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  1. "Surrounded by snow, and nothing to drink" The geomagnetic storm has contaminated all the snow. Even when boiled, drinking it causes instant death. To quench your thirst, you must scrounge food and drink, drain toilets, and make use of the magical Aqua Pur tablets. How long will you survive? In this custom challenge, the goal is to survive for as long as possible without boiling water. Snow can be melted for use with Aqua Pur tablets, but otherwise water must be scrounged from toilets, food and drink. Suddenly we have to pay attention to how food affects your thirst! I'm
  2. Not yet - I'm still doing the lanterns! Since its a youtube series, and I'm only doing one episode a week, its taking a while :) I do have other custom challenge ideas, although they are not "item collection" ones. But another item collection variation I had considered was collecting every firearm - find as many rifles and revolvers as you can. It would be interesting to see how many generate in Stalker.
  3. Awesome! Balancing weight, and deciding what things to carry is tricky - I tend to hoard stuff, so its hard to leave everything else behind As you discovered, there are a lot of Lanterns that generate. Normally we tend to find one then ignore the rest. One of the reasons I made up this challenge was to find out how many could be found (with the 20 lantern limit, and the time limit, to make it a challenge with an ending). Your pictures are fantastic - those lanterns are so bright!!
  4. Its just a regular Stalker sandbox. I am using a couple of feats (Snow runner, Free walker and Cold Fusion). I started in Coastal, but you could mix it up by starting elsewhere (or randomly). There is a lot of scope for making the challenge harder or easier, depending on where you start and what difficulty you want to play at.
  5. Darkness Is Coming... In 14 days, the sun will set for the last time. You must gather 20 lanterns, before the final night. Perhaps their light will save you from the madness that the darkness will surely bring. In this custom challenge, we have 14 days to collect 20 lanterns into a single location. This is in a Stalker-level survival world, and we're a few episodes into the challenge already. Come along for the ride! PS I am using the Linux version of The Long Dark - Thank you Hinterland for supporting Linux! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq5Jf4ybANQ&list=PL