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  1. Hello. I took your survey yesterday and it must be said, I appreciate you being so direct about asking me what I am willing, and am not willing, to pay for. Thank you. I will not duplicate what was asked in that survey here beyond emphasizing that I hope that once The Long Dark is complete you focus your knowledge on making a new experience built on a more modern technological foundation. I would like to offer some feedback about what I appreciate most in your current game. Things I wish I could have said in the survey. Perhaps it may be of use to you as you move forward. Perhap
  2. Should there be animals in the towns like stray dogs/cats?, like realistically there are always strays out there even in the freezing cold and it just seems weird that the towns only have rabbits and wolves.
  3. If anyone is not on Twitter, Raphael posted some survey results on his page. I summed majority those tweets (hope did not miss anything, text in italics is Raphael's tweets, added several dots to fix Twitter length limitations, but overall grammar from there.). The survey collected 15,000+ responses: “About 40% of our respondents bought the game during our Early Access phase (between Sept 2014 and Sept 2017). This strongly suggests a lot of our active players have been playing for between 4-7 years. 32% of respondents have bought the game at least twice. 5% have bought it three
  4. Currently I am on Day 357 on my Voyager run and I am running out of ideas of what I should work on/what to do next. I'm trying to get the 500 day achievement (The Will to Live) and get all skills to level 5 achievement (Skilled Survivor). As I am getting those achievements (In the background), I'm not sure what I should work towards. So far, these are the regions I have fully explored, partially explored, and never explored: Fully explored (Areas where all loot has been taken): Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Mountain Town (Milton), Mystery Lake (Homebase), Ravine, Costal Highway, C
  5. I’m not sure if this was some kind of glitch or if it’s a very rare occurrence. I don’t generally spend much time in TWM but on my current stalker run I’ve been really getting to know the entire region and thus been there for a significant amount of time. I set up camp in the mountaineers cabin on the lake and was killing wolves from the dock (starting to stock pile food, skins, and intestines). After I killed a deer and 2 wolves a third came along while I was heading in the cabin and figured it would run off as soon as I got inside (which has always happened). Just before I m
  6. Kasvetli körfez haritasında mahsur kaldım. Sürekli aynı yerlerde dolaşıyorum fakat diğer haritalara herhangi bir geçiş yolu bulamadım. Her yeri gezdim detaylı haritada baktım fakat yukardaki kulelerin bulunduğu kısıma veya herhangi başka bir haritya geçiş noktası bulamadım. Bu konuda lütfen bana yardımcı olun harita üzerinde bir işaretleme veya bir tarif verebilirseniz çok memnun kalırım LÜTFEN...
  7. Herkese merhaba, Başlıkta belirttiğim gibi oyun normal modda dahil olsa aşırı bir şekilde hava değişimi mevcut. Bu durum can sıkıcı olmasıyla beraber craft yapmak çok zor olmaya başladı, özellikle yeni yeni gelen fidan kurutmadan tutun, eğilerek ok atamaya kadar oyun zorlaştırılıyor gibi. Diyeceksiniz ki eğlencesi de burada zaten. Kesinlikle katılıyorum ancak her ne kadar zorluğu keyif verse de fırtınalar ve kıyafet ağırlıkları çekilmez bir hâl aldı. Küçük bir sorunumu dile getirmek istedim. Vakit ayırdığınız için teşekkürler. Sizin görüşlerinizi de almak, dinle
  8. You hear a crow while driving and your first thought is there's a corpse somewhere
  9. Time to share IDEAS, hello there forums, A bear here, just got here, Im new to this. I'll start by sayin that I'm hella bored and I've some ideas that I want to write. Feel free to discuss and provide Your ideas here. I've been playin The Long Dark for few a months now and BY NO MEANS AM I A GOD at it. But, lately, I've thought about an idea that sn't in the game, Bone Needles, much as the name says, It be a needle made from bone! DISCUSS
  10. Not a suggestion for the game itself, but once Hinterland is done with story mode and they are looking for other things to do, I think a website that's like GeoGuessr but for the Long Dark would be pretty interesting! For example, one of the "game modes" could be "Iconic Locations," where it shows stuff like the Lighthouse from Desolation Point, the Camp Office from Mystery Lake, etc. Also, like how it is for GeoGuessr, there could be different settings that you can adjust for the "game modes" (Like no moving, no zooming, etc.). I know this would take a very long time to create, as i
  11. This has probably been done before, but I want to hear what your least favorite region is and why. No judgements here, any reason goes, even if its stupid like you hate Milton because the kid that gave you a swirly in the 5th grade had the same name. for me, its Forlorn Muskeg. i’m not experienced in survival in any way, but I died so many times trying to start the game off that I began to name my save files after the profanity that I spouted after I died because of this region. i suppose what makes it so bad is that theres a lot of good loot in it, but
  12. Well, I got stuck while trying to shimmy down Timberwolf Mountain and of course the game auto saved since I sprained a limb while trying to free myself. Not a very interesting way to go out if you ask me. What is the benefit from auto saving on sprains? If we remove auto saving on sprains then at least we can quit and revert to our last save instead of being stuck forever. I wish auto saving on sprains would go away. Thank you
  13. I know I mentioned this in the forum topic/thread below, but I wanted to narrow it to this particular issue. Also, please read the disclaimer on the bottom of this post. As stated on that post, I REALLY hate dealing with the autosave feature when facing with Timberwolves. If you didn't already know, the game will autosave each time a Timberwolf bites/attacks you, which causes the game to freeze for 1-2 seconds. This turns combat into a stop motion/slideshow, as for every few seconds, you will deal with an autosave/freeze, which makes combat pretty bad. I am suggesting the fol
  14. Interested to know if any of the following re-spawn - Cat-tails, Deer, Rabbits, Wolves - ie. is possible to rid a region of wolves or do they reproduce? Do cat-tails grow back eventually?
