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  1. I completely understand what your saying which is why I would have wanted it to be a choice rather than it forces you to join, like giving you the easy route by joining the safety and security of the prison inmates at the cost of you hurting everyone you love, I just thought that the story would have been better if it gave us that choice
  2. I know its not who McKenzie is but I thought it would have been a more interesting story if Mckenzie gave in to the wild and broke because he let it change him and him giving into it
  3. Spoilers . . . I really enjoyed the newest episode in the long dark but I personally feel like it could have been really awesome. I think it would have been a cool concept where you are able to join the prisoners side and be able to give in to the fact that you can be kings in the world or help those you care about. I'm kind of disappointed that this episode could have been so much better especially after waiting so long for the episode. I did really like the episode and world building I just feel like it could have been a lot better
  4. Bears that randomly decide to spawn in front of you and maul you to death in an interloper run
  5. with episode 4 we are probably getting some sort of explosive device
  6. The long dark can get pretty easy after the initial 50- 100 days because you can hunker down and get kilo's upon kilo's of meat and especially when you get cooking level 5 when you can eat anything you kill. To combat this I think that any meat you leave out can be eaten by wolves making it much harder to stock up a bunch if meat that basically never degrades if you play your cards right.
  7. Make snare, catch rabbit Make bow, kill deer 27 1 kg deer steaks 24 1 kg rabbit steaks living good
  8. A bow drill that can be crafted using two sticks and cured gut after reaching level 4 fire skill I feel would be a very good addition for players in the late game that don't want to have to always carry their torches.