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  1. I just have to put my two cents in so that the developers don’t ever genuinely think they should stop producing episodes for Wintermute. I actually started on survival mode and played Wintermute after. When playing survival mode I thought the game was pretty neat, but that’s about it. After playing Wintermute it’s become one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. For me, the story is the heart of any game and is what gives it life, especially for this particular game. That’s just my opinion though.
  2. So the video worked? I just reposted it because it seemed like the original one I posted didn’t fully upload or something. Yeah I know it’s such a bummer! I only found one person doing an acoustic guitar cover of this on YouTube and that’s the closest I can find to this version of this song.
  3. I posted the video above. Sorry I’m still new to this site so not sure if that was the best way to do this. But you’ll see me playing the game and hear the music in that video. Like I said this song has randomly started playing twice in story mode so far, once in episode 1 and once in episode 2 on my way to the hunting lodge which is what the video above shows. I just want to find the name of the song so I can purchase it maybe if possible
  4. The song is posted on YouTube under that name. And it’s exactly the song I heard when walking along the road both times in the game. Except it was a stripped down purely acoustic version. I actually took a video of it playing in the game last night I’ll see if I can post it to show it
  5. Thank you!! Maybe you could just confirm that it is an acoustic guitar version of “Crossroads Elegy” and where I might possibly be able to purchase it? Thank you again!
  6. So I actually did find it. It was me playing the game, not a YouTube video so it was definitely part of the game. It’s called “Crossroads Elegy”. It was purely acoustic guitar. And it most definitely was in story mode, it played again today when I played episode 2. Maybe I shouldn’t have said “folk-y” but I couldn’t think of another way to describe the style of the guitar in that song. Now I have to see if there is a way to find the actual track to purchase.
  7. That’s so strange because it was definitely on story mode episode 1. Is it possible that some tracks from the Survival mode play in story mode? Maybe it was an instrumental version of “The Lion’s Roar”, I’m not sure. It didn’t sound like that but it’s possible I guess. Thanks for the info!
  8. Hi! So I’m new to The Long Dark, and just finished the first episode of Wintermute. I heard an acoustic guitar instrumental song playing at one point that was just too good and I can’t find it anywhere despite my best efforts. It played after placing the pearls on Lily’s grave and on my way back to the Grey Mother’s house just as I was walking along the road. I watched someone else play that part and a different song played, so I think it was a randomized ambient track maybe? It was just acoustic guitar, that’s it, no orchestral instruments, nothing else. It was very folk-like. I don