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  1. Thank you both so much for replying and yes both of you were helpful. I will keep looking for them I was just under the impression they all spawned in same location everytime on each playthrough. I wasn't aware that the game has 9 different ones that spawn random and only 1 each time which kind of sucks if surviving a long time.
  2. I play PS4 as well but didn't encounter that issue. It is definitely something for tech support to fix since it seems to have destroyed your hard work.
  3. Are the bunkers that are suppose to spawn in Mystery Lake on PC only? I am playing on the PS4 and they aren't spawning for me. I did find a bunker in Pleasant Valley at the foot of Timberwolf Mountain but that's it. Can someone please help? If I could I would just play my PC version but sadly my PC died and haven't been able to replace it yet.
  4. At first I was struggling as well with what was North but multiple playthroughs I think CH is north and our map is turned on it's side. As for the different regions playing into Wintermute I don't think it's even possible going by how all the episodes revolve around one region and the dev diary stated that episode 4 will be at the prison which don't even exist yet. They also confirmed episode 5 to be the end of Wintermute which means it has to be Perseverance Mills which also doesn't exist yet. I always hoped there would be some resolve to what happened to the people we encountered yet it seem
  5. Yea I've done the pamphlet/book and completed the medicinal quest while in Milton and it gave me the blueprint to prepare the reishi tea it just didn't add it to my journal under Things I Know but it added the other medicinal herbs there (rose hips, old man beard and birch bark). Just seemed odd that the reishi mushrooms were omitted in the journal when I can craft them.
  6. Thank you so much for the advice. I will let them know and hopefully it's just something simple.
  7. I have been replaying Wintermute on ps4 and was forced indoors due to a blizzard. I decided to read thru all the stuff in my journal to pass time and noticed reishi mushrooms were not listed under the things I know. I have the blueprint for them because I completed the medicinal pamphlet in Milton. I just wondering if this is intentionally omitted or a glitch because all other medicinal herbs are listed (rose hips, old man beard and birch bark). I have also noticed at Carter dam Methuselah always says "this part of the world still holds secrets" so I'm wondering if this is why or if the 2 are