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  1. We’ll just experienced this on my new interloper run. Thought you all are crazy before because I always found it before even after seeing this complaint, but it’s valid. I believe the issue is possibly the revised interiors of the vehicles. The key was probably in the truck but now with the new interiors it’s missing. Previously I always found it in the tractor or corpses or behind house. It’s definitely missing that’s for sure but I suspect it is due to interior design changes in the vehicles.
  2. For interloper I based in the cave in the swamp just south of the prison. Easy moose access, no timberwolves and staves off cabin fever.
  3. He does spawn there on interloper but it’s very very rare. I have played 500+ day even 1000 day interloper and not seen him spawn ever there. Oddly at the trappers cabin in ML I have seen him spawn there from the beginning but then never ever appear again. I have also seen him appear for the first time after 400 days. All this without tree bark markings. But for quonset I pretty much write him off if I don’t see evidence of a spawn.
  4. Cave often has fire striker in interloper.
  5. There isn’t a need for a thermos in the lower levels really. Cold is not an issue because the clothing is so good. I have thought a thermos in interloper would be a draw to go to a “useless” region but then again a thermos in interloper would be way way way way way OP. It would turn the game to stalker level. i kind of mimic a thermos by staggering teas. Teas stay warm for an hour so if you drink them in staggered sequence you can go almost 2 hours with warmup bonus.
  6. It can’t work because of the time lapse mechanics. And it’s just as well. The isolation and independent survival is the best appeal of the game.
  7. It’s not just tree limbs. Happens with beachcombing too. Pass a spot and there is nothing. Turn around and there may be 3 items.
  8. Answers to your questions: 1. ANY weapon works for this. Rock, bow or flare gun and it works 100% of the time if done in time and no aurora. 2. Throwing the torch is very risky. If you hit the animal in the face I have always seen them run. But if you don’t, absolutely they have attacked me. I never throw the torch. Too risky and totally unnecessary. I’ll even add a third one- if you don’t have a torch, you can lob a stone (don’t aim it) at a wolf and if you hit it in the face it will run- but it won’t aggro if you miss. Obviously you probably need a lot of stones to pul
  9. I don’t see any appeal to that challenge seeing as how you can’t forge anything. It basically then boils down to how long your matches last. Not interesting for survival.
  10. Yep all those are absolutely true however the wolves attacking with a torch is probably more you. It’s important to remember a few things about wolves and fire in interloper (may apply to the easy levels too but I only play interloper) first- the wolf has to see the fire ahead of time to react to it. That’s why sometimes if you place a fire by a hill or around a corner the wolf just attacks right through it. Same with torches. Climb a hill just as a wolf is there he won’t see the fire in time and attacks. This is the most common reason for wolf attacks even with torch/fire.
  11. Luckily they won’t do any of that. What they would do is a slingshot. That would solve this in a more realistic fashion.
  12. Yes the mechanics are there to supply all skill levels. For example in interloper- you live off coal. You just have to have it to survive. It’s too cold otherwise. In pilgrim you don’t need coal for anything. So the mechanic is “invisible”. Same with cattails. Cattails to someone playing stalker might appear like “what am I supposed to do with these things” and maybe it’s for tinder until fire 3. In interloper- cattails are your lifeblood. You realize that not just cattails, but the actual locations of them and quantities per location are all part of game design. This is invisible in
  13. Yep lost my 1000 day interloper in BP by getting caught in aurora with timberwolves. Definitely the hardest region in the game BUT also absolutely no reason to go there in interloper just like for BI. The vest is nothing more than a paperweight and I have no use for the noisemakers at all. There is no draw for interlopers to go there like there is for AC for example. I wish the developers would give some incentive such as making crampons repairable only at a mill, or making flare shells at the ammunition bench. Even then I’d only do it at BI.
  14. I don’t know what you are talking about. There are some 4000 pieces of cloth in the game between cloth, curtains, clothes and chairs etc… that equates to 8000 bandages. I don’t know your playing skill but that is more bandages than I have needed cumulatively in about 1500 hours of game play. Besides- again, how can you ever run out of cloth when you can beachcomb cloth and clothes? In the easy levels, you don’t need (nor would you want) any animal clothing so cloth for repairs is used more often but also at the same time in the easy levels, clothes last way, way, way, way longer t
  15. No because they appear when beachcombing. Besides even if they didn’t - do you know how many moose stomps or how many time you would have to get parasites to need even 1/100 of the rose hips and mushrooms in the game? For warming up- interlopers use birch bark because it is renewable. Even then, we use mushrooms and rose hips especially early because they are so plentiful. Running out is not even an issue and by the time you run out of cattails (which would be almost impossible) you already have hunting 5 and cooking 5 anyway. Again- game mechanics. The design is absolutely logi