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  1. Please don't do it. I love your comments
  2. So it would seem rational that after carrying ~20kg of equipment all the time and climbing with it while following a mainly protein diet Mr.Mackenzie/Astrid should be jacked like a beast. But no nothing changes to their physique even after a year of hardcore survival life. So my proposal is that with time, sweat, hard work and good diet (cattails for fiber, water for organ health, rabbit meat for gains, bear meat for gains, wolf meat for gains, and moose meat for even more GAINS) our dear protagonist should get the buff called: JACKED It should make him/her the ultimate predator of wildl
  3. 1. becoming a deer when you craft the deerskin clothes 2. romance options with bears and mooses
  4. It would be cool to be able to place stacks of items like sticks and other type of wood. It would look so much better than having hundreds of items on the ground colliding into each other. Would save some precious space too.
  5. Damn more than 500 hours in the game and i haven't found it. Thank you ppl
  6. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to wait with the warmth bonus of the sleeping bag. Like when i can't sleep in it because i've rested enough but a blizzard is raging and i'm stuck in a car. It seems reasonable.
  7. There are magifying lenses in the game. You can use them to light fires when the sun is shining. The problem is already solved.