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  1. 2 equal things I like most of all. First - loneliness. Second - inevitable death. These things make me value my life and communication with other people in a reality...
  2. When I was teenager I was picking mushrooms with my niece. We were searching to the right from the road and suddenly got lost. Hopelessly we were trying to find the road. Suddenly I felt something. I told my niece to keep silent and started listening. It was a dog, barking. Far, far away. We went directing to the dog and found our town. We were found to the left side of the road. Despite we hadn't cross any roads.
  3. There are different animals in The long dark. But there is no dogs. However, I found a dog's house. It makes gamer think - what happened with its little owner... Was it male or female? Was it rescued or eaten? If eaten - by whom? By starving people or by wolves?