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  1. So it's only a minor wish, but rather than a floating entity with hands, it would be nice to be able to look down and see the rest of my body. The unreal engine can do this, I've seen it in other games and we've already got our arms rendered in. I just think it would be nice to be able to see my character's body when I look down. On a side note, having the actual worn clothing be represented on our arms and hands would be a nice touch, too. Though I do understand the higher time and effort it would take for this.
  2. So there's a decent amount of talk about adding new regions, but how about (and this is definitely a long-term or modding sort of thing, I understand how difficult this would be) the addition of a brand new map? Canada isn't the only frozen landmass on earth, so how about seeing how the quiet apocalypse is effecting other spots, say Russia for example. And I'm not talking Russia like Moscow and all that, I'm talking the frozen backwoods of Siberia, the coldest of the cold and the meanest of the mean. I think this could work rather well with the world of the Long Dark. Instead of the SMLE, you'd have the Mosin-Nagant for a hunting rifle. Wolves and rabbits would be the same, but you could replace the deer with reindeer and the black bear with the larger brown bear and the moose with the elk (though I do think that there are some moose in Russia). In your travels, you could come across cold war era nuclear bunkers and forgotten ballistic missile silos. Far darker, you might find abandoned gulags and other less savory places. On the coastline you might come across and old naval base with an older Zulu- or Foxtrox-class submarine rusting away. I think this could be a cool long term project if Hinterland ever opens up the game to modding or as a sequel once all of Great Bear Island is finished. I have no illusions of how difficult this would be, just a neat idea.
  3. First of all, Love the Redux Wintermute: Animations, music, less fetch - more story! Now for some observations: Snow depth can bury carcasses, meat, arrows etc, is this intended? UI is intuitive, however I don't fancy the screen filling "well fed", "fatigue reduced expired" etc... maybe on top of the screen in slightly smaller font? Had a bear spawn at Unnamed Pond only at day 30'ish of my current sandbox run, unexpected but welcome surprise! Do (normal) bedrolls decay faster when not used and is this intended? Do we need to turn vsync off to spear the bear? (I managed at 60fps, after some reloads..) GFX look great, sound however is too muted, have to turn master volume way up! Reworked custom settings are greatly improved, might need some more tweaking. Forgot some things, but let me end this by hoping we might get some of the Wintermute music in Survival mode also, not exclusively of course.. love the Cello!
  4. It tends to snow a bit in TLD, but the amount of snow on the ground doesn't appear to increase, or indeed decrease. Would it be feasible to look into this as an option on the "Custom" menu? After all, if you've been stuck indoors during a huge blizzard, you'd expect conditions to be a bit tougher when you finally got back out.
  5. I've seen a few posts about bringing foxes into the game and I definitely think that the Fox could have a niche role as a minor antagonist animal. For world interactions, the fox would sit just below the deer on the food chain. That's not to say that deer will chase after and eat a fox, just that foxes would either be neutral towards or fearful of deer. They would prey on rabbits the same way wolves do, and be preyed on in turn by wolves (though unlike rabbits and deer, foxes should be faster than wolves meaning that in most cases wolves will simply run a fox off). Just like wolves, they would flee from bears and moose as well. For player interactions, foxes would be no threat to a healthy player, but would stalk them from a distance with a greater detection range than wolves. If they player goes after the fox, it would run away, maintaining a buffer distance from the player. If the player raises a weapon to the fox or hits it with a rock, it will run away for a period of time. If the fox is given a decoy it will take it and run off for a longer period of time. Flares, torches, and flashlights could all scare it off. However, if the player is injured with a sprained body part, reduced condition, or empty status bars the fox will try to take advantage of the situation. In this case, the fox would use hit and run tactics, trying to circle around the player and bite at their ankles from behind. If the player is fast enough they can kick the fox off by clicking on it, if not they get a bite which could result in bleeding, infection risk, or a sprained foot as well as a slight decrease in condition. This could be fatal for characters who have just had a run in with a wolf, bear, or moose. If killed, the fox would yield some lower calorie wolf-style meat, one fox pelt, and one or two guts. Fox pelts could be used to craft mittens and a hat like rabbit pelts, offering more protection for less warmth. What do you guys think?
