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  1. I'm sorry if i didn't express the opinion well in English. Truly, I don't understand what could be wrong with the way information is presented in this topic, apart from the fact that I shouldn't have used large Japanese emoticons in the name (now I may only re-upload to fix it).
  2. В сложной системе пещер в Долине Тихой Реки кто-то бывал? Вот где отметки краской очень помогают ориентироваться. А так в остальном сгребаю баллончики, если возможно нести без перевеса, и отношу их в ключевую подлокацию, на которой подолгу живу, затем могу делать отметки тропы к поляне с капканами или к рыбацкому бараку для переходов во время метели или тумана. Выжимаем максимум сока из всех механик)
  3. Hi! After four futile attempts to start survival on a very high difficulty with personal settings mounted using the code by the Steam community, I started the fifth one and was surprised to find out that there are no animals in the world at all, except crows. Somehow the preset settings changed, although I didn't even look at them in an trial to edit anything - the presence of every animals became None. I wonder what determines the continuity of position of the specified custom settings over time?
  4. In the Ep4 there was a very clear and specific answer to these questions. It was in the longest cutscene. Although after the plane crash in the Pleasant Valley there were a few passengers left surrounded by the care of the priest, , otherwise you are right - Mathis literally pretends to become the lord of an almost complete void. GBI is only of value to him if he somehow knows about Suzuki and the possibilities it provides.
  5. In the Blackrock region in Story Mod there is a lack of microclimate for drying in one of the caves.
  6. Hello to all the polar survivalists, and especially to the guys from Hinterland, because the most difficult aggravated custom modification of Interloper does not reach the severity of the challenges that the fellows from Hinterland have to cope with as they work on the game. I want to draw attention to a few minor imperfections in the gameplay, which are easy to correct. Perhaps players have also noticed them and wondered how the developers have not yet thought of doing this. I ask the administration to familiarize these. First of all, I will start with the unit of user interface, w
  7. Salut, i'm Sergey, 29 years old, I like various stuff, including: food(not so much eating as cooking), music(extremely wide preferances - beginning from Hendel up to 2Pac), virtual clinging to life on the Great Bear Island. Once upon a time I'd checked out and was aghast to realise that I spent as much time in TLD as somebody does in Dota2. Steam_profile I'd ask you, folks, for advice: Which topic do I have to choose for publication my suggestion so that developers/admins could noticed that? Offered improvements aren't properly significant for Wishlist, but those are more intresting