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  1. Uh, no dude, quit trolling. God mode would mean I can't die hilariously over an over - it wouldn't be funny. A quick-load button however, would be the gift that keeps on giving. Please don't pretend you don't get this basic concept. Unless you're not pretending.... In that case - damn dude.
  2. Alright, I'm pretty lit up so please consider the source of the following rant: I really appreciate the help in locating my save-game file and I make backups right before I light up and pour the scotch - but now that I'm in the middle of a lovely Wednesday romp in the great Canadian wilderness I can't help but be annoyed. I have to go through extra steps to perform a backup - so that I can save my game from the perils of walking off a cliff whilst hilariously inebriated. All because some developer has decided how he wants me to play the game I purchased. I mean, what the hell is
  3. On Linux it appears the save games are located here: /home/<myusername>/.local/share/Hinterland/TheLongDark I've documented the location for other Linux users in the future. Many thanks kind sir.
  4. Would you be so kind as to explain how you make a backup of your save file? That would really give me peace of mind before my next binge
  5. I respectfully disagree. I play games differently than you, and often in "enhanced" mental states (maybe "stunted" is a better word, lol) - Wouldn't it be preferable to have a game where both our preferred play styles are optional? Wouldn't that appeal to a larger player audience? I'm not speaking about anything other than adding an optional save-game feature - so no red-herring's please. Peace.
  6. Cheating. In a single-player game. So saving your game is now considered cheating - in a single-player game. Ok.
  7. Wait, are you saying that saving your game is now called "scumming?" Really? A standard gaming feature since I started playing computer games in the early 80's is now called "scumming?" That's nuts!
  8. Yeah, but how? I should note that I play on Linux Mint 19.3
  9. Guys, this is killing me. I like this game a lot, and I like to play in a less than sober state - a LOT. Sometimes I just wanna see a bear rip me apart while I laugh then reload - and I can't because ironman mode is enforced, which is ridiculous. Just let some of us lesser, drug addled peasants save our game so we can reload after doing something dumb for laughs please. Pretty please?