, but a rifle as well before I had even left the ML region. I was making great time. Then 4 wolves decided to attack me one after the other after just entering PV, and my stupid self kept clicking the wrong button when trying to shoot at them:/ Needless to say aft
  8. Here is my survival story with the question at the end. Feel free to discuss I’m on day 48 and have lived most of my time on PV and TWM but started in Pv. I explored ML while looking for a rifle but didn’t take too much. I then went through TWM on my way to Ash Canyon but retreated back to TWM because no matter how bad it was it seemed better. After getting attacked by a moose and nearly running out of food I left almost everything behind (skins, guts, a rifle, bullets, ect.) and went back to PV. On my way back I was stomped by another moose but made it to the rope. I had three sets
  9. SO I'm sure we all know about Among Us, and how that game just BLEWWWW up. People were looking for a fun party/multiplayer game to play with friends. Now that the hype for that game has slowly faded off, we now see games like Rust, and Raft, which in ways are similar to TLD being extremely popular again. Think about this, Rust before all these streamers, and fans of these streamers started playing the game was a game that I can feel relate to TLD. A lot of people knew about rust, but the game has a small, and loyal fanbase that absolutely loved the game, (much like TLD). It had a small player
  10. Hey everyone, Long time player and owner of the game but new to the forums. I have had a tradition to play the game during snow storms at home, so tis the season for some Long Dark. The game has made amazing progression but I have been bumping into a few things that are starting to bother me. I like the challenge of Survival - Stalker and regularly start a run being attacked by a wolf (because of course). On many of those runs I will slowly get to extremely low health trying to find some shelter and get deep into the red. The game has a swaying mechanic when you are that low that wor
  11. Would it be easier for gut to be a weighted inventory item? Then we could have a ratio of guts to animal weight. Cured guts could produce lengths of line. Different lengths of line could achieve different depths when ice fishing, there by getting larger fish for example. Bones could be harvested in two categories, large mammals and small mammals. Bone tools and bone hooks could be added based on weight requirements of bone. We might need two categories because all bones on a rabbit are small. A bone club from rabbit femur would be stupid. Funny...but stupid. Maybe meat
  12. Evening All, This post is just a simple FAQ for the forums for our new members. The same questions keep getting asked so why not start and FAQ? The problem is, the only question I remember with any frequency is how to do spoiler tags so feel free to add the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that help you post For Spoiler Tags: Write the following using square brackets [] as opposed to regular brackets (): (spoiler) The stuff you don't want to spoil (/spoiler) Like so:
  13. There are a multitude of possible homebases in all the regions but theres only one in which i feel like Im actually home. The trapppers homestead, its always been there since the start, its cozy, clean, has everything i need and most importantly its isolated. I like to think this little house embodies what this game is ! Do you have something like this ? If you have please share it here ! Thank you and a merry christmas to everybody !
  14. I am currently playing TLD on Stalker difficulty and holy crap there is just an unrealistic amount of wolves... at least in my opinion and im only on day six. I am in the town of milton and when I was traveling to the gas station there was like three wolves at the station and about two wolves and the big house where I just came from. Then Im going behind the station because the wolves were infront then unsurprisingly there was a forth behind it so I had to go around and run to a car and pass the time. Then after I go in the place for about an hour and explore right as I exit there are so ma
  15. Well, I somehow managed to get 6 out of the 10 pages, which I got both badges. Feel free to post your screenshot successes here as well!
  16. ...I fell to my death on the 37th day......6 days after killing a black bear...and no I didn't fall to my death while climbing...I freaking mis-stepped the slightest bit while walking over the elevated train tracks above the ravine.....literally the lamest and stupidest way to die....mega frustrated that THAT was how my survivor died.
  17. The maps on the wiki are low resolution and the legends are hard to read, I think Hinterland should make official maps of all the regions and either update the Fandom wiki pages or add a menu in-game that's unlocked once you confirm that you're OK with possible spoilers for the experience of the game and Wintermute.
  18. This is just a compilation from the official Discord server's #suggestion channel, to credit goes to those who contributed to the conversation. The ability to cut down trees would add customization, to an extent, to the landscape of The Long Dark as well as adding new ways to get firewood, but of course since trees vary in size, so would the haul and effort needed would increase and decrease with size. The trees would regrow after being cut down, but very slowly. Maybe 1-2 firewood per in-game month. Different types of axeheads would be needed, such as chopping axes with thinner and light
  19. Derek0311

    Bad Dreams

    I’ve seen the mini-game idea. This is a little different. Let’s say you are attacked by a wolf in the day. That night when you sleep there is a chance to get hit with a random affliction. The affliction is insomnia where you can’t sleep to rest past 50% or something. Your sleep is interrupted by a wolf howl and flashbacks of the attack. Then you awake, in the dark and can’t sleep past 50%. Insomnia gets better over time so the sleep cap gets higher over time until it’s gone. While I’m on it. How about a toggle where you can’t sleep indoors during aurora; the lights are too bright?
  20. After watching the movie Riddick , i couldn't stop thinking of how he saved a wolf/jackal pup and raised it to fight , hunt and protect him and wondering if that is something that could be added in a world like the long dark where it is cold and animals die a lot due to the conditions. I know the long dark is about survival but i couldn't help wishing that it was in the game. sure it would make it harder to survive when the wolf is a puppy as you would have to feed it, carry it and make sure it doesn't get sick but when its big it could protect you and maybe even hunt a rabbet every now and th
  21. Yes, find it at last Actually, there's not any frequentity. Aurora works on demand. What about this one? Yesterday when I went to bleak inlet to make bullets, I came across the electric door and I was bored. Anyway, I stayed there for a few days, and I pressed the button every night. They didn't cause any trouble because I killed most of them on the hill on the right when the wolves came around. Although the second time they came to get back at me, I was waiting at the door, and I'm in a safe place, so I shot them all and got rid of them. Then I read the forum here and fo
  22. Add seals into the game along the frozen coastlines, and make their fur able to be made into a coat. But since seal fur is very insulating and basically waterproof, it'd be very hard to harvest and incredibly expensive to craft into a coat or hat, maybe including several days of crafting and multiple sowing kits with a 50% chance of failure along with other, hard to acquire ingridients. The blubber from the seals could be made into lard to increase food condition even further during cooking, basically just reducing the sour taste of rancid meat. Of course, the seals would be very hard to hunt,
  23. I decided to do some challenges for the game. After failing The Hunted and Whiteout multiple times I decided to try Nomad. The description seemed easy and I thought I knew the maps well. However as I start my first few locations getting to 3 days each is a slog. I'm on my third location and I've survived 18 days in total. How you may ask? Have I lost my way to each location in a fog? Attacked by wildlife maybe? No. Sadly I've been finding that the hours I pass within these locations don't add up how they should. I "pass time" for 12 hours and time and again it does not register half a day
  24. I tried out Escape The Darkwalker, and it was fun, for a bit until I figured out that it was basically just Slender. I gave up and set down a lure, to kill myself. I waited for like 15 irl minutes while passing several in-game hours, multiple times, and he took forever to get to me. And then when I died all I get is a black screen and some audio. The idea is really neat, this invisible predator, hunting you down. All you have to defend yourself is a can of spraypaint. This could have been really fun, but the execution was just lackluster. Anyone else agree? I am open to changing my opinion if