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  1. People sometimes say they still hear its cries echoing through the hills! AT-cm_1286813491.mp4 Seriously though this was wild, never had that happen. It definitely unwound itself from the mountain and came after me at Miner's later. xo curie_osity
  2. Lol use the fishing hooks to craft and really f*ed up wolf trap. Truly so many possibilities! claw studded boots sound amazing too.
  3. @Leeandayes exactly. It would be cool if you could craft some sort of defensive mechanism with “spikes” from teeth that would fend off animals faster. That would be a fun addition!
  4. A few other players and I were chatting the other day about possible ideas for accessories and we thought it would be cool to have something specifically for escaping wildlife attacks (or fending them off once they begin). Either something like a scent masker for lessening the chance of attacks, or maybe some sort of armor piece for your arm that would be one-time-use or get easily ruined but that would keep the wolf's teeth from penetrating your clothes and give you essentially one get-out-of-wolf-attack-free card. Also unrelated and not useful, but being able to craft a bear tooth or
  5. Hi all! I've been playing the Long Dark since July 2015 and feel like I should start interacting more with the community. I love how supportive and helpful this community is, so thanks for all the questions I've had answered while lurking. I mostly play Interloper mode at this point and am trying to finish up getting some of the Steam achievements. Right now I'm doing a run to get the Wrapped in Furs achievement (and maybe a few others). I've actually started streaming it - I was inspired after my friend streamed his playthrough of Wintermute and already I've gotten so much help from