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  1. im currently doing the "as the dead sleep" and so far here is where I have gone. fallen lighthouse --> long bridge --> washed out trailers --> forlorn muskeg forlorn muskeg --> mystery lake (attempting to go to broken railroad is a bad idea) rail tunnel --> camp office --> lake cabins --> (2nd) lake cabins --> hunters blind --> trailers --> crater hydro dam
  2. I hear that the next challenge is the hardest one yet. This is going to take a while.
  3. man, this challenge does tell you to travel and (maybe a little) hunt, to end it. it was a good one though, and to be honest I did rush it a bit, because i'm paranoid about time limits in long dark. anyways, that one was a little easy. ( I think difficulty meters should be readjusted 😜) well i'm not stopping any time soon, I still have lots to do, and much to complete. like the next challenge "As the dead sleep" should be a spooky one.
  4. WinterFox


    I'M SO HAPPY TO RANK UP TO SURVIVOR. it is a pleasure getting a little reward in the end of it all. but I still have a looong plan for this game. who knows, I might even complete everything in the game, witch would include achievements. (and I mean ALL achievements) it's going to be one hell of a cold ride but, i'm sure i'm up to the task
  5. ya I realized this when reading its description😄. thanks for rephasing tho.
  6. well that was fast. if I sayed that, that challenge is the shortest one would I be right? it took me less than 2 hrs (I think). and the end is still to come. I hear there is a third chapter to this story, but it has not been released. well that was fun, ok up next is "whiteout". I have to survive a deadly blizzard🥶 and stock up on everything. food, water, fire fuel, etc. this is going to be a nightmare. but again I have experienced worse, and i'm sure I can make it. if there is any tips for this challenge please tell me.
  7. MAN I'm so happy to beat the hunted (part one) challenge, man that is a scary one. to be honest I took my time repairing clothing and planning routs to the next destination. up next, the hunter becomes hunted. The bear is not so tough now, and its weak and scared against the one rifle that can kill it. for all the fright of it chasing me, its time to turn the tables. also I used a emergency stim (even though there was no emergency) to run that last finale bit of the challenge.
  8. may I ask piddy3825 how in the world did you get all those bags?! (are the rumors true about mods in long dark?🤔)
  9. Finally did the hopeless rescue after 2 days of attempting it. at first I had died due to hypothermia in the cave at the summit of the mountain. I attempted a 2nd time and got it. although I did need a bit of help on some parts, this is a very complicated game in the end. I had to resist the cold of hypothermia and almost freeze myself to death, but it was all worth it in the end. up next is were I run for my life from the deadly bear that we all know as the old bear (at least I think that's the kind of bear I'm running from), but I have experienced worse and I think I'm up to the task.
  10. so I just finished Archivist and MAN I had to walk all the way back to miltion to get the gas station which was the last one for me. its a long story as to how I missed that last one. so next I'm moving on to hopeless rescue and I hope I make it. Wish me luck.😄
  11. So its been a while since I played long dark again and I am returning to complete another challenge (Archivist). I only have one question though. according to the Long Dark wiki, it states " only one buffer memory is needed at each location in order to complete the challenge." I wonder if this is true. It is further proven by ToAsT (In his experience with the challenge) as he states that he completed the challenge by only getting one of the last two memories in the last location, after he got the 2nd final memory the challenge, the challenge was ended and completed. please tell me i
  12. So now i'm doing the archivist challenge and I notice something out of place. during the aurora I had forgotten my sleeping bag at milton and I was already at the watch tower in mystery lake. when the aurora came by I went into the dam to collect the buffer memory, but found the way down to be blocked off by electricity. there was no way to get down, and after hurting myself I gave up and questioned this design. "Why is this completely blocked off if it's the only way down to get the buffer memory." not only that but after the aurora stopped I still saw signs of blocked off areas which were st
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if a real life role play took part around your area. That place sounds perfect for it.
  14. After days of surviving in the winter wonderland I just beat Nomad. I took WAY longer than 1-3 hours to do, as this took a few days in total. I am so happy to finish it, and learn a lot from it, as well as experience bear attacks😅. That was only my first challenge of all of them, so now i'm doing the next easy one (Archivist) I absolutely love this game, as you can do soooo much in it and spend a ton of time and still have fun. this took me about 2 small tyres and the 3rd one I did it all. Tell me how good this felt