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  1. pathfinder, i am trin to find a Winterlude video that someone sent me re getting up the mountain, mission 2, to Milton. It is a really good video but i mistakenly lost it and i cannot remember who sent it. Is there any chance you might know of the video and be able to send it? Thanks
  2. Dang, I cannot remember who sent it?? But thanks anyways. went to yutube and checked the LMG videos there but they do no show the crash scene. Thanks anyways I love the game but it is very hard to learn re were, why and when. I will just have to keep trying.
  3. Hi Leeanda: This is very much off topic but I would like a favor. I love the game, lol not very good at it but just the same, I would like you to r send the video re the crash sight in Interlude. Not very good with a pc and I managed to lose it. Have looked all over the forums and cannot find our conversation. It is a really good video that explains how to get up the mountain and event. to Milton Thanks in advance Bob S.
  4. yup/ not sure why and i cant seem to find the cave??
  5. EXCELLENT VIDEO. Thank you very much. I still get very disoriented, and cannot pick up material as quick as i should. then when i try to find the dang cave i cant find it. can yu tell me the quickest way to start the climb. I think i climb along the long fallen tree. I think I will just have to keep trying. I just cannot pick up objects and then find the cave quick enough. Would like to say thanks for all the help.
  6. cannot find were i climb up to wreck on top. help please/thanks
  7. Hi : Have just started to get into LDN. I am threw the 1st mission in Winterlude but very much stuck at the crash scene in the 2nd mission. Try as I may I cannot figure out how to get up to the top were the rest of the plane wreck is. I warm up in the bear cave but when I go out to climb I always get cold and die. Help please?
  8. Thanks Leeanda, will give it a try. I get into the cave okay, get warmed up with a fire, go out and then freez. I have to have enough wood to start a fire after climb? As well not sure were to start climb. Thanks for the help.
  9. cannot find were i should climb to get up top. i thought it would be the plane wreck and find Astra and the parka. Do I find a town 1st?? Thanks
  10. HELP PLEASE/ cant get to top of the mountain were the rest of plane is without freezing my ass.
  11. So now I am the crash sight. I hav found the bear cave and can start a fire and sleep there. Problem is every time I start out to climb to top to the find the rest of the wreck and perhaps the parka, I have to retreat back to the cave to get warm. Ideas??
  12. Thanks or all the help guys. I am out of the hangar but without the parka. Have started at the crash sight. Any help wud be appreciated. Thanks again,
  13. I thouught that was it, but how do i pick up the parka? I have tried everything? Any ideas? Thanks
  14. HI: Hope this is the correct sight to be asking for help? My problem is in the scenario: Winterlude> Missing memories. I have gotten to the point were i have everything loaded, I think, but cannot figure out how to get Astrid and the pilot to take off and leave. Help please/ thanks
  15. Hi: I just want to take a minute to intro myself to all you nice people. I am a long time retired Toronto Fir Fighter. I really love PC games and have played for years. How ever at the present I have put all my games on hold and am devoting a lot of my spare time the TLD. Great game, although I do run into probs were I cannot seem to get out of. The games has lots of scenarios and I find it very interesting to play. Good luck to all and enjoy the game. I am open to any conversation if you care to indulge. GOGD LUCK to all.