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  1. Might be a change since the update, but I just watched Thedeadp00l get mauled by the bear on top of that railcar last week on Twitch. He thought it was safe, too. He climbed up, stuck an arrow into the bear from distance, then watched in horror as the bear ran towards the back end of the boxcar, then suddenly showed up on top of it. So no, it's not safe (anymore).
  2. Never thought about this, but couldn't agree more.
  3. Got ya, and true, on all counts. Which is why I actually suggested a slightly different approach in a Reddit post, but apparently failed to mention it here: why not slow the character down even more substantially on a slope with a 75+ degree angle, increasingly, as the angle gets closer to 90, all the way to an absolute crawl, so it's simply not worth taking the shortcut. For example, you can climb up far enough on the slope from Bitter Marsh, and then go sideways to the right at basically normal walking speed, sticking to almost perpendicular walls, to get to Homesteader's Respite a
  4. You're arguing about semantics because my sentence is poorly constructed, instead of arguing about the guiding principle behind me saying it. What if I modify the sentence and say: rock climbing at that pace without proper gear for it, sticking to the wall like Spiderman shouldn't be viable in those circumstances. Does this still sound like traditional mountaineering?
  5. Deadman/NOGOA - make it as hard as possible (and I'd love more customizable settings to make it even harder, like turning cat tails off, for example). Surviving has to be challenging for me in a survival game, and at this point, I just know the game mechanics and the maps far too well for it to be challenging on any of the standard difficulties. I do occasionally go back to my longish interloper run for a vacation.
  6. Not sure if that's the case, but one possible problem with tracking could be if animals don't have stamina. In other words, a deer might launch into a sprint and keep running at top speed until it suddenly dies after 2 hours. In my opinion they should start running and disappear out of sight fast, but if you follow the trail, eventually you should start gaining on them and maybe even spot them still alive as they would slow down (significantly even) long before they drop.
  7. I have three suggestions, things I'd change, things that probably could be implemented relatively easily (based on my own game dev experience). 1. Give us the ability to turn any plant off in the settings, not just the animals. Food is still abundant even on harder custom settings unless you turn off all prey animals and limit predator spawns, why not give us an option to turn off cat tails instead and keep the deer or the rabbits. 2. This is probably going to be controversial - I don't like having a method that reliably scares off wolves EVERY time. Once you learn this method, ther
  8. 46. Forgetting to load/reload the flare gun (Not deadly in itself, only when you want to use it later, as I found out...)
  9. Since you seem to be asking about ravaged carcasses (ones you didn't kill yourself and can be found in predetermined locations), let me paraphrase myself from a different topic: It definitely changed with the latest update. Interacting with a carcass makes no difference anymore. Frankly, I like it better this way, makes the game more challenging, and is more in line with the idea of a decaying world, although it's not a perfect solution for sure. I certainly don't know if it's a bug or a feature.
  10. Couple more changes I just remembered: - no matches at the summit in 4 visits - no stim under the crate in the maintenance yard in BR. I know this was not a 100% spawn, but it's been 0/5 visits since the update, combined with another player's stats.
  11. I tested this on 7 different new runs, same result every time, but you might have misunderstood me. You enter a new region, there are carcasses at the usual places, even if you enter the region for the first time on day 300. (So the decaying doesn't start when the sandbox is created. It starts when you enter a region for the first time, no matter how short that time is.) Say you never went to HRV in your run until day 200, it will still have carcasses on day 201. They disappear after blizzards regardless of interaction. But if you go back to an already visited region 5 days later, th
  12. If you're bored, try these custom settings. You'll be a lot of things, (mostly cursing like a sailor in a storm and sweating like a hooker in a church...), bored is not going to be one of them... In case you're wondering, it's doable, but it will test the most experienced guys too. Took me 7 proper tries to get to day 50, and even now I'm down to 16%, albeit with 2 stims, bow and arrows, cooking 5 and satchel, so I guess I should be okay from now. I suggest starting in TWM, because that sets you up nicely for the decision to summit or forge first and thus results in different approaches.
  13. A couple other things I noticed: - Wolves sometimes get stuck in the howling animation. You hear the bark, the game registers a wolf encounter, but the wolf stays put. A second later, the wolf barks again, another wolf encounter is registered, and it keeps repeating until you leave detection range. (I have silly high wolf encounter numbers in my current run because of this.) - I'm not sure if this is an actual change, but I don't remember this happening before. Wolves in the region seem to concentrate near killspots the next morning. Happened 3 times in a few days in different locati
  14. Based on my experience - since the ep. 4 update - all carcasses in a region start to decay the moment you enter the region regardless of you interacting with the carcass or not. For example, you start in TWM, the carcasses are there on day 1. By day 3-4, they start disappearing, especially if there's a blizzard. However, if you leave for PV, the carcasses there will still be intact. For a different scenario, let's say you loot a bit of TWM, and you also loot the AC transition cave. If you leave the cave on the AC side even for just a quick peek, the carcasses in AC start decaying immediat