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About Me

  1. I would like to propose a crafted item. A thermo-cup. There´s a drinks dispenser at the Orca gas station, cups and lids are laying around. Maybe we could combine one of these cups with a can and add a lid... What do you think? Could it be a usefull item to have? Even if it´s just for early game, so you could warm yourself with a sip of hot tea?
  2. Hello fellow survivors, since I don't want to apply necromancy to threads that have been started what feels like ages ago I am here asking: What is your new favorite long term base in Interloper ? as of 1.69 Please keep in mind the "added" "unreliability" of fires to deter wolfes from ripping you a new one while crafting something in front of a fire, like you would in the barn in front of Paradise Meadows, or at the crafting bench at the Fishing Village in CH, and also that wolves in general are much more of a threat than they used to be. Right now I am really struggling to find
  3. I think you made a lot of campfires. To protect yourself from wolves. To thaw frozen carcasses. To warm your own body. They have helped you many times. However, they are now a little obstacle.
  4. After sunrise, looking up, at the skylights, in the Cannery Workshop. This is so wrong.
  5. English You just have to make your favorites tags for inventory. And a quick reset to the floor of everything that is not in the favorites. Wow it's a bear - I drop everything and run away. The player will get new strategies and game mechanics for a minimum of your efforts. I would use it like this. Survival kit and carry everything else to the cabin with quick unloading. I really miss my favorites. Русский Вы просто обязаны сделать метки избранное для инвентаря. И быстрый сброс на пол всего что не в избранном. Вау это медведь - я бросаю все и убегаю. Игрок получит новые стратег
  6. Although I understand that some players have lost valuable items, so far I have found Lost and Found to mostly do what the devs wanted it to. Mostly... In my limited experience, looking around the farmstead and part of Pleasant Valley, things to be aware of: Things left on the snow, outside of a location or building, can end up in the lost and found box on the farmstead porch. Things in containers, like the drawers in the Pensive pond ice fishing hut, lockers in the Signal Hill control hut, the interior of the Pleasant Valley - Winding River cave, will tend to stay put. I did find a
  7. So, I've done a little bit of research and experimenting with beachcombing. Specifically, the edge of Jackrabbit island. I have a temporary base there as I do some experimenting. Some questions I plan on answering: -Does the weight of your character affect the chance of you falling in? -Are there any reliable ways to collect items without falling in? -What items will and won't spawn? -How long are respawn times? If you have any tips and tricks or answers to these questions, post it here please!
  8. Has anyone actually found all the cairns and notes in survival mode? Are they in different places each game or always the same spots? I have Maps to each area but they don’t show the locations for these items and the only thing I can find online about them is an estimated number of each cairn per region. Does anyone have an updated list of the amount or an actual map showing where exactly they are? I think finding all of these should definitely be an achievement because it is extremely difficult!
  9. These have probably been mentioned before. I searched for the term and didn´t get a direct match, so I´m reiterating my wish for these items. The first is a dropable pole-drag, neary double the carry capacity, but they slow you down unless on level ground. Made from salvaged metal fence poles (from the Carter Dam, for example) or tall saplings, this would be helpful when carrying things like car batteries. Also, if you need to run, you can drop the end and become faster. My second wish is for an early game weapon, a craftable sling-shot. More acurate than a hand thrown stone, all it
  10. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I do feel like scarves in the game should be worn as an accessory, not a headgear. It seems a little silly and maybe rational that you can't wear a scarf when wearing something like a toque and a balaclava too. Also it bugs me when the mackinaw jacket for instance isn't fully buttoned and your neck is on display 😂 As far as I can tell, the only two accessories in the game are the satchel and the wool for the ears. So, does anyone else feel like a scarf should be an accessory, not a headgear?
  11. I have an idea for 2 Challenges/Badges which could be linked. Inspired by movies. 1. The Sound of Music challenge - Climb Every Mountain. Not sure what benefit the badge would bring, maybe a better chance of completing a climb? 2. Light The Beacons! (from LotR) - Light a fire on top of every mountain. Suggestions for rewards welcome on this one. I´ve made these suggestions in a light-hearted manner. I enjoy a little whimsy now and then.
  12. This won't be for everyone, which I totally understand. These are just a few things I'd like to see in game. 1. Ability to build simple things to make life a bit better. Such as snow shoes, backpack frame to carry more, a simple sled to move gear or even to pack a new kill on to. A packable tent. (These ideas are not all my own. A lot came from a TLD Facebook page) 2. Be able to fix or add to shelters. So fixing the roof in the mountaineers cabin. Adding gun racks in preferred bases. I'd also love to be able to move around the furniture already in bases and be able to clean up mess.
  13. Would anyone be willing to share events that have happened to them in The Long Dark regarding the timber wolves. What happens to me was, I got stuck at the top of pensive lookout in bleak inlet and a timber wolf managed to run up the stairs to the top and attack me. Until this point I did not know they could get up the lookouts.
  14. How long did you play Pilgrim before you moved on to the other modes? Did you just dive straight in to Interloper? What mode is most comfortable for you right now? (Wow, I´m a nosey Parker today! :-P)
  15. EP 3 has huge Immersion Problems and it totally ruins the experience One of the most important things in TlD is the believable worldbuilding and that actions have consequences. One never has the feeling, that stupid decisions will not ruin your run. And yes i know, that this is storymode, but that doens't mean that we have to dumb the core values of the window. What do i mean exactly: 1. Timberwolf: This is just a gamy mechanic with no real porpose other than to stress out the player. You can not avoid it and the solution is just plain stupid. Just shoot at them until a hud ele
  16. Man, I had forgotten just how cool but arbitrary the old foraging system was. I am replaying the first version of the game, and finding wood and food is the most harrowing race against time across all versions of TLD. Thousands of calories of meat lost daily (no starvation exploit of course) but I wonder if I just got spoiled. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Oh, and once I run out of resources I am so dead, isn't that a fun realisation? The game now at least has renewable items to barely still be alive indefinitely lol.
  17. Remodel of the rifle: I feel like a remodel of the rifle could be...reasonable. I know that they're going for the style of a Lee Enfield, but it just feels off. I feel like a sporterized version of the Lee Enfield would fit in better. I see nothing wrong with the rifle on it's own, and I personally wouldn't mind it staying in, but I feel as if the sporterized varient would be more visually appealing. Scope: I think it would be nice to see the possibility of a scope in the game. You could find it attached to a rifle or even detached, then having to put it on the rifle (Possibly needing a sim
  18. UTC-10