  6. Здравствуйте, у меня была такая идея, все знают, что в игре есть одежда с карманами, верно? , а что, если бы эти же карманы могли хотя бы слегка добавить бонус к передаче вещей, пусть и небольших, но все же.
  7. To preface, this is my 60 day stalker run, which I'm hoping down the road will lead to 500 days. I spent several days in Coastal Highway crafting two wolfskin coats, a rabbit hat, and a bearskin bedroll. I also took a trip to DP to make some arrowheads and made 10 arrows for my bow in CH. After a ton of crafting, cabin fever risks, and wolf attacks, I was set, and made a trip to Pleasant Valley, from which I could head to Timberwolf Mountain to find an expedition parka. I was carrying a ton of unread skill books. I spent a few days inside a car by the farmstead, doing nothing but reading. Once I was out of food, I had a few new skill-ups and was feeling pretty confident. I stored my completed books, including a 25 hour advanced guns read, inside the glove compartment for the next survivor to discover. I made my way towards Signal Hill in the hopes of finding good loot and more food. Then my idiot ass let this happen: I love this game.
  8. Willy Pete

    Frozen Food

    I assume most folks here are well versed in the art of storing cooked meat outside, but doesn't it seem a little silly that you can just pick it up off the ground and stuff it into your maw after it's been sitting there in the freezing cold for however long? I guarantee if you threw a steak in the freezer you couldn't just eat it the next day. It'd be frozen solid and hard as a rock! Instead, food left outside should freeze (much like dead animals do) rendering them inedible until you warm them up (either with body heat or a fire). In addition to this, adding some ability to preserve food with brine or by smoking would be nice as well, maybe after increasing the cooking skill or by finding specialized items.
  9. Far to the north of Great Bear lies an empty expanse known only as the Great Wastes. Here the only thing in plenty is the permafrost, a forsaken land of white where nothing grows and the only things alive are ferocious and mean... The idea for this just popped into my head, the basic idea being: nothingness, a great plain of white with the occasional slope or steep cliff. Of course there'd be something, but it would be in the far reaches or not guaranteed to spawn. For instance, you might have three possible structures: a decrepit old ship run aground, a crumpled shack with broken walls and shattered windows, and a downed weather plane with instruments black and dead...but only one will ever spawn in a playthrough. Each would be at one of the far corners of the map, with no easy line of sight. This would mean you'd have to go in and check each spot to see which one spawned in. Meanwhile, the area is freezing cold with constant bad weather and (as said before) no shelter. No caves, no trees (this means no wood for fires, either), nothing to protect you from the cold hell of Mother Nature. For animals, you might find a bear or a moose but no game animals, maybe a fishing hut with a chance to spawn. If reason to venture into such a hellscape is needed (something other than the thrill of the challenge) then perhaps a treasure might be found at each of the spots, each holding its own unique item, something like the flare gun. Earlier I pushed the idea of a single-barrel shotgun, perhaps you could find this in one of the locations with a limited number of shells. As to other things (or the idea in general) what do you guys think?
  10. Hey everyone! Long time no uploads here but I am keen to be back in 2019 with a lot more TLD content and hope you all enjoy it too as always keen to get any feedback so let me know what you would do differently though this is the story mode so lets enjoy it great update. Many thanks if you watched see you at the next one! MbG
  11. I am new to this game. I am an outdoor enthusiast so you can see my interest in a game like this. I would like to suggest that a function be added to allow shelter building/augmenting. What I mean is when you are landed in a situation that you need to get out of the cold in the woods, you look for a good spot along the side of a rock face, a small stand of trees, or even a small cave like you find in the beginning of story mode, next thing you would do is using branches or debris you would make a wind break that would keep the heat from the fire a little more contained. Surely you want to make smoke able to vent out but a shield from the elements can help quite a bit to survive a cold night and even deter predators in the case of the cave. You could also get away with a smaller fire and make your resources last longer. This would bring a little more realism to the game.
