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  1. Now we need the Hinterland Devs reaction when someone solves the episode they worked so hard in just 1 hour 😂
  2. Like in the second Bear challenge where you start with the bear banging at the Trappers Homestead door? Never happened to me, will be making some tests!
  3. Loved this last episode but Ep. 2 is still my favorite, the "Bear Legend" cinematic is just awesome. I just wish we could get so much more background stories like that in the game!
  4. "You cannot kill that which is already dead" -The Undertaker 🤣
  5. If Blackrock is going to be where I think, my guesses go for a South entrance from Winding River and a West access via HRV, maybe a third connection to PV?
  6. Pretty sure it's east of HRV, northeast of Milton and north of Mystery Lake. The map has a black peak right there and the Blocked Bridge has a sign that it leads to Milton.
  7. I still not get why solving a puzzle by trial and error is not "valid". I mean, I completed Monkey Island 1 to 3 in that way when I was a kid, lol
  8. A lovely sunset at Blackrock's Bricklayers Retreat (aka Crystal Lake 2)
  9. Beaten the first part of the episode for now, and I must say that this is much more than I expected, the map is awesome, there's some cool puzzles, wildlife action and plenty of locations. The story is awesome too Thank you Hinterlands for a great piece of work!
  10. Slingshots would be awesome, like throwing a stone with a slingshot will be able to kill a rabbit (instead of only knocking it) or make a wolf run away longer.
  11. Is there going to be an actual ending on Ep 5? I hope that we get Season 2 Ep 1 after that
  12. I feel like Blackrock Prision will be located between Milton and Pleasant Valley, north of Mystery Lake. The big peak appearing on the teasers seems to relate to that big peak in the map just above "Mystery".
  13. Wow! Only 2 weeks for update! Also kinda guessing that the new region will have an ammo workbench so you can craft the gunpowder for those grenades.