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  1. annnndddd I got killed by a wolf. On my 50th day. At least I got the badge.
  2. Bastard jumped me behind the Quonset Hut as I was about to settle in for a day of crafting. I came to and saw him sauntering away, cocky as hell. This had been about my one hundredth wolf attack, but my first with a revolver in hand. I picked it off the blood-stained ground and staggered after the bastard, swaying and vision blurred. He had stopped on top of a low hill to look at something, confident as hell I was not a threat. Vision still blurred, I aimed real careful, trying to time my shot with the swaying. I squeezed off a shot, and to my surprise the bastard dropped like a sack of potato
  3. One lesson Ive learned in my short time is to maximize the benefit of fires by using both cooking spots as much as possible. If you’ve only got one thing to cook then boil some water, even a half litre to top yourself up. It saves stopping later just to boil water. If you have a ton of water already, stash it somewhere for future use.
  4. If you’re looking for real adventures in the Canadian north check out this guy. He’s getting his own TV soon as well:
  5. When you wake up at 3am to eat a can of dog food and drink some toilet water.
  6. For me I have only been playing a few weeks and have spent most of my time in Coastal Highway but when I intend to leave I will take food, water, fire making gear, light sources, the revolver, try to craft whatever I can and leave the rest of the supplies for crafting, which will be painful but this stuff will be findable elsewhere. Ill take the most valuable clothes, leave anything else. Probably forgetting something stupidly obvious to bring but this is what comes to mind.
  7. I downloaded this game a month ago and am so happy I did so. Glad to see a Canadian game of such quality, and that they do not try to pretend it’s set in Alaska or something. I grew up in the woods making fires and building shelters, out in blizzards for the fun of it. I was naturally drawn to this stuff. Now I live in a city and don’t get a chance to see much nature so I do it through TLD.
  8. Welcome. I’ve been to Helsinki. Fins are fun folk