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  1. When I went back in, the satchel wasn't there but everything else was.
  2. 👋 👋 👋 New to the game and the forum but welcome back! lol
  3. Popping in to say hello! New to the forum and (relatively?) new to TLD, been playing for a few months and I definitely love it. Working my way through Wintermute. This and Stardew Valley are pretty much the only digital games I'm playing currently, but I'm a mild cards and board games fan, too. Splendor is a new favorite 🤗 When I'm not playing games I'm playing my basses, drawing, and trying my hand at cooking... no more grubhub for the time being lmao. Anyway I'm happy to be here!
  4. So I finished the glowing cave side mission and got the moosehide satchel reward! Except, in not the smartest move, after I got the satchel, I loaded an autosave to go back for the wood outside the cave so I wouldn't freeze to death. But when I opened the backpack again the satchel wasn't there. I keep reloading my last autosave and every time I get a hunting knife.... is there any way to get the satchel back or am I just SOL?