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  1. Hi lads. I'm wondering if you can use a keyboard and mouse on ps4, I just bought one and I'm trying to play tld on it but It doesn't react, it says on ps4 it's plugged and it works on other games but it doesn't on tld. Is there a way to play tld on ps4 with a keyboard and mouse? If so please tell me
  2. I play on ps4 and when i harvest something i only see black
  3. When i pick up a stick or harvest cat tails i sometimes have a black screen, i can hear but cant see. When i open my inventory or pause the game it turns back to normal.
  4. I'm wondering on what is the best way to hunt a bear on interloper? I always struggle to get it before it get's me. Is there a weak point or a strategy for hunting bears?
  5. I have a idea for some settings in survival mode. The first one is the choice of adding advanced chlothes to your game (explorer parka,balaclava etc.). The second is the choice of having hatches and knifes. Also in my opinion, when selecting rifles or revolvers to be added to your world, cleaning kits should spawn aswell. Please share your opinion on these ideas. P.S i apologize if i sent this twice i once sent it on my phone and i wasn't sure it sent it's my first time writing a topic, also sorry if there are gramatical error's. :)