  12. So the aurora woke me up... "Predatory species, if introduced could see a profound devastation of Mystery Lake's local fish stocks. We will need to follow up to check whether there are attempts to introduce these invasive species deliberately." It's probably just a different sort of fish but I thought it was interesting, only because it made my butt clench at the thought of my fish source going away.... lol
  13. on the Redux update, the running animation doesn't match the running sound. so for example hearing 2 steps would correspond to jumping only once in the air. previously on wintermute update i woulda jumped once for every step i heard, which kinda felt better, made me feel like i was running for my life or rushing very fast towards something. now its just a slow up and down with faster step sound that don't match the animation.
  14. In the first chapter, granny wants you to find her lockbox key and go to the bank and see what's in it, and bring it to her. the problem here is that I've cleared out the whole place the only thing still there is the bank vault that requires a code. the map even marks the bank so im at a loss for what to do next, help would be very much appreciated.
  15. Just leaving this here in case someone wants to come by and say hi ^^
  16. Merry Christmas, fellow survivors. Sit down by the fire, grab your coffee or herbal tea, and let us rejoice with this lovely serenade...
  17. Hey everyone, here we are, another year down the road, shortly after a „major“ update, time for me to talk about the state of the game and why it Fails to provide a challenge and interesting gameplay for me and some other players First of all, let me explain from which perspective i express my opinion to provide a better context. I am a player who likes survival games and TLD was my favourite survival game for a long time. But i am also a Player who likes to be constantly challenged and being able to have the freedom to play a game the way i want to. Unfortunately, Hinterland absolutly fails to provide both of these aspects. While TLD is a very atmospheric and beautiful semi-realistic survival game, it does not provide any longterm challenge and enjoyment for very experienced players and the opportunity for players to play the game how they want to. and so far, according to their Actions, Hinterland does not seem to be interesting in providing These aspects in their game. Since there probably will be a lot of people who disagree with me and want to leave a response, please consider following things before you do: i respect the fact that there are a lot of players who totally enjoy the game in its current state, but people also have to understand that there are a lot of players who dont enjoy the game and its progress, or the lack thereof pls try to understand the substance of my criticism and changes before you try to argue that some of my suggestions would make the game easier or to realistic english is not my first language The sad and frustrating thing is, that many of these issues could be solved by rather simple changes and with little effort and ressources, which makes it an even more frustrating experience for players like me. For me it is simply not very enjoyable to play a game and constantly be reminded how much more fun and interesting the game could be, while being unable to solve These issues myself. Before i give some examples of how i think the game could be improved, let me briefly talk about some of the major changes to game since i started playing it about 3 years ago. There were countless changes to the interface and HUD They added a custom difficulty mode They recently added a new clothing item (the only item i remember to be added within about 3 years) They reworked the cooking System and while cooking on stoves and ovens feels very intuitive and improved, cooking on campfires still feels very static. not only is it questionable why only 2 items can be cooked on a campfire at the same time, i am also Always asking myself where the character gets all These Stones for the campfire. They also added about 3 zones Unfortunately the last area, hushed river valley, felt more like playing a level in a video game than an interesting zone. There were conveniently placed items at every single corner where you could just feel how much the developers thought about placing the item specificly at this location. Some „hidden“ paths were suspiciously covered by lines of bushes. The only missing thing was a hidden endboss in one of the ice Caves. they added and completly overhauled the story mode While i can understand that some players feel like they bought an unfinshed game due to the unfinished story mode and slow progress, i will mainly focus on the sandbox mode they also recently added a new item, the bear spear, but instead of adding a new and interesing item to the sandbox, for some reason they were not able to make it available to the sandbox mode But just complaining about something is not very productive, unless you provide some input and suggestions. Therefore i follow up with some of the things i think about to improve the game, and