    Reloading Kit

    Asking for consideration of a reloading kit that would has the dies and tools to actually reload the spent cartridges given a supply of necessary components - bullets and gunpowder. The reloading kit would tend to produce less than commercial "perfect" quality ammunition compared to what the player could produce at the ammunition work bench. The components can come from two sources - homemade at the ammunition work bench in Bleak Inlet or found in rare small packages (two to five rounds worth) of commercial components here and there. Homemade components would have a skill level decreas
  19. So I was browsing Netflix and saw a crime drama series named "Hinterland". So I started with S1, Ep1, and ohmygosh it really looks like what I imagine the Coastal Highway region to have looked like when it had been populated. I mean eerily similar! Could it just be a coincidence? Nah? I dunno, but there's an awful lot alike about the two. The first half hour has rolling tree lined hills in a vast cold coastline with one road along the edge with rows of cottage homes that are dilapidated but livable. Fishing gear, small boats, and old docks way out in the water. When searching the home of the
  20. I have been trying to complete this achievement since I started playing the game. The instructions are simple: explore every interior location on the Mystery Lake map and the Coastal Highway map. Doesn't sound so difficult, but I am exhausted from covering the same two maps over and over and still coming up short. Although this current play through I did stumble on a previously undiscovered clearing with a cave high up on the hill looking down onto camp office that I hadn't found before. In this particular play through I have also found the prepper bunker in ML, so I figured I must ha
  21. Post screenshots of easter eggs, secrets and things that are a bit off, here in this thread. 😀
  22. So About 30% off the time I eat those tiny fishes I get food poison, so now I don't eat em unless I have some antibiotics laying around. I can eat dogfood, soda pop ect at 1% but those fishes get me every time what I do find a bit ironic is that in RL at the local cannery they have like lets eat 50year old fish in a can day.. and none has ever died.. they taste a bit bland but still not bad for you at all.. so am just a bit confused.. that whats in my mind should be the most safe food is what has killed me the most.. but after vising the cannery, well it was a bit messy (thought it was the ear