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  1. I've recently thought a lot about a list of things that should be added/improved in the game before it's finished (abandoned) that would make the game "complete" for me. There's a lot of stuff I would like to be added, but this is not a list about them, it's just things I feel like really should be added. Here's the list (in no particular order): - Release of all 5 episodes of WINTERMUTE (obviously) - First person clothing (ability to see what you're currently wearing in first person rather than seeing the default jacket all the time, it really breaks the immersion imo) - Decreased animal bleed out times (I've seen it multiple times in @Hadrian's videos and I have a problem with it myself, chasing a deer 5 minutes around the whole map is a bit ridiculous) - Bear spear in survival mode (currently only available in WINTERMUTE) - Defueling storm lanterns (exactly the same way you put out ammunition from firearms) - Craftable animal-hide socks and underwear (the only two slots that don't have any clothing that can be crafted from animals) - Warning before eating raw meat (similar to throwing an unread book into a fire, it's really easy to accidentally select raw meat from the radial menu and get food poisoning) - More items changing appearance based on their condition (currently only clothing items have this feature, I feel like it would be pretty cool and useful, especially with food) - Better item placing (ability to rotate items and put them directly next to each other or on top of each other, it would be great placing books to bookshelves the correct way for example) - Ability to read books for 30 minutes only (useful while cooking meat or boiling water for example) I might've forgotten about some things, but I feel like I've mentioned everything important. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it. 🙂
  2. So I was browsing Netflix and saw a crime drama series named "Hinterland". So I started with S1, Ep1, and ohmygosh it really looks like what I imagine the Coastal Highway region to have looked like when it had been populated. I mean eerily similar! Could it just be a coincidence? Nah? I dunno, but there's an awful lot alike about the two. The first half hour has rolling tree lined hills in a vast cold coastline with one road along the edge with rows of cottage homes that are dilapidated but livable. Fishing gear, small boats, and old docks way out in the water. When searching the home of the victim, the inside is so much like the homes in TLD. Single bookcases, single nightstands, old sinks and stoves, striped straight curtains!! It's kind of crazy! He searched a tall cliffed ravine with a water fall. Yup, there's a train and tracks too. A little bit later in the episode, he searches an abandoned part of an old home in the tall file cabinet! I had to keep backing up because I was so distracted by all the coincidences that I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. lol If anyone watches it, let me know if you "see it" like I do, or if I'm just crazy. Anyway, I thought it too bizarre not to show you all.
  3. Hello. My idea. In the game because there is a can of peaches, pork and beans, and so on and so forth. Say what product is good quality and what is not right ?. What if .by passing the written .It could be for example. A bad can of peaches if the product is long overdue and the can is deformed. Immediately it would be clear that the product is really spoiled. A fresh can of peaches would look really fresh and appetizing.
  4. I've seen a number of folks on the Wishlist forum asking for different vehicles and whatnot in TLD, but it's always snow mobiles or automobiles and as these both use traditional gasoline or diesel engines that require things like timing, electrical starters and motors and the like they wouldn't work in the quiet apocalypse. During an Aurora event you'd have constant power provided to your spark plugs which wouldn't allow the engine to run and the power required to power the starter would probably not be available with the Aurora alone. But not every type of engine requires electricity to function. 19th Century steam engines, for example, would work just fine as they rely on burning coal to heat up water to drive a piston. No electronics required. My question for all of you folks is: what other types of motors/engines would work (if there even are any)?
  5. Is there any way at all to traverse to the lower dam during the aurora in survival mode? I know you can get through the lower dam easy enough, but the wires in the upper dam make the lower dam inaccessible during the aurora. The only way to explore the lower dam is if you camp out in the lower dam and just wait for the aurora to show up. Which can take a full week or more and it's really not worth hording food and camping out just to see the dam lit up
  6. Soo.. what's the deal with the blue flares? Last time I saw something like that was UV flares in dying light. And I'm pretty sure those don't actually exist. Neither do blue flares. The only thing I've come up with, is blue LED "flares" which are essentially just flashing lights. Which would make sense with the event being that the animals are scared of unnatural light. But these flares would not be present in such a rural area as they're usually used by inner city police forces for traffic stops. And besides, these are not those. Because it appears to be just a blue reskin of the standard red road flare. This just doesn't make sense and is a little too videogamey for a survival game that strives for realism, in my opinion. What do y'all think? Any logical way we can explain this one?
