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  1. I just bought my first ultrawide monitor, 3440 x 1440 resolution, it seems like the game is supporting the resolution, but it doesnt. it is a fishbowl effect. stretching the view, fow is limited to 150. Are developers planning to support the ultrawide properly? did you guys find a workaround? i am disappointed to find the game doesnt have support. cheers
  2. I have lived through another 130 days. so it appears you can play this game with x5 frostbite. 7 bears, 2 moose and 86 wolf kills later my character seems to be going still strong.
  3. Update on my character with x5 frostbite. She is still going strong at 230 days. I have entirely cleared the ash canyon, multiple moose and bear encounters. at voyager difficulty, it is still pretty much playable. bear attacks only take away percentage of your condition. my character is now wearing fully upgraded gear. Now my trials on interloper are whole lot of different story though. I hate the wolf behavior and lack of guns in that utterly disgusting.
  4. Yeah easy my $xYZ. My 10th trial run at 8th day ended with another wolf butchering me in PV. He attacked me over fire, i am 90% full condition and have crowbar to defend. Imagine a game where you run away from wolves entire time, and eventually matches will run out. It is not fun for me. After trying interloper for a week i m no longer interested in the game anymore. Only if i can change the wolf behaviour. Even with a bow, any encounter can kill you.
  5. Hey Folks and devs, After spending 130 days in wilderness in survival mode, my journey ended by surprising accident again (my previous attempt was stepping on fire). Not by a bear, or wolf or even a cold weather. i was running around in warm weather comfortably in +32 degree C attire, and slept on outside w/o paying attention to my effing glove getting wet. I was planning on climbing a rope, so i figured let me sleep a bit more before the climb. i did barely notice the frostbite warning just before clicking the sleep, but in truth it never occurred to me one of my clothes could be wet. Th