like i said, most of these changes dont necessarily need much ressources and are very easy to implement. And while adding new content like zones and items is always nice, i will mainly focus on changes to the existing game. Hunting rework In my opinion, hunting should be one of the major aspects of the game. What better way to make such an atmospheric survival game more interesting than the driving quest for food. The snowy landscape of TLD provides the perfect setting to hunt down roaming wildlife by the tracks they left in the snow. I imagine it to be very satisfying to find some fresh tracks in the snow, trying to follow them over the map and finally spotting the animal and taking your shot. In contrast to these intersting mechanics, lets have a look at what hunting in this game is currently all about. Very simple. There are certain spawnpoints and paths in each zone where you can find speficifc types of wild animals. I guess most players know these patterns by now and all you have to do is to sneak up to their face and through a rock at them. Overall wildlife in this game just feels very static, there is a abundance of animals on every map and you can spot animals from miles away, which makes hunting a very boring and unrewarding experience. Not to mention all the other possible mechanics to make hunting and survival a more interesting and challenging experience. Carcasses could attract predators like wolves and bears from all over the map, crows could slowly feast on carcasses, new traps could be added to the game and you could run some trapping lines, etc. etc. more Variety of fur colors Another fairly simple change would be a more diverse color of animal furs. Not only does it make the game a little bit more realistic and diverse, it also makes the game a little bit more difficult in some instances, if you cant spot wildlife that easy anymore. Skillsystem rework The skill system in TLD also needs some overhaul. In my opinion a skill system should feel rewarding to the player and make him better at doing certain things, but it should not remove certain survival aspects from the game, esp. not in a survival game. While the current system makes sense and feels rewarding in some ways, removing aspects like not having to use tinder to start a fire or the danger of food poisoning and parasites just makes the game too easy in the late game and feels counter intuitive in a survival game. I was already talking about tracking being a potential hunting method, so what about a tracking skill line that makes you more effective at tracking animals and using traps. Afflictions rework There are also some easy ways to improve the affliction system. Not only heal some afflictions way to fast, where a simple adjustment in numbers could make them more challenging, it could also be added more afflictions like a simple Cold an example of a bad designed affliction is cabin fever in my opinion. It just feels like hinterland was looking for a way to make the game harder for experienced players, but adding an affliction to the game that makes a player unable to rest indoors just feels like such a cheap way to do that. There could be much more interesting ways to incentivize the player to stay outdoors like adding more temporary shelters. In general it feels like hinterland made some very cheap gameplay choices to make the game harder for experienced players instead of thinking about and adding interesting mechanic Weight/craftingtime rework Another simple change to make the game a little bit more realistic It is just weird when a box of matches weights half a kilo and preparing (cutting) some rose hips takes 15 minutes The character should also be able to move smaller objects like carcasses and boxes by using right-click. While they made the change to move dead rabbits like that, i guess hinterland thinks that the character is not strong enough to move a wolf or some planks around. Nothing more frustrating than not being able to drag a carcass over a short distance to some windproof location or near a fire. And while the weight oft he dragged item is being added tot he inventory for that duration, the mechanic could also not be exploited Custom mode improvements While the custom difficulty mode was a very necessary addition to provide a dynamic alternative to all the other static modes, it is by far not as useful as it could be. Many oft he individual options just let you choose between the setting oft he different difficulty modes, and therefore it is almost impossible to make the game much harder than the interloper mode. In ordert o make the game more challenging for players and make them able to enjoy playing the game the way they want, they just have to add more settings in general and also increase the scale of each single setting. I bet more players would like to see some more challenging gameplay that focuses on harsher weather and nature rather than placing wolves at every corner oft he game and removing certain items from the game It woudl also open up for some custom made Challenges, why not let the players have some fun challenging their skills by playing