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  1. Finally an episode 4 has been released. My first experience: "Not sure why I feel so stupid...". IMHO, The Long Dark, the Open World game with a lots of ways to finish a mission, turns to "Yet Other B[censored] Consumers Approved". There's no more need to think, to try, to make something by yourself. Now, just "Follow the blizzard line..." and you reach another... point. No variants. No thoughts. Just go, go... Even a warmth/weariness/thirst/hunger conditions don't matters anymore on a linear "blizzard line". The Long Dark episode 4 go a way like "Walking dead" TV series. From something
  2. That's right... Right... (c)wounded trapper
  3. No, Hank isn't a beer) Exclude a Shreider of course) Hank lying dead nearby frozen river of Mystery lake, that rare survivor had to visit.
  4. Greetings! Welcome to the world of obscurity
  5. I meant a music) "Not sure why I feel so tired" that corresponds to a theme, that frequently sounds in a background.
  6. This phrase sounds in The Long Dark background music so many times! Did you hear this?
  7. Guess not. This guy seems to be insane.
  8. At my first walkthroughs, I pull a knife. But then I realize, that a "Bad... bad people..." just can't change. They like a wolves - when they healed their wounds, getting stronger, they seek for another wolves and then a crowd of wolves being hunt for a people like for any other living creature they can eat. Uh-uh. Not any more. They all going to pay now, Lyricist.
  9. That's meaning a lot. You see?
  10. And... Which is your choice? To pull a knife? Or push?
  11. It's just a scripted cutscene. All of you can interact is a pull a knife or push it. I guess...