  7. Does everyone remember the early days? When the insulated boots were the best clothing item in the game. When the woodpeckers would peck on metal and everyone wondered why they heard a cell phone ringing? When the entire ocean was frozen. When the original forestry lookout was still standing... Btw that was my favorite location in the game and I'll never forgive you hinterland ... or how about when we saw a snow shovel on the main menu? Before custom difficulty. Before the forge. Anyone remember the original survivor interface? Having to do without a radial menu? When cooking was as simple as selecting the item and time automatically passing. Before we needed cooking utensils, before skill trees, before layered clothing. Those were the days.
  8. I have a suggestion for the forge ladies and gentlemen. One that may actually make us want to use it. As you know, I've never been for the forge. Until they add the bear spear to survival mode, I have literally no reason to use it. I can find a knife and hatchet easily and can find arrowheads with not much more difficulty. That makes it useless to me. However. If they offered alternate, more powerful tools, it would actually make sense. Here's how it would happen. You would get a new skill tree, a new harvesting option, and possibly a new skill book added to the game. And obviously new crafting recipes. The stag handle knife and hatchet. You would learn these recipes at level 3 of the forging skill. At level 1 you can still make improvised tools, but as you level the skill your tools work better and better, last longer, and crafting times decrease. You'll be able to harvest deer and moose antler, and use a work bench and high quality tools to make a "stag handle." Then you would take it to a forge with some steel, and forge your knife or hatchet. The stag handle tools will be much better, but slightly heavier and stronger than the standard hatchet and knife. Still not as heavy as the improvised tools. And since forged tools tend to have much much tighter steel than manufactured, they would cut much better aswell drastically decreasing wood cutting and carcass harvesting times. There would have to be a new texture made for the hatchet, but the model for Jeremiah's knife in pre-dux (which I'm not sure is actually obtainable at the moment. Look it up on the wiki if you never got this item) is already a stag handle blade. What do y'all think?
  9. Just as the title states - What do y'all tend to wear in the long dark to keep the chill off your bones? I remember back before they added defense, waterproof and encumbrance value to clothing and we would all rush to get the heaviest warmest stuff. But with more recent updates, you have to be tactical about what you wear. Me, I like to be light, reasonably warm, and defended. My current outfit is as follows - I like light but warm jackets. Ski jacket is an ideal jacket for me, and layering two light sweaters or one heavy sweater underneath it provides pretty decent warmth and defense. Rabbit skin hat and balaclava are both pretty light and very very warm. Wool socks and trail socks are very ideal, preferably two pairs of either. I like trail boots or deer boots. They may not be the warmest, but they're not the worst by far and offer great mobility. Leather work gloves solely for the defensive value, they're my favorite gloves in the game. And as you can see I have snow pants on with cargo pants layered over them for the extra wind blockage and damage protection. Work pants offer much better protection, but they're not very warm and they're very heavy so they're not ideal. Heavy boots are a huuuge no no. Ski boots especially. I hate being slowed down as I travel a lot. Heavier coats are good if I can't find anything else, but as long as I can find a ski jacket I usually stay away from them. This setup has kept me completely warm on most days, but I know it won't last. I've had some hides curing to make some clothes for when the weather turns. I plan to replace the trail boots with deerskin boots, keep most of my clothing as is, and craft me a bearskin coat. Which is heavy, yes. But offers the best cold protection in the entire game and it shouldn't weigh me down too bad as long as I keep the rest of my clothing light. So what do my fellow survivors think of my setup? How do y'all prefer dressing yourselves in the morning to face the quiet apocalypse?
  10. Hello, my fellow survivors. I have a very important question I must bring to your attention. Perhaps the most important of them all. ... how do you take your coffee? Mine is pretty self explanatory from the picture. BLACKER THAN BLACK! That's two tablespoons of grinds for this tiny serving Looking forward to hearing some of your replies. This should be a fun little topic! Cheers!
  11. Where do all my fellow survivors like to hunt in the long dark? My personal favorite spot, as long as you have a revolver to fend off the wolves easily, is the Unnamed Pond in mystery lake. This is a PRIME location in my opinion, especially when you get lucky and catch that moose spawn zone in your game. In my latest sandbox, I've never tried hunting there. But it happened to be my moose spawn, which is why I set up in the cabin to begin with. I quickly realized, I'm mere FEET away from a moose spawn, a bear spawn, a wolf spawn, AND a deer spawn all in the same area. I took down a moose, a bear, and about 5 wolves in my week spent at this location waiting for that moose hide to cure. It's also a great spawn for old man's beard and I think there's rose hips pretty close by too. It's just an amazing location to set up and hunt with shelter mere feet away. If only this location consisted of a stove and work bench, man I might just settle down here. So tell me, where do y'all love to take in the scenery and take down some animals in the quiet apocalypse?