modes like „only night-time with frequent aurora“ or „blizzards every day“ for example there are also way too many preplaced carcasses and dead humans on the map that not only make the game so much easier, they also „force“ players to walk to certain spots on the map tob e efficient. A simple option to remove them in the custom settings would make everyone happy Items There are some items in the game that are very interesting but unfortunately dont see any use. For example they could rework the crafting material for snow Shelters to make them more useful and interesting. Maybe they could reduce the abundance of caves on some maps to make them more viable. Crafting torches also became obsolete after you can get them from fires There are also some very simple and useful items that defenitly should be added tot he game. Why are there still no items like binoculars, lighters or compasses to find in the game? They are fairly easy to implement into the game, they perfectly fit into the setting and make the game much more interesting without making it to easy Another interesting change would be the effectiveness of tools accoirding to their durability. Not only does such a system make a lot of sense, it also adds more depth tot he game by making items like a whetstone more useful in the early game and gives the player an incentive to keep their tools in perfect condition While the mapping system is a nice feature for some players, it would also be nice to see some artisticly designed „tourist-maps“ for each zone with all the major points of interest, while the custom map could provide a much more detailed overview Another subtle change would be more locked doors that need a key or a prybar to be opened Not to mention all the hundrets of awesome and interesting ideas people are sharing on the wish list section oft he forum and seem tob e totally ignored by hinterland. We saw maybe 1 or 2 tings oft hem being added within a couple of years, that just feels very frustrating outdated concepts there are also some outdated concepts and mechancis in the game that should be reconsidered. As it makes a lot of sense that i need a forge to craft certain things, i still dont understand why exactly i need a workbench to craft a trap, bow or some clothing items. Why not remove this requirement and make the game that much more interesting. Wouldnt it be atmospheric to be trapped inside a cave during a blizzard and craft some arrows while you are cooking your food on the campfire some skill books could be designed to learn a new crafting item after reading it while the game seems to provide a very satisfying experience for casual players, i tried to explain why hinterland fails to provide the same kind of experience for some other players, especially those who are looking for a lasting and challenging type of gameplay where the player can decide themself how they want to play the game. For me it feels like the game has so much potential but Hinterland is only using a Tiny fraction of that. While i am sure that the developers at hinterland think that they are making much progress and constantly improve the game, i cant stop feel that the game is making no progress at all, esp. considering the longterm replayability and improvement of fundamental Gameplay mechanics. as i tried to make clear above, there are so many, mostly simple changes, to the game that would make it so much more interesting and increase the amount of time this game can be enjoyed. The game literally has the potential to provide an infinite Gameplay experience, even for the most experienced Players. TLD is a very atmospheric game with a small and engaged community, and instead of seemingly ignoring Players and the improvements they suggest and wish for the game, they should embrace the Engagement and ethusiasm of Players and use it to their Advantage by giving the community the opportunity to help to improve the game, for example by giving them the opportunity to create mods. that way Players would be able to add items to the game by themself instead of having to wait for the developers to add Maybe About 1 or 2 of the hoped for items each year. so far the game esp. Fails to provide the Players the opportunity to enjoy and Play the game like each idividual Player wants to. Custom mode was a necessary way to improve that Option and mod support would probably the most effective way to adress this issue, but there are also a lot of Things Hinterland itself can do, starting with a significant improvement of the custom mode Settings. it seems like there are a lot of ressources spend each update to redesign the HUD and interface of the game, Maybe These ressources could be reallocated and used to improve more significant aspects. Overall i just hope a thread like this will draw some attentiion to These issues that affect a decent amount of Players and lead to some consideration at Hinterland Studios, because Players like me would really like to Play and enjoy the game, but at its current state, this is simpy not possible.
  18. Счастливого Вам Рождества, счастья, успеха, здоровья и удачи во всех ваших начинаниях.
