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  1. There is a truck at the old substation. On the dashboard of the truck, there is a note to start the third rumor Suspicious person.
  2. As Semple Fi said, there is a dead body near where you get the detonator in the mine.
  3. I got passed the mission, and figured out what went wrong. You supposed to fight the old bear twice at east tower and north tower. Somehow I "missed" the bear at the east radio tower(it did not show up or he was blind and didn't see me) anyway, I went back to the east tower, he appeared this time. I fought the bear then clicked the control box again, and the quest updated! It looks like the two fighting scenes are part of the mission and cannot be skipped. Thanks for everyone helped here, really appreciated.
  4. Yeah, I definitely think it's a bug. Already opened ticket a week ago, but no response yet. My earliest save is right before I visit the last tower(and I have reloaded this save and fought the old bear so many times)
  5. Yes, I think I did. The radio parts is in same room with the medical supply at the dam. And yes, I stabbed the spear in bear's belly 3 times then he ran away. The screenshot shows my current mission.
  6. Yup, that was the mission before this one, first get the medical thing at the dam to save Jeremiah. Then forge the spear.
  7. Yes, I have been to all 3 towers. The north tower is the last one, where I fought the old bear.
  8. Yes, I did, but nothing happened. Hunter Jeremiah won't talk to me.
  9. I'm stuck in episode 2, the mission Signal to Noise. At the north tower, I successfully beat the old bear. Then retrieved the last transponder. However the quest didn't update normally. Now all three objects are checked for "Retrieve transponder parts from each tower in Forlorn Muskeg." I have reloaded many times, all with the same result. Please help.