  12. Hello everybody , I don't know were this idea from someone else or not.If anyone has such an idea then I apologize .I don't follow other players ' ideas. Here's the idea As far as I know the game the village on the coastal highway there's a gas station. It would not be bad residual fuel that was left at the gas station how it would be possible to drain into the canister.Can all, the remnants of and remained.People who lived there still do not need. And survivors not necessary.
  13. So I went to lay out my gear tonight and I noticed something... odd. How the HELL, have I been fitting THOSE flares, into THAT flare gun!?
  14. I feel like there are just WAY too many rounds laying around for the revolver. This makes it way too overpowered as a tool, given that I have ample rounds just laying around. Too many to even carry with me, matter of fact. Hostile wildlife is a complete moot point. I'm finding as many revolver rounds as I would in a standard FPS, and this is a survival game! This seriously needs to be tuned
  15. Just as the title reads. I like to set screenshots from this game as my xb1 wallpaper, however I have to go to the options and toggle the HUD off to do so, so my survival meters don't get in the pic. I know pc has a hotkey to turn this off, why not Xbox one? My suggestion is to double tap the B button. Then tap it once to toggle it back on
  16. So, as the Admin closed the topic for no reason other than to eliminate any bad press, I want to discuss how fraud works in the United States justice system. Hinterlands wishes to interpret their promise "fulfilment" one way. I see it another way. I see an unkept promise and almost no transparency. I see a company who took money first and delivered half of what was purchased. Anybody else should chime in as this is a discussion that can easily be argued in court. I would rather keep it on a forum, unstifled by admin.
  17. Hi. Good morning , evening and night I do not say , because I do not know what time of day you have now.I thought you know what ?. By the way you notice that this game teaches people . I mean what ?. And about that there are for example people living in countries where all year round summer , and snow can not .And it happens that the inhabitants of such countries have never left their countries and never in my life have not seen snow.And this game gives them a chance.Because once it is clear that once it snows , and you start to freeze , then you need to dress warmer. It's you and the snow.Because many of us are probably from those countries where it snows in the winter.Those people don't. And that's why I want to say thank you to the creators of this game for the chance, those people who have never seen snow.How many countries do you think this game covers ?.
  18. Alright so. Hello once again everyone. First time I've been on here in a while, and even longer since I last had a serious survival sandbox. So here's a fun little discussion thread, one that's not all that unfamiliar on the forums but is still an interesting topic nontheless. How do y'all kill time when there's simply nothing else to do? I can't help but ponder that as I sit here staring at my roaring fire with a raging blizzard outside, not a care in the world since I'm slightly overencumebred with a great supply of firewood and food and drink, all my equipment in tip top shape and no skill books to study, a cup of lemon and rosehip herbal tea in my hand in real life. I personally just... enjoy it. The audio, the warm glow of a fire, the gorgeous sunsets, the beauty of the night sky. I'll find somewhere safe, plop a fire down and just sit there mesmerized taking it all in. That's a tradition I've long held in this game and think it's one of the most important moments. Heck, I've even read books to the background noise of the game. The scenery is, and always has been, absolutely stunning, visually and audio wise. And my mind seems to always wander, do my fellow survivors share in this tradition? I'd love to know what y'all do when simply waiting on the time to pass 😊☕
  19. Has anyone else run into this? Yesterday, I opted to save wear and tear on my clothes as a blizzard hit. I knew I wasn't far from shelter so I packed my clothes and trudged back to the Mountaineer's Hut. I did end up with 2 instances of frost bite risk (11%). Well, I've kept myself nice & warm and fully covered for about 5 in-game days, but my frost bite risk is still "stuck" at 11%. Is anyone else having issues with frost bite risk that will not go away? --- @Admin: is there something I'm missing, or would it be worth submitting a bug report?
  20. hey guys, i'll go straight to the point, one of the most common household items in all of the world are thermal bottles, they can keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids well warm for longer periods of time, I thought was maybe used the same mechanic from the storm lantern, but instead allow you to store tea or coffee (I don't think storing pork and beans or peaches would be a good idea) the thermal bottle would keep the liquids warm for longer and would help out when you have to come home from a Blizard and also help in the late game when the ambient is colder allowing the player to stay outside for longer, also to balance it out they should be made rare, and also since they can't be crafted by common manners (they have to pull a vacuum to make it perfect) you aren't able to fix it, and it loses its effectivity the lower the condition gets. That's it, I hope you guys like it. :D
  21. I kind of wish that they would shrink the rabbit hitboxes down a little bit... I personally liked the old way, before they reworked it. I mean, I think it should be tricky to hit a rabbit with a rock. I think perhaps they made it a little too forgiving when they reworked it. Lately I've been noticing that bad throws, that really should have been misses, still stunned the rabbit... and it felt kind of cheap. I do wish they would shrink that hitbox back down a little bit... maybe not as small as it was... but definitely smaller than it is now.
