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  1. Hey all, Hopefully I'm posting this correctly, if not my bad. I've been streaming casual playthroughs of TLD on my Twitch channel, I play Stalker mode, and usually it's just talking to chat as we see what happens to our protagonist in the game and their eventual demise. Whether you'd like to talk strategy, or your own experiences, or just want to pass by and say hi while the game is on, please feel free to! Also looking forward to check out other streams if you happen to be streaming as well and dont mind the company, since we all know how lonely this game can make you feel, haha. Thanks
  2. Hey! So I just started playing The Long Dark on Xbox due to computer issues and I feel like I’m spraining my ankles way too much. I’ve sprained my ankles collectively 4 times, and my wrist 1 time, all within the first 24ish hours of ingame time. I don’t remember it being anywhere near this bad on computer, I basically can’t go anywhere without getting a sprain. I usually get them while walking on inclines. It just feels way too frequent, and I’m not sure if this is a bug, something unique to the Xbox Version or a new feature with Errant Pilgrim. Has anyone else encountered this? Or an I just
  3. I just completed Hopeless Rescue in 15 hours 31 minutes without using any glitches or skips. What's your fastest time?
  4. Hello my name is Kush here me out and please give feed back suggestions or at least let me know wat u think but I was thinking of a balanced way u could add transportation to the game u could do a dog sled maybe at a key place on the map maybe like mountain town farm u can find two dogs and have an accept or not accept button when u accept the now need to be fed and watered in order to not die...... in the barn there's a broken dog sled u must fix and not easy to do either lots of wood and gut to repair........ the dogs serve no purpose but the sled itself so add no other bonuses and yes make
  5. I'm at 125 days in a Stalker game with nothing left to do. I haven't been to Hush River Valley, but what for? I have every tool and every weapon, except the rifle which I don't use. I'm almost maxed out on clothes (Warmth Bonus 31, Wind bonus 11, Protection 50). The only thing I'm missing is a second Cowichan sweater and I'm not sure there is more than one available in any given game. I'm maxed with a bow and 3 or better on other skills, except the rifle. I've killed 3 moose, two bears, more than 100 wolves plus many deer and rabbits. My point is, as much as I love the game, once yo
  6. I've been watching youtubers play The long dark, for awhile. I've always wanted to play it, but I don't have access to any of the consoles the game supports. PS4, Xbox one, Microsoft windows, ect. So I was wondering if The long dark will be available on nintendo switch? It would give switch players who don't know the game, get familiar with it and maybe purchase it, giving the game new publicity and players or it could give people like me, who don't have other consoles, still being able to play such a interesting and creative game. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, and I look f
  7. So I have a few ideas I would love to see in this game. For starters multiplayer but I'm sure this has been said a million times but let me pose this question, what good is a 6 burner stove in a community hall with no friends to share it with?! Beyond that, I would like to see a mode that is more subsistence living. Less processed foods like can goods and such but more ammo, fishing gear and A NEW ACTIVITY. ... growing food! So first and foremost, it would give us more things to scavenge for, like fertile ground, which could be found in a variety of places, seeds and or items (potatoes specif
  8. A little background first, my apologies. I've been playing LD from right when EP 2 came out. I love the game, so much so I bought it for PC and XBOX. I usually play interloper and I was having my best run yet. I was at day 100 , my previous longest run was 64 days. So I'm in BR and I want to leave and start making all the zones but I see my bearskin beadroll is at 26%. Damn I need the bear by the river dead. So I run down and kill and quarter him. I run the hide to the lodge and wait...and wait...and wait. While I'm waiting I finish mapping BR but then the next 5 days I st
  9. I'm not going to write this as a totally comprehensive and well-structured review but more as just spouting out a bunch of things that stood out to me, what I liked and disliked. I won't touch on every single thing and every single character, just the main things I wanted to get across. Here's some things I liked: I love how the overall weather in this episode is harder than in the previous episodes. Pleasant Valley is infamous for having some of the worst, if not the worst weather in the game. The cold is much more of a problem in this zone. Not only is it colder than other zones, b
  10. How do you guys play out a long term survival? Obviously this is very subjective and I'm wondering if my system can be improved. Key things to consider. I'm on stalker, I survived my first 40 days at Coastal Highway and have now declared the camp office at mystery lake my new home for the past 7 days So here's my situation: I tend to accumulate a whole bunch of food before cooking it so I can cook in bulk. This means less fires and more matches being saved in the long run. When possible, I even have a fire outside and use the magnifying lens to start that fire and then use the t
  11. I´ve posted a video were Mr. Bear keeps away because a fire, i thought i was a bug but now i can confirmed that this is a new behaviour. Would be nice if this kind of changes would be announced in the changelogs after the updates...