  15. I was bored out of my mind at 300 days on Stalker but wanted to get the 500 days achievement. So I farmed 2 bears, 4 deer, and a few wolves. I cooked all the meat, and then hunkered down in a cave to eat, pass time, sleep, repeat. After a week of doing this I decided I wanted to experience what hibernation was like. I've read people talk about this but never tried it as I've always been well-fed for the 5kg bonus. So I let my hunger go red while maintaining other needs. Once my condition drained all the way down to about 5%... I ate 1kg meat (~1000 calories) and slept for 12 hours in
  16. Instead of having a new gun, I had an idea to add a different round. so, i’ve seen some conflicting reports that the revolver is (and as I eyeball it) a SW Model 27, but the bullets are modeled look to look like .32 or something like that. My request is to make the revolver a .357 magnum, and we as the player can swap between two ammo types, .38 special and .357 mag, either Full Metal Jacket or Hollowpoint. for those who don’t know, .357 mag and .38 spl are the same diameter, but .357 mag is longer. Meaning that in a revolver chambered for .357 mag, you can use .38 spl wi
  17. This will probably trigger some old players, but I want to talk about the possibility of some sort of animal companion. This as already been discussed quite a few times and opinions mostly divide into three ideas: 1- wolf/dog pups- basically you find a wolf or dog pup and you help it grow to become an adult. 2- Wolf taming- You try to befriend a wolf by giving it food and other means. 3- Finding a fully grown dog- You find an already grown dog and befriend it. The first two ideas are completely impractical. Either because of realism, gameplay or lore problems. Idea 3 o
  18. Are they safe to set up as a temp base for a few days? Or even a more permanent base? Can bears shelter in any cave? Can wolves enter or follow you into a cave? This is my temp camp in Pleasant Valley right now. I dont want to wake up to a bear at the foot of the bed roll. For reference it is located by Three Strikes Farmstead.
  19. Here is *written* advice on how to beat the Escape the Darkwalker Challenge released with the Hesitant Prospect (2020) update. (Get all 10 diary pages, banish the Darkwalker). I was able to beat the challenge in 3hrs, 32 minutes (suffered some minor setbacks ) There is already some published guides out there, but most that I have found are long videos, and who has time for that? Also, many of them refer to the Escape the Darkwalker Halloween 2020 event, which has different different conditions than the Challenge released with Hesitant Prospect. For detailed information about the co
  20. So long story short I went hunting for a moose at the cabin by unnamed pond north or trappers homestead in ML. I really messed up the hunt and was stomped 4 times by the moose and nearly died. After finally killing the moose I have enough food to survive and recover my broken ribs of which I have 4 of them (nice). Trouble is I cant carry any weight and I can't sprint due to my ribs. Sitting around the cabin all day passing time is really boring so I decided to take a small venture to trappers homestead where I have cached some useful supplies previously. After I picked up what I wanted a
  21. I realize this maybe silly and really has no actual purpose. I wish my survivor could sit on any of the many benches and chairs or next to a fire. I especially have this desire when drinking coffee and reading in the mornings or tea and reading at night. It would add a bit of cozyness or just a lil something kinda fun and comfortable for such a anguishing traveler.
  22. Title says it all. Lantern fuel and alternative ways to make it in the game. I have (had) an idea for how to do it for a long time. I usually refresh the topic to get fresh perspective on it. But, before I do that, I wanna find out if there even is a point. So, how would you all feel about an alternative way to produce lantern fuel? In general, without going into specifics just yet. I think that if the game had more lantern fuel, it would benefit the game a lot. It is very useful resource early in the game, and loses its immidiate use later on, by the time it has been looted out, so I th
  23. It's embarrassing to share this but I never used emergency stims until recently 1) I got used to finding alternative routes/solutions than using a stim 2) I thought its description "you collapse from exhaustion" meant that after using it you'll physically pass out on the ground for an hour or so, which could be deadly if near a predator or out in the cold. Another one, I assumed drinking herbal restored fatigue. So I would drink it before sleep assuming it replenished more fatigue And rhar makes me wonder. What were some things that you were mistaken about?
  24. I downloaded this game a month ago and am so happy I did so. Glad to see a Canadian game of such quality, and that they do not try to pretend it’s set in Alaska or something. I grew up in the woods making fires and building shelters, out in blizzards for the fun of it. I was naturally drawn to this stuff. Now I live in a city and don’t get a chance to see much nature so I do it through TLD.
  25. As I am sure many of you are aware, sweating in the colder temperatures can become a huge problem. Also on the reverse, staying active can keep you warm. So, I was wondering if it wouldn't be an interesting addition to incorporate sweat as a factor which causes interior layers to become wet if the player is active for too long without warming up or taking a break. Hypothermia, I am arguing, could become a bigger threat and that is one way to make the game more challenging without having to do much. We could apply strict rules as to not make it impossible, but to ma