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  1. That's right... Right... (c)wounded trapper
  2. No, Hank isn't a beer) Exclude a Shreider of course) Hank lying dead nearby frozen river of Mystery lake, that rare survivor had to visit.
  3. Greetings! Welcome to the world of obscurity
  4. I meant a music) "Not sure why I feel so tired" that corresponds to a theme, that frequently sounds in a background.
  5. This phrase sounds in The Long Dark background music so many times! Did you hear this?
  6. Guess not. This guy seems to be insane.
  7. At my first walkthroughs, I pull a knife. But then I realize, that a "Bad... bad people..." just can't change. They like a wolves - when they healed their wounds, getting stronger, they seek for another wolves and then a crowd of wolves being hunt for a people like for any other living creature they can eat. Uh-uh. Not any more. They all going to pay now, Lyricist.
  8. That's meaning a lot. You see?
  9. And... Which is your choice? To pull a knife? Or push?
  10. It's just a scripted cutscene. All of you can interact is a pull a knife or push it. I guess...
  11. Did you pull or push a knife?