  12. The things I'd love to see in TLD. Particularly Survival Mode cause the possibilities are limitless 🙂 We should be able to craft a Sling and a Slingshot. For a Sling, you can use a cured gut and a piece of cloth. For a Slingshot, a couple sticks, a cured gut and a piece of cloth. There are plenty of stones for ammunition so no worries there. As for guns, perhaps a hunting shotgun and shotgun shells. To complete a trio of guns suitable for surviving the cold. We should also have binoculars. To look far and wide of our surroundings. There so be more wildlife as well. Foxes, b
  13. Hello, I've always loved nature and the outdoors. Living in Alaska and Montana, I've spent many nights outdoors, in all sorts of shelters. I've encountered much wildlife, and caught many fish who's size was usually exaggerated, if not seen by others. I've always been a big admirer of bears. I also know, if you try to shoot a grizzly in the head with a pistol... It will bounce off. And you will experience a very painful mauling The Bear A poem by Robert Frost And draws it down as if it were a lover And i
  14. The idea of a cougar or other big cat predator is not a new one, I've seen it (and even put in my two cents once before) many times on the wish list and I think it merits some real thought by the developers. Below, I'll cover my personal in depth take on a cougar in TLD and how it could fit in with the current threat creatures. To start off, cougars would be at least as rare as moose are, if not more rare, with only a handful spawning in any given game. There could only be one in any given region and similar to moose their passive behavior would be to patrol a small area around their den.
  15. Yesterday I posted my idea on how to rework pain on the TheLongDark subreddit . People seem to mostly like the idea and someone suggested I should also post it on here. I really feel pain needs some reworking so here is the post bellow: I feel like in it's current implementation, pain is just a small annoyance rather than something you should treat. For those unaware, pain can be healed by either using Painkillers or Rose Hip Tea or by waiting 4 hours. I personally end up just waiting out the 4 hours and hoarding painkillers. This makes me feel like that painkillers are not as import
  16. Hello, I think it would be cool to bring back the original journal UI design where it actually looked like a journal, I found it to be really unique and now it just feels generic and makes me not want to write in it. If they make it look like a journal again that would be really awesome!
  17. Hello, fellow survivors. Preface Everything I suggest here should be taken as that: a suggestion, even if I don’t explicitly state every single time that I intend it to be a suggestion. Also I do not claim to be better at designing a game than its proven to be successful game designers. But I play the game, frequently, in depth and at a fairly high level, and hence I think I can allow myself to make suggestions how to improve it. What I do suggest is an alternative path to make long term survival harder - alternative to the drastically “improved” Wolf AI. Apparently the develope
  18. Currently when food reaches ruined condition inside a container it disappears per the ruined item in a container rule. The exceptions would be items that have salvage value, like burned out torches can be harvested for a stick and ruined clothing for cloth or cured leather. Obviously, the game recognizes that those items have a residual value. Ruined sewing kits and whet stones don't. The effect as regards ruined food means that there is no way to really store food, be it meat, fish, or canned goods in lockers, containers, cabinets or drawers. In addition, with Lost and Found, when r
  19. Do you think, if you planned your journey properly, that you could survive Entirely without a bedroll?
  20. Hello Hinterland community! Today I will be discussing my regards to future TLD updates and why Hinterland Studios should reflect onto my proposition involving a look into an update of felines. (SURVIVAL) The Long Dark is a survival game taking place in the Canadian wilderness that requires the player to endure the gelid nature of the external environment. In story mode, you play the role of a crashed landed aviator who intends to seek out a fellow aeronaut undergoing harsh conditions and simultaneously must do what one must do in order to survive. Although Story Mode is still a wor
  21. I became curious about snares. Curious as to why I see a small number of players utilizing them, and larger number saying they are useless. My previous experience was no different from most. Catch a rabbit or two and then move onto bigger things like crafting a bow, or seeing how far I can throw a rock off a cliff. With my current Interloper run (around Day 23). Let's try 16 snares! gulp... Things I've Discovered with this Snare Experiment. 1. 16 snares, I would catch 8-10 rabbits per day. I would check 3 to 4 times a day, and reset the snares after each catch. 2. Times
  22. So let's talk about the wolf in the cannery behind the keypad door. I have questions, such as how and why is he even in there since there seems to be no other way in than the closed door and the dock is collapsed. But that's a discussion for another topic. I see nothing but potential in this wolf. Let's say he's taking shelter from the timber wolves. He was bitten and is bleeding all over the place, whimpering in the corner. Surely death is approaching... until you stumble across him. In this what if scenario you would have two options. You can put him out of his misery. Or, since he's to
  23. Hello everybody, i'm not sure is this already been discussed but in my opinion, campfire goes out too fast when wind starts to pick up speed. Suddenly 4 hour burn time is 9-7 minutes. It bothers me so much that there has to be better way to implement fire go out faster in windy conditions. I know that blowing wind provides more oxygen to fire and it makes wood burn faster. Could it be more subtle about burn time going faster without it drop so dramatically. It could burn wood three to six times faster, so 6 hour burn time would be 2-1 hour burn time? And it wouldn't drop to 6h to 1h in se
  24. So I've recently completed 106 day tour of Bleak Inlet on my very long term Interloper character (he's now spent 100 days in each major region - this is his 2nd time recalled to active duty to add a new region). BI was definitely much easier than HRV was, but here are my thoughts on the new region: Timberwolves - ultimately I found it pretty easy to dodge the packs. The pack behavior makes it easier to not encounter them because they move as a group. I don't usually carry scent and wasn't much of a bait user in the past and I usually kill wolves from stealth proactively if I need to creat