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  1. camel

    ideas for ep5

    howdy lads and ladies I'm pretty sure that ep5 will have another forrest talker stash to find but me personally: i'd love if that stash to be story-critical so to say, like one needs the stash to finish to complete ep 5, or a good ending or something alike maybe even meet up once more with the dude from the cabins? cheers
  2. wow nicely done love the cases on top of things how does one place/get those?
  3. so.. you want to murder a bunch of unarmed people? prosecutor, judge & executioner - style? inside the prison too, they all man the lights, unarmed, you cant even see the "snipers" if one can even use that term (aim and so on) yes there was the possibility to "end" the (already mortally wounded) dude in the barn... if you were one of them who pushed - you prob did him a kindness - dying by pierced gut is bad - like... really bad - but outright murdering people... that doesn't seem to fit McKenzie's demeanor at all this is his story of trying to save somebod
  4. at that point I was still trying honestly to resolve this sadly, counter to any game, in RL there isn't always an option available, some things just cannot be done.
  5. prob the most likely yes still there is a chance imo that we get a short, astrid helps all the wounded/sick style part like ep 3
  6. my comment about the cache in the mine was about going through the trouble of looking for the 3 numbers, getting them all together - just to find out that it is locked with a regular - guessing game - safe lock, rendering the search for the clues/numbers redundant meaning id rather look for clues and letters and make some sense of them than just walking up to a marked spot on the map guessing my way through also: gameplay > flashbacks
  7. yep totally over it... from the beginning - obviously congrats for being the first twat to make it onto my ignore list 😘
  8. glad you edited that - good night - in there otherwise i wouldn't have known your done arguing 😘
  9. with your understanding either everything is logical or it contains a mythical wumbus since you yourself didn't die when the bear ate you in ep2 (equal to your favored wumbus imo) we can not expect basic logic nor anything else further down the line
  10. nah you did the exact opposite confronted with logic you started talking about its a game, there cannot be logic in a game containing a wumpus since this forum is about a game containing undying characters, aggressive wolves, mythical bears and global magnetic events, we, by your own logic, cannot expect logic nor fluid dynamics
  11. yet since we are talking about mac - you know an undying character in a game? who survived a plane crash due to a magnetic storm, a number of bear attacks in canon and getting hit in the head multiple times with a metal (suit)case all within a few days, we have to agree we cannot hope for logical solutions to binary puzzles nor can we inject fluid dynamics? rather just try and err until we're done?
  12. glad to read you acknowledging that thanks
  13. if you can't: here is my puzzle for you 1,2,3,... the solution has 98 digits...
  14. glad to have satisfied you please describe to me logically how the solution is 27?