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  1. Speaking of gun mechanics, anyone notice that when you load an empty rifle, there's already a bulliet at the bottom of the mag on the spring? Minor BS but ticks me off a tad. Anyone else?
  2. Discussions are looking good, read something about adding zombies?, don't know why they would be added to a 'realistic' survival game, also the topic is a bone needle. Saw some references to other ideas besides zoms that seemed intresting, I didn't think about using large bones to make tools, a good idea, they would be Heavier than the improvised tools I think, but if theres no other choice when the going gets tough. Much like the discussion of taking a long time to seperate the bone from an animal, it would take a while to make a tool, probs days. But adding that concept to making a bone ne
  3. Time to share IDEAS, hello there forums, A bear here, just got here, Im new to this. I'll start by sayin that I'm hella bored and I've some ideas that I want to write. Feel free to discuss and provide Your ideas here. I've been playin The Long Dark for few a months now and BY NO MEANS AM I A GOD at it. But, lately, I've thought about an idea that sn't in the game, Bone Needles, much as the name says, It be a needle made from bone! DISCUSS