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  1. Goodness, pardon my typos. If anyone wants clarification let me know.
  2. Having played the game for quite a few years now, I have found the most engaging, enduring aspect to be the realistic, engaging survival mechanics. How hunting, scavenging, cooking, staying warm, mending, making cloths, and all the other little things you do to stay alive interconnect is grand. given so, there are a few additions that would make me very happy the first would be, once you have maxed out your sharpening skill, the ability to either use stones to sharpen or midigate the damage inflicted on wet stones. As it stand even a fantastic sharpener has to have a wet stone which
  3. I have always found “The Will to Live” achievement alluring. The idea of surviving for in game years, having to plan months ahead, and inevitably leaving your mark on nearly every crevice and corner of Great Bear have the makings of a great survival story. However, on the lower difficulties the monument of this achievement is somewhat diminished on behalf of the plethora of supplies, tools, and weapons available. I personally found that by day 150 or so on stalker their was very little reason to do anything and few external threats on account of my gear and supply reserves. To amend this