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  1. Basically exactly what the title says, of course it wouldn't be grindable like carcass harvesting and cooking, you'd have to fully craft items in order to gain skill points (incomplete items would grant skill points upon completion). At max level I think improvised tools should be almost if not just as good as normal ones, and arrowheads should be much faster to craft, even faster with Quality Tools.
  2. Ate an entire raw coho salmon outside Quonset when I tried to check it's calories
  3. The maps on the wiki are low resolution and the legends are hard to read, I think Hinterland should make official maps of all the regions and either update the Fandom wiki pages or add a menu in-game that's unlocked once you confirm that you're OK with possible spoilers for the experience of the game and Wintermute.
  4. This is just a compilation from the official Discord server's #suggestion channel, to credit goes to those who contributed to the conversation. The ability to cut down trees would add customization, to an extent, to the landscape of The Long Dark as well as adding new ways to get firewood, but of course since trees vary in size, so would the haul and effort needed would increase and decrease with size. The trees would regrow after being cut down, but very slowly. Maybe 1-2 firewood per in-game month. Different types of axeheads would be needed, such as chopping axes with thinner and light
  5. Add seals into the game along the frozen coastlines, and make their fur able to be made into a coat. But since seal fur is very insulating and basically waterproof, it'd be very hard to harvest and incredibly expensive to craft into a coat or hat, maybe including several days of crafting and multiple sowing kits with a 50% chance of failure along with other, hard to acquire ingridients. The blubber from the seals could be made into lard to increase food condition even further during cooking, basically just reducing the sour taste of rancid meat. Of course, the seals would be very hard to hunt,
  6. I get how you throw the Stone based off of the spot just above your thumb, the Revolver a little below the actual iron sight, and the Hunting Rifle with just the iron sights, but the Survival Bow has me stumped on where the "crosshair" is.
  7. It's summed up in the title basically, but I think it'd be nice if we had access to the old Hunting Rifle crosshairs like the ones from 2018 which look much more practical for hunting, or have the ability to paint a bow with Spray Paint or tie something to the Arrows as a sort of tracer round thing for when you miss.