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  1. I agree with Leeanda. If it will be only one good path to survive in case you meet angry beast at this location)
  2. The idea arose after the passage of the fourth episode, to make a medicine like in the case from the blood of a wild boar with finding, killing and making it in some laboratory as boling in a vial😷
  3. But new game mechanics can be implemented, such as climbing to a tree by analogy with what is already there with a rope or ladder The tree is a good safe place aganst wolf or bear also)))) Rifle and revolver in real life can't help aganst boar in some case. Indeed, "Run, Forrest, Run!" is the best solution)))
  4. Hello everybody. What about a new animal BOAR in survival mode or events, wild and angry. A boar family as ambient forest inhabitants also wiil be a good update. 23k fan group from Russia vote for the boar the king of the winter forest.