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  1. Several times now, when attempting to transfer potably water from a container into my inventory, I have opened the sub-menu for the water transfer itself, and pressed Y to transfer all. Some percentage of the time, the water simply vanishes. I've had it happen with as little as a liter, and as much as 10 liters. Edit: Can now confirm it's vanishing sometimes from all sources, even straight out of the pot I boiled it in.
  2. As the title suggests, I'm having issues with torches and campfires. I'm playing on pilgrim, trying to train my firestarting skill up a little. To conserve my fire sources, I'm starting an initial fire with a magnifying glass where I can, matches when I can't. Then, I'm starting short lived fires with a lit torch, tinder, and sticks. I've had issues with this in front of the milton house, inside it, and even inside the church with the pre-made campfire. I'll be lighting fires and suddenly the game will freeze. Sounds will continue playing, and sometimes, it will unlock. If I quickl