  19. After playing through Episode 1 and 2 of the Re-Dux, there were some bugs I've encountered. There are minor spoilers so sorry. I only encountered one bug in Episode 1 sense it is a small region of the map. Behind the School house, I found a piece of paper sticking half out of the wall. That's about it for episode 1. For episode 2 with the final showdown with the bear, i got mauled with the spear and it disappeared in the ground when i dropped it. Forcing a restart. Another thing i noticed was when the character was talking in a non cut scene part, if your character was hungry, thirsty or anything, he would complain in the middle of the script, not interrupting the character talking, but talking over, at the same time when the character is currently talking (This can probably happen in episode 1 as well) . One last thing, A piece of paper in the middle of the shack connected to the factory in Broken railroad was clipped in a computer. I'm not trying to be picky with this, I just want to bring these to your attention. (I tried reporting these under the "Report a bug" section, but i don't think it worked, or i just don't understand it.)
  20. The new REDUX maps in the Wintermute episodes include a location marker showing exactly where you are at all times. I think this should made optional through a menu option, or removed for the more advanced experience modes (i.e., Hardened Survivor). The story is about being lost in the north. Putting a 'you are here' marker at all times while you're exploring is contrary to the concept of being lost in the wilderness. It's great to find maps along the way and to mark locations as you find them but please remove the location marker.
  21. I love the music in this game. can you please make it so that when i enter a building, the music doesn't stop? or at least not suddenly. it breaks the immersion for me :--) thanks.
  22. In a year that I expected to go down in the Chinese calendar as The Year Of The Dumpster Fire, the Video gaming industry has basically done everything in its' power to destroy itself and offend as many customers as possible. I had nothing but dread in my heart, when I heard that HLG was postponing Episode 3. I assumed, given the track record this year, that this was going to be the end of HLG. They were going to take the long dark and gut it like a fish, leaving its corpse out on the side of the road for the crows to pick. I have never been happier to be so wrong. The Long Dark may have been released officially in 2017, but I consider that a Beta Test, because The Long Dark has finally, truly arrived in 2018. I say this without a single hint of irony, if there is only ONE GAME you buy that you are allowed to play for all of 2019, let that game be The Long Dark. Maybe in any other year, I would have said that The Long Dark was merely Excellent. Maybe I would have put it in the top ten. But fortunately for The Long Dark, the 1.43 version release that updated Wintermute came out in 2018. And in 2018, there is no competition, what so ever. I mean it. This is the game of the year. This is number one. No other game comes close. Up until this release, I would have said the survival mode was amazing and fun to play, but the story mode was... the tutorial. Just something there to screw around with. I played it once, and had no intention of going back to play it, ever again. I rushed through it to get it over with. Now that we have the Wintermute Redux (Ep 1&2), I rushed through it, but that was so I get get to posting my review of the game as quickly as possible. I have every intention of playing story mode several more times. There are at least three other choices I'd like to make. There are a number of side quests I blew past that I am eager to go explore and see what was done with them. The storyline before was... rough... to be charitable. Now? Now it is sublime. The acting is vastly improved. The quality of the cut scenes is top notch. The return to a more traditional Story structure really pays off in this revamping of the rough draft that was the previous incarnation of the Wintermute story. The NPCs that you meet that are your allies, you feel sympathy for. The NPCs that are your enemies, you feel rage against. There are so many subtle details added in. If you just want to run through the main plot, you aren't doing yourself any service. There are many subtle subplots lurking beneath the surface. If you look for them, they can be found to be enjoyed, and yet, they do not distract from the main quest. There is so much attention to detail. So many stories told without a word. So much meaning behind a trail of blood through the sparkling snow. The tightening up of the time table to play the story mode also does it justice. It concentrates the good parts so that the story doesn't drag and keeps the heat on, making you feel like there is urgency and keeps you driving forward. The interactions with many NPCs have also been vastly improved. In the previous version, I wanted to shoot the old lady in the face, she ticked me off so much. But now? I genuinely feel a pang of regret at having to leave her. There are moral dilemmas that put your situation into sharp relief, which I will not spoil here, but such simple choices have sparked great debates on the forums. The recurring character of Methuselah is also