  22. In my current run, it's just occurred to me... I kind of wish that the drop zone for items was a little tighter. I mean specifically the area around you where items dropped from player inventory appear on the ground. While I acknowledge that this is a personal preference/quirk of mine... I find myself spending a lot of time dropping items, only to them pick a lot of them back up and re-dropping - repeatedly, trying to get them in a tighter pile. A specific example of this... I use one of the tiny crates in the Mountaineer's hut as a coal bin. I find myself having to climb up onto the crafting bench to be able to get over top of it and drop the coal in... but since most of it lands in fairly random way in the "drop zone" I end up picking most of it to try it again. After much effort, I have a nice little box by the crafting bench what very neatly holds all my coal. I guess I just wish it didn't take so much effort to be able to do this It may sound silly, but I can easily spend a large portion of my in game day trying to "tidy up" piles of things: Sticks, cloth, coal, charcoal, stones, pelts... pretty much everything that one might end up wanting to drop at one point or another. *I also really wish there was a weapon rack in the Mountaineer's Hut...*
  23. Started playing the game a while ago and still absolutely love it, cannot wait for further content and development. Just wanted to give you guys a shoutout and say thank you for creating this unique experience. Really brilliant.
  24. In this thread, I am soliciting players specific ideas & suggestions for things they would like to see included as NON-ADVANTAGEOUS additions to their gameplay experience; for which, they would be willing to pay the cost associated with a DLC as a means of financially supporting the Hinterland studio. These are 10 categories / suggestions I've either read somewhere along the line, or that I would like to see in a Supporter Pack: 1. Reskins: - Tent reskin for the Snow Shelter (same crafting components, looks like a mountaineering tent with a fly). - Skillet (functions with the same stats as the cooking pot) - Jeremiah's knife (limited possibility for spawn of his knife per play-through: Same stats & durability as combat knife) - Hinterland merch appearing in spawn tables swapped out for their respective counterpart in-game items (toggled?) 2. Decorator Pack: (Role Players / Campers) Items placed outdoors would despawn when player exceeds a certain range so they couldn't be used for trail markers. Items set in a "camp site" could be tagged as persistent with the player permitted one active camp site at any particular time. Reskins would be subject to the same decay that their respective counterparts were. The view out the front of the tent would need to be identical to the snow shelter...(?). Non-consumables (decorative): - Glass of water - Glass of wine - Mug of beer - Bottled beer - Bottle of wine - Steaming hot beverage (cocoa?) - Plates (decorative, placeable) that function as an interactable surface that players can place food items on. - Place setting (silverware, decorative) - RP Functionality: Sitting on tree-stumps and chairs (possibly technically complicated). Would love to sit when I role-play camping, mend or handcraft... (could even be added to game later in an update, but given to supporters earlier) - RP Functionality: Functional coat racks (no benefit to drying, same as floor or surface drying. - RP Functionality: Store hatchet stuck into wood (stump, bough, downed tree..). - RP Functionality: Lean rifle against things vertically. 3. Misophonia toggle: Eating audio swapped for barely audible variants. 4. Elegy Visual Poem 5. Select Episode Intro cinematics (possible complications where additional music licensing fees are concerned). 6. Game designer interview collection. 7. Identity-secure behind-the scene Studio tour. 8. Great Bear inspirations (collection of images and video montage designers utilized for creative inspiration). 9. Meet the voice actors: (Interviews with or short video highlights of the process). 10.Gag reel (funny glitches, fun in the recording studio, etc.). What other things can you think of that you'd like to see in a Supporter Pack?
  25. I was thinking about it after watching some Wintermute videos and I'm not sure but isn't it an incoherence in the evenement of the events in Milton ? First the plane crashes so Astrid and Will are seperated. We know that Will and her Briefcase are realy important so Astrid as to : 1. Run too Milton looking for help and let some scarf piece behind to allow Will to find her path. 2. She was forced by a animal or a prisoner to run away During that, the bus of prisoner get crashed at the entry of the tunnel after milton. The prisoner who survived get out of the Bus and they go to Milton. Some thing went wrong with the inhabitant of Milton, they burn a part of them by accident in the School. Astrid get here at this moment and try to save the Inhabitants but it's too late. The prisoner try to kill her so she start to fight with them, kill one of them but get wouded. She run away and pass trough the stone of the tunnel and survive. If she run away and don't get cought by the prisoner because she was small enough to pass the landslide, who can we find Mathis and 5 prisoners dead body in the mystery lake ? In this situation where astrid pass the landslide, the prisoners are trapped inside Milton. Am I wrong ?