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  1. You are going to feel right at home with Ben Frost. Metal Machine Music is hardcore !
  2. Same here, welcome to the freezing cold
  3. Hi, you live in the right place to enable real life practical tips for your game plan
  4. New here too, a warm welcome it seems
  5. This is exactly why I don't use my 2012 Macbook pro for gaming. What OS are you running ? I say this because I installed Catalina on mine and it nearly melted it, had to back install Mojave now, much better again. Also to put some perspective on it, my 2012: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 & SSD struggled with the game 'Inside', essentially a 2.5D sideways scrolling platform!
  6. Nice! It was 'The Departure' specifically that TLD was cross referenced. His music in general is lovely. Also check out 'Sleep' & his '4 seasons'. If you want something instrumental but much more abrasive & sonically extreme not orchestral then check out Ben Frost ('The Centre Cannot Hold', 'By The Throat', 'Aurora' & others. Enjoy.
  7. Hi everyone, I occasionally dip in and out of gaming mainly driven by nostalgia (ie Tetris, Polarium & more recently I have been blown away by Limbo & Inside). Having played Inside through I toyed with the idea of wanting to play new games but did not really know what I would like. I love playing vinyl & a fan of orchestral music which is the reason I found The Long Dark. I was on youtube listening to Max Richter's score for 'The Leftovers' & someone in the comment section I dearly do owe a huge thank you to happen to mention the music score in TLD. Of course I
  8. I am such a noob on this console. Last night realised what to do. Go easy on me folks I am normally a retro gamer who has only a few modern games (Limbo & Inside). I had such an immersive experience playing Inside that I searched to find an open adventure game & obviously The Long Dark was a no brainer. Did not realise that the left & right sticks can be pressed / used as a button ūüôĄ. Therefore right click = crouch. I am blown away by this game.
  9. Hi, Anyone who can help is appreciated in advance. How do you crouch on Nintendo Switch ? Thanks