a welcome addition to the story, for he serves as an excellent framing device. Before he had but a minor part. Now he fits into the unfolding drama so well, I can't imagine him not having been serving in this capacity before. Dare I say it? I actually LIKE the characters now. And my questions are answered! The Plot holes are filled in! The continuity is top notch! There was one note I found that, well, to explain it would spoil it, but the dread at finding that particular note in that particular location was a palatable thing. I don't know if you understand the meaning of the term, "Fridge Horror", but it means that when watching a story, some time later it sinks in exactly what happened, and that's when the horror blooms. It was beautiful in its' terrifying implications. The newly redone Jeremiah is a joy to behold. The voice work is amazing, the animations truly bring him to life. I assume they hired a professional actor and did motion capture, because that's the only way they could have picked up the subtle nuance that makes this character so facinating. And the main plot line... not to give too much away, but the old bear... oh... that old bear... Before that old bear was a major annoyance. Defeating the bear in the previous incarnation was a grind. The current finale, oh ho! Perfect. THAT is what I expect in a final boss battle. I expect to barely cross the finish line after slugging it out against impossible odds. When I stumbled back to Jeremiah, I felt I had EARNED that victory. And the backstory of that bear, the lamp shading, the myths and realities... oh... So good. Just so good. And that's just the improvements to the story mode. The survival game has had a large number of improvements given to it as well. The addition of new items have, in my opinion, breathed new life into the Broken Railroad map. The addition of radio towers to the Forlorn Muskeg map serve both a purpose in the Story mode, as well as drawing attention to areas that previously many players would have missed. The addition of the Rabbit hat means that finally we can craft a hat after wolf and bear attacks have shredded our head gear. This means every surface that could be subject to frostbite can now be covered with crafted clothing. The new Well Fed mechanic is an, and I don't use the word lightly, ELEGANT solution to the problem of players hoarding too much food in the mid to late stage. This sort of outside the box thinking towards game balance is exactly the sort of thing I want to see. In sort, with the 1.43 update, I can say without fear of contradiction, that The Long Dark is the best game I have seen in a long... long time. A LONG TIME. I mean, dear god I could go on for hours about the train wrecks most of these "So-Called" AAA-class game companies have produced this past year. The real story here is to see that HLG has finally managed to make the Story Mode about the STORY and the Survival mode about SURVIVAL. I didn't think they were ever going to get it done. I wasn't sure it was possible. I thought, given the type of game, story mode was just always going to be the red-headed stepchild of The Long Dark. To see the Wintermute storyline finally come into its own is a joy. A ray of hope in an otherwise gloomy, dismal year of disappointment and the lingering stench of failure and rotting loot boxes. Raphael, the designer of The Long Dark, has restored my faith in humanity. It is still possible for beautiful, fun games to be created that are designed to be... fun. Just Fun. Nothing else. A game that is fun and exciting and interesting and gets you to care, just for the sake of being fun. There are many game designers who could learn a thing or a hundred twenty eight from Raphael. He has knocked it out of the park. He has taken a mid court 3-point shot and hit nothing but net. Whatever sports metaphor you prefer, this was a complete, and utter success on ever level. Is it "perfect"? No. However, the few quibbling concerns I have are more a personal preference, then any slam against the story or game design. The people who play the long dark are a diverse lot, so some of us are going to like certain things, and others will hate said things. This is the nature of game design. No game can be all things to all people. But DAMN did it come as close as humanly possible! I could go into many details about what exactly it is that I like about this latest version of The Long Dark, but at this point I have to get into spoilers and I'd prefer to keep this as free of that as much as possible. Instead I will just state that the level of detail, care, and effort that has gone into this revision of the game is astounding. This was a labor of love and it shows. Someone BLED red and crimson to make this. You do not get this level of craftsmanship and storytelling without tearing out your own heart. It is clear that talent didn't just go into this redux, but pain as well. Nothing of this quality is made without it. And I thank the ones who suffered for this art, because this was just phenomenal. Slow clap. Standing ovation. Drop balloons. Ignite fireworks. Take a bow. You earned it, Hinterland Games. You. Earned. It.
  23. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  24. Oh thank you so much Hinterland. This is the best xmas present. Hope you girls\guys a good festive period.