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  1. I saw something that was brown right beside the road and being curious I investigated. Brown thing turned out to be a sleeping bear, bad bear! That was on the boring map of Mountain Town. The second was being mauled by a wolf and the wolf tag its team mate in, a bear. That really sucked. No time to run and since the developers did not put a jump command I was doomed.
  2. Is that what happen, I thought the bridge had a hole in it. I was doing well until I tried to move across that bridge and died. I have yet to go back.
  3. How do you find animal that you killed? I know to track the blood but in two cases now that track disappear. Tracks have disappeared when I updated the map and when I was following a trail. I read an post about going the next day to get the animal but I can never find any of them, unless it was the bear but it is dead now (what a scare that was). :) Any suggestions?
  4. And watch your step, died that way.
  5. When you discovered or revealed a location the map centres on you and not on Jack Rabbit island for example.
  6. I can not find anything to clean the rifle with at Mystery Lake and so far not at maintenance shed in the broken railroad map. The maintenance shed was suggested on which is four years old and highly likely to be way out date. The rifle is at 35% and if I use it, I loose it and that sucks. So where can I find a cleaning kit? Update found a cleaning and now it is down to 25% and need to find a new one.