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  1. @Evan McMillanGood to know! I won't log into my survival save then I'll create a new survival save and let you know if I'm having the same problem. As for reporting to Hinterland, I did that to, also, to no avail.
  2. Hello! I was really, really excited when Episode Four came out, but I wasn't able to play it until today. Everything was fine until I left Blackrock. After that, there have been lost of missing assets. I've been able to walk off cliffs and float, there are fantom objects (I assume trees?), there is a huge lack of trees, the crashed bus isn't there, etc... Attached are some screenshots [http//%26quot%3Bhttps]. I am on MacOS Monterey (this also happens on Big Sur). I have verified my game files, albeit to no avail. This is Cyberpunk 2077 bad, but I suspect this is just me. Here are my launch