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  1. Seeing how the game world has hunting cabins, hunting blinds and hunting rifles I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there probably were hunters at the Bear Island before the poop hit the fan. Beside probably carrying a thermos flask that I've written about before, I'm certain these guys also had binoculars. Like the thermos flask, I think binoculars should be a rare/unique find or reward for completing something difficult. Sort of like when you get the technical backpack after reaching it's location. The field of view can be long in the game and I can't tell how many times I
  2. Devs could make a little treasure hunt for finding a good old pipe, that would fit the setting really well. Imagine climbing the Ash Canyon mountains, sitting down to grind some tobacco and lighting up your trusty pipe while enjoying the scenery. My satisfaction would be immense.
  3. This from another thread, he makes great remarks on implementing gun damage and integrating black powder weapons with the Gunsmithing skill.
  4. I did not even think about building the gun from scratch but it sounds cool and definitely would add a lot stuff to do in the game which, while being great, lacks that end game focus and activity in my opinion. As to how deep in you'll get in realism is up to the devs, but I'd be alright using the gun powder already existing in game, as that takes away work load from programming and testing. But as you pointed out, a few more resources would get more utility like saplings and cloth which always is a good things. Also I like the idea of crafted pouch for balls and powder! One could also ad
  5. As I was writing my piece about black powder weapons, I had another idea while sipping my coffee. Native to the cold Finland, with my trusty thermos always by my side, I cannot help but wonder how no one in Canada seem have them. A very small addition, but could add a fun "treasure hunt" and a small mechanic to gain the ability to bring hot beverages on long journeys. That is all, thanks for the great game
  6. I tried to look through the forums to see if there is a suggestion about this but didn't see any. Anyhow, I would love the devs to add black powder weapons into the game. I think there is good potential for some spare time tinkering with these weapons added, since one could for example; hunt for the parts, melt lead into balls over camp fire, craft wooden flint from the tinder that is everywhere but useless past early game. Also, I think a lot of required mechanics are in the game already, so implementing this should not be a problem (I say this with zero knowledge about making games).