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  1. Greatwisebob, what you said about " Life is actually hard. There don't need to be pterodactyls." gave me quite a laugh. I agree entirely, and thank you for saying it in such a succinct way. A few years ago there was a group of guys at work who were trying to get me in on their group in Arc Survival, and that comment reminded me of them. (By the way, I never thought of that game as interesting, too fantastic for my taste.) Three years ago might as well be a decade, with all thats happened, and the memories were welcome. Re-Reading my post now makes me realize I should have sat on i
  2. Hello. I took your survey yesterday and it must be said, I appreciate you being so direct about asking me what I am willing, and am not willing, to pay for. Thank you. I will not duplicate what was asked in that survey here beyond emphasizing that I hope that once The Long Dark is complete you focus your knowledge on making a new experience built on a more modern technological foundation. I would like to offer some feedback about what I appreciate most in your current game. Things I wish I could have said in the survey. Perhaps it may be of use to you as